The 2015 Prospect Guide Will Be Available This Week

Today I received the proof copy of the 2015 Prospect Guide from the publisher. We went with a new publisher this year, and while there are only subtle differences, I think the new product is an improvement. The main thing I noticed was that the images appeared a little more clear than in previous books. And as always, the book includes profiles on every prospect in the system.

I’ll be getting the first shipment of books on Friday, and they will be shipped out Saturday morning. There’s a chance I could get part of the shipment on Thursday, which means the people who pre-ordered first will have their books shipped Friday morning.

In the past, when I’ve shipped to Pennsylvania on a Friday or Saturday, the book has arrived Monday or Tuesday morning. Other locations are about the same, give our take a day. I can’t guarantee anything, and am at the mercy of the USPS. That said, I’m hoping their seven day a week approach this year will mean everyone who orders by Friday night will get their order before Christmas. Their site says that anything shipped by Saturday will arrive in time.

To speed up the packaging process, I’ll be printing shipping labels on Wednesday. That will include your tracking number, which will be sent to the email you provided when you ordered.

You can still pre-order your book here, and if you order before Saturday morning, it will go out with the first shipment.

As for the proof copy, here is a preview: