Francisco Liriano’s Contract Details

Jon Heyman has the breakdown of Francisco Liriano’s contract with the Pittsburgh Pirates.

I’ve updated the 2015 payroll page with the new totals. The big change was bumping Liriano down from $13 M in 2015, and adding his signing bonus, which I’m guessing is spread out over the three years, just like every other bonus.

  • lonleylibertarian
    December 15, 2014 6:14 pm

    Well I am officially retiring “The Bucs need to spend more to compete” line – think the payroll is in line with the rest of the division – once you factor in the nice surplus value they have in Cutch and Marte – low end – but in line.

    Would still like to see a right hand bat with some power on the bench – looks like that will have to come in a trade since nothing on the FA board is appealing. Chase Headly [switch hitter] was the last interesting option – I was never a big fan – but his defense at third would have allowed Jay-Hay to move to second and Walker to first. But the price for Headly was way too high – and the Bucs seem fully committed to the Pedro at first experiment.

    The Anderson signing would seem to really screw up the chances of getting EV back – he should be able to find a taker for 2 to 3 years at $12M AAV now…

    The interesting comparison that I will be tracking over the next few years is McCarthy vs Liriano. I think the Bucs got the better deal – but I would have been ok if they had turned to McCarthy.

    • Listening to MLB Radio on 209 and a writer was talking about the 5 teams who did well during the Winter Meetings – Pirates #3 because they had two issues to resolve and took care of both of them in Cervelli at Catcher, and Liriano for a price nobody expected was possible. Very impressed with the way that the Pirates take care of issues. In 2012 and 2013 Pedro hit 30 and 36 HR’s then backed up in 2014. If he regains his stroke, the Pirates can set the table for a trade with big prospect returns.

  • The Dodgers just paid Brett Anderson 10 million for 1 year. Unreal!!!!

  • Payroll standing at roughly $88m leaves them good room to take on a contract or two mid-year. Smart planning and execution.

  • Frank is a very lucky guy . He should have a very Merry Christmas .

  • Merry Christmas Mr. Liriano

  • If Liriano gets the 325 for Cy Young, that would make this contract a steal.