Vance Worley and Jared Hughes Are Super Two Eligible

A list of 26 players came out on Wednesday, with the names of those that qualify for an extra year of arbitration due to Super Two status. The Pittsburgh Pirates had two players on the list, pitchers Jared Hughes and Vance Worley. The cut-off this year was 2 years and 133 days of service time. Hughes has 2 years and 162 days of service time, while Worley has 2 years and 139 days.

  • Next year might be Hughes last as a Pirate, unless he’s willing to sign deals below what he’d get in arbitration. Worley deserves it, starting pitching is valuable.

    • I’d like to see one more good season from Worley before getting excited. We’ve seen JMac and Locke both be half-season pitchers. Basically that’s all Worley has given the Bucs so far – just over half a season.

  • Boy it’s hard to believe Worley needed super two. Seems like he’s been around forever. I really can’t believe Minny dumped him last year. GM signing of the Year. Hughes, meh but he keeps getting things done.