The 2015 Prospect Guide is Now Available as an eBook

Yesterday I received the first shipment of the 2015 Prospect Guide. All of the pre-sales, along with orders that were placed this morning, have now been shipped out. I’ll be making one more run to the post office later today. Any orders placed after that run will be shipped out on Saturday morning.

If you were waiting for the eBook, it is now available on the products page of the site. The eBook is a PDF, which allows you to use the book on any device, as well as on every device you own. There is also a discounted combo pack, allowing you to buy both the eBook and the paperback version. The combo pack gives you 50% off the eBook price.

If you already ordered a 2015 Prospect Guide, and you’re interested in the eBook, I’ve set it up so that you can also get this 50% discount on the eBook. Just use the code “PRESALECOMBO” and order with the e-mail address that you used to order the paperback version. The code only works once, and will only work if you use the e-mail address you used with your previous purchase. It will also only work on the individual eBook, and not the combo pack.

To order the paperback or the eBook version of the Prospect Guide, head over to the products page of the site.

Site Updates

  • Tim I’m getting mine tonight. My moms ordering it for me for Christmas. We hope Can she send it to me? or will it go to her?

  • Thanks, Tim, for doing this. Even though there is bountiful up to date information on the site, the Guide does a few more things. First, it puts the players in perspective vis a vis each other. As a long time fan my brain might scream “NOOOO!” at losing someone like Buddy Borden, but in perspective it doesn’t really hurt. There are enough guys now that the system will fill in the hole. Second, by grouping them all together, it gives an excellent overview of the top of the organization, and makes a good reference during the season while watching games, and when trades are mentioned. Third, it is fun to look at names, and imagine the dreams of the guys who have been reduced to a number, a risk, and a paragraph. And I don’t mean that in a dreamy baseball way; there is a guy working his ass off to overcome “2.5/Extreme” and beat all the odds to play in PNC Park someday. For many of us this will be our only knowledge of these guys, and it is worth respecting that even at 2.5/Extreme they are more talented than 99.99% of the players who picked up a glove.