Winter Leagues: Stolmy Pimentel Gets Hit Around in the Dominican

Stolmy Pimentel is looking to make up for some lost innings this year by pitching in the Dominican, but he didn’t get much time in on Saturday night. Pimentel gave up five earned runs on six hits and a walk in 1.1 innings. He threw a wild pitch and failed to pick up a strikeout. This was the third winter start for him and his ERA now sits at 11.05 through 7.1 innings. Pimentel has allowed 13 hits, with four walks and four strikeouts. He pitched 43 innings total during the 2014 season after throwing 178.2 innings in 2013.

Pimentel’s outing wasn’t all bad news for Pittsburgh Pirates fans because the walk and one of the hits he gave up, came from Mel Rojas Jr., who went 2-for-3 with a walk and a triple. Rojas scored three runs and drove in his sixth run of the season. He has reached base eight times in the last three games.

Willy Garcia went 0-for-4. He is hitting .308 through 39 at-bats, with four doubles and four walks.

In Venezuela, Ramon Cabrera started for the first time in over a week and had a big night. He went 2-for-3, with two walks, an RBI and three runs scored. He really struggled early in the year, but he now has his average up to .235 through 17 games, with a 7:6 BB/SO ratio. Cabrera still hasn’t recorded an extra-base hit in 51 at-bats.

In Puerto Rico, Bryton Trepagnier made his second appearance and allowed one run over two innings. He gave up a walk and a hit without recording a strikeout. He has allowed four runs in four innings.

In Mexico, first baseman Carlos Munoz got his first start and collected his first hit. He went 1-for-3 with a run scored. He also committed an error on Saturday. Munoz is 1-for-7 with four strikeouts in five games.

  • No surprise regarding Pimentel

  • Well, on another thoughtful blog, not this one, I expect to get some ‘fair’ ribbing after my love affair with Stolmy… I still have faith, perhaps blind, but my view that he would be a solid workhorse for 12 years in the majors is obviously in question… well more than in question…. Oh well, get it together Stolmy, we need you, sure your family needs you to perform at a high level as well… Success, seems to bring money in sports and everything else, realize that isn’t very compelling, I’m just good at stating the obvious 🙂

  • Ian Rothermund
    November 9, 2014 8:41 pm

    What is BMTIB?

    • Best management team in baseball. . It’s why nutting said he stuck with his guys even in the aftermath of the collapses. . Pitchforks were out thinking they’d never end the losing streak with this group. . Those who like to hate just moved the goal post to championship and still hold on to their pitchforks

      • Some guys got so bitter about losing for 20 years, they’ve not noticed that this F/O produced a winning team the past 2 years, w/many more expected

  • Ian Rothermund
    November 9, 2014 8:35 pm

    At this rate, with Pimentel, if he still has things to work on, it seems like this exposure in the Dominican will either work to prepare him for the coming season in Pittsburgh, or make him completely undesirable as a waiver acquisition. Either way, still like the arm, and the stuff. Seems like a win-win.

  • Burnett’s Numbers actually improved slightly in that bandbox in Philly.

  • 7.1 innings… Fun with small sample sizes, right?

    • One whole year in the majors(except for his ‘injury’). And he kinda blew.

    • Very good point.. And who knows what they have him doing… They may have tinkered w delivery or have him focusing on an unrefined 3rd or 4th pitch that he would never throw in the majors.

  • The BMTIB love to give guys out of options scholarships so that they make the team no matter what. Get ready for Stolmy to be on the team, and to pitch extremely poorly, once the season starts.

    • I understand the negative sentiment.. but stolmy isn’t a case where they gave up a lot to get him and are trying to avoid egg on their face.. melancon has already proved the trade worthy.. other then believing he is more likely then not to realize his potential, what motivation do you think they have in giving him a spot? I remember a lot of folks had the same complaint about jhay last year

      • NH hates to give up ‘assets,’ and Stolmy is out of options. Combine that with the fact I do not expect them to add much help to the rotation/bullpen this offseason, they’ll probably bring in some guy who had an ERA of 5 last year that thy think they can ‘fix’ and that’ll be it, and that’ why I believe Stolmy will make the roster. The rotation will most likely be Cole, Worley, Locke, Cumpton, and bum who had ERA of 5. Then the pen Stolmy, Hughes, Holdzkom, LaFramboise, Sadler, Wilson, and Watson (I expect them to pay Melancon because he BMTIB will not be willing to pay him what he’ll make in arbitration). Yikes. That’s the pitching staff of a 75 win team.

        • For sure.. I love these projects as much as anyone. . But I have to agree with you there.. projects are great to fill out the rotation, but right now they’re hurting at the top.. stolmy isn’t the answer there.. maybe they give up a lot of loot for shields? Maybe they give up a nice asset like marte for someone thru a trade.. cutch did make reference to an outfield platoon 🙂

          • I’m hoping Cutch calling out the BMTIB leads to Neal actually doing something this offseason other than bringing in these project types. Highly doubt it though. Team needs two quality starting pitchers, a catcher, middle infield depth, 1B help, and bullpen help. I doubt they address those needs. Will probably just bring in one project guy for the rotation, nothing else.

            I’d love to sign a guy like McCarthy, or Ervin Santana. Even though I think there’s a good shot Santana may still accept his QO before tomorrow’s deadline. Resigning Frankie is a great idea too. But I fear they’ll bring in Masterson, who simply isn’t very good.

            • What move should he have made last year?

              • Well that is tough to say because I am not sure what was available in the trade market, but I am sure there are trades that could have been made to help the team. In terms of free agents though Tim Hudson, Jason Vargas, Ervin Santana, and Scott Kazmir were guys they should have pursued. Not adding another SP is something that plagued this team all season long.

                • Sorry. Just not seeing a name there that was thought to be a difference maker without huge risk attached to them.. maybe vargas, but he’s an extreme flyball guy and not what the team is trying to do..

                  • I’d would have rather had any one of those guys make the starts that Cumpton and Locke did in 2014 then Cumpton and Locke.

                    • Do you really think there is any chance that those 2 kids are relied upon , or even in our rotation next year?

                    • Yes, because I do not expect the Pirates to add anyone to the rotation this offseason except for some project that had an ERA of 5 last year. Opening Day rotation will be Cole, Worley, Locke, reclamation guy, and Cumpton. Cumpton or Locke is optioned for Morton when he returns, reclamation guy will be horrible and is shifted to the pen for Kingham in June. If there are other injuries/guys sucking we’ll see the return of Locke or Cumpton, might see Sadler start too.

                    • You’re logic is beyond flawed. You start my point about the reclamation project with the 5 era that they sign for peanuts …. so far so good… then ya jump the rails and exit reality. Reality is yes, they bring in starters that have had past success but struggled for at least a year… BUT, history dictates they dont junk those guys.. Those guys become not just serviceable but even elite . Give me your examples of the failures… VS.. Burnett , Liriano , Volquez , Worley. even in house, the guy in your pic , man ! If you could name twice as many low risk , high reward failures as this success list , that would still be a HUGE success… But i know you cant even match this list.. That , is super human… N. H is psychic ( Actually a masters in Psychology) and Benedict and Searage are the Pitcher whisperers… Why do you refuse to give this brain trust their due. If they bring in Phil and Joe Niekro and Charlie Hough… Then i would say watch for a resurgence of 75 year old knucklers… They are beyond reproach . Liriano and Volquez are not the real talent… Its the guys who pluck and fix them.

                    • None of these reclamation guys worked out, minus Burnett, prior to Russ arriving in 2013. Look at Erik Bedard for example. Yes, Benedict and Searage play a role in it but I believe Russ played a big role in it too. Him not being around in 2015 is a reason why I expect this years reclamation guys to bomb. Neal Huntington needs fired, he should have been fired after the 2012 collapse. The Pirates will never win a World Series as long as he is GM. Just look at this year, the NL was wide open, but instead of getting help at he deadline NH was perfectly content with the Pirates pitching staff. You know, the staff that was one of the wost in the NL. NH must go. I will never give him his due, because IMO he doesn’t deserve any, unless he wins a pennant. Which he never will.

                    • Burnett’s numbers actually improved slightly in that bandbox in Philly …. Btw , you named one failed signing…

                    • Have some faith in the top shelf people that i believe we are so fortunate to have running our organization … I am no convinced there is ZERO chance either of those boys will be in our rotation , at any point in 15. Also , Brandon Morrow under Ray Searage anywhere under $8mill sounds like a pretty good dice roll to me. Or two stong months from an injury prone , but professional i.e, Gavin Floyd would have value. Ride him til june , and our rotaion options widen broadly anyway. Faith , men , faith.

                    • yes. they will absolutely be our 5th and 6th starters and i’m perfectly fine with that

                    • I dont disagree.. That is until June 1… Then the studs start rolling in… June 1st. Our Rotation is not going to appear til a few weeks into June. We need stop gaps…

                    • Sure.. but those guys were already on our team.. the list you provided would have replaced Volquez, who was signed instead. . I just don’t see the move you’re suggesting being seen as an obvious move over Volquez at the start of the season. . The conversation started off as not making the obvious move cause of financials.. I think they’ve shown they can find #3 guys without paying market rate

                    • Even once they signed Volquez, they still should have added another SP.

                    • And the Buc’s arent about financial… The word is value

                    • no offense but y? a preference should have some place in reality. Locke and Cunpton pitched perfectly well and we paid them nothin.

                    • There’s a lot value in guys who can pitch like #4/#5 starters and have options remaining. . It’s difficult to build pitching depth using only studs without options.. ask detroit

                  • Another nuance that is totally lost on the masses… Groundball pitchers and solid , disciplined infielders …. No what groundballs dont become? Home Runs.

                  • Such a great point… Charlie Morton was the worst starter in the NL. They changed his fastball… Took away 6 mph of velocity for a dip motion. 8 months later he does Roy Halliday better than Roy did.

                • Most of those names are more money than we could pay a good pitcher.Someone already recaptured and exploited Kazmir. Doesnt anyone see the beauty , the delicate perfetion of what these guys do ? Its like they have Biff’s book from Back to the future , except its about pitchers who have top shelf stuff but struggled for a reason other than a bum arm… They are guro’s …. magic men… through slight adjustment. Look at a side by side of A.J Burnett’s delivery in NY then in Pittsburgh. He lost his delivery. The yankees are too stupid to do anything but pay us to take him , show him the flaw in his mechanics and $30mill worth of starter , on the Yanks. So lets review… We should not have signed Volquez or been gifted Worley… What we should have done was spend 40 % of our payroll on any combination of that list to stuggle to double the ERA and half overall success. Lets be proud of being poor and maximizing our resources.

                  • The Pirates aren’t poor, Nutting is cheap there’s a big difference.

                    • What is your expectation of nutting? To spend more on draft picks, international development leagues, or just randomly spend on a $100m 34 yr old free agent? Which btw, you haven’t been able to identify yourself

                    • Zero reason for this payroll to be so much lower than Cincy, Milwaukee, and KC. None.

                    • Sure there is.. cutch/marte/cole/jhay/polanco/walker are the core players.. they’re all on favorable first contracts.. braun & votto are on less team friendly contracts. . How are they working out? Thank god for the bmtib avoiding those

                    • Our quaint little sold out stadium added up to rank 9th in the NL in attendance ….. NINTH ! ! ! not in MLB .. IN THE N.L ! !

          • Let me give you a glimmer of hope for our fan base , my friend , and tell you I sense and agree with your tongue n cheek sentiment.. For the unsilent majority let me say , it is nothing short of absurd to think Shields or the Bucs will even be aware of the others existence… And in reality Shields is fools gold … 32 years old and the shiniest thing the big market pigs remember seeing. $180 and 5 , 6, 7 years is insane for a horse of his age.The entire fan base wanted to lynch Neil when he signed Liriano for pennies on the dollar.. Now ya wanna hang him for not potentially matching 3 years $40 mill for a guy that is now 2 years closer to being more Wandy than Frankie. As for Stolmy.. Just bc hes starting in winter doesnt change the fact he will never start a MLB game. He has late inning burst potential. The ONLY reason he has a spot is bc of his stuff and they believe they will help him hone it. Our front office is playing with house money… They didnt even mean to make the playoffs 2 years ago. There are 2 pitchers out there on nobodies radar and they will grab them for pennies in the perfect 2 year window to maximize them. We will make the playoffs in 15 when in reality they are just biding their time for 16. Theres a good chance it will be the first of 6 seasons where we have 3 Verlander’s at the top of the rotation. Patience is a virtue.. No where more so than a small market . Be cool Bucco nation. Bring on the unreasonable criticism …

            • I actually didn’t realize shields was 32.. I was thinking he was in his late 20’s

              • I think his whole minor league and major league existence is a good sample size. Stolmy isn’t going to make it. He was certainly worth the risk but the Bucs will have no trouble ourighting him tho AAA

                • I would dissagree with placing any value on minor league numbers.. scouting reports mean so much more during development. .

              • Dont get swept up by the angry mob anyway. Value is the name of the game… They will possibly lay out as much as $75mill for Martin. Even when all his skills erode… One thing is not affected by age: Pitch framing… Which is worth enough in a season to move us from WC team to division champ. Also , Diaz is great , if we need to convince ourselves so… But in reality we have no internal option , where at other positions we have very good depth.. #Value

                • I hear ya.. I continue to hold out hope that one day one of the chirpers will provide a reasonable move that nh missed due to financial considerations.. a difference maker type move and not just rotation depth. .

                  • Huntington said it himself… He is a victim of his own success… Russ Martin is 32 and about to net 50 to 75 mill after NH got him a fraction of that about to hit his stride.

  • i know we in the public always jump the gun about ball players but this guy is looking like a player with all of the tools but not the ability to pitch in the majors at a consistent level, hopefully he turns it around before spring training starts

  • I’d rather Stolmy pitched well than Rojas hit well. We need starters.