Names Reese McGuire Among Top Catching Prospects

On Thursday, MLB Pipeline named their top ten catching prospects and Reese McGuire ranked seventh. McGuire was also ranked seventh among catchers last year by MLB Pipeline. In the write-up of the top catchers by Jim Callis, he praises McGuire’s defense, calling his throwing, receiving and pitch framing, all above average. On offense, he uses the whole field and should develop gap power.

As one of the youngest players on Opening Day in the South Atlantic League, McGuire made the All-Star team and hit .262/.307/.334 in 98 games, while throwing out 39% of base runners attempting to steal.

On Tuesday, Tyler Glasnow was ranked as the third best right-handed pitching prospect and Jameson Taillon got an honorable mention. There weren’t any Pittsburgh Pirates listed among the top left-handed pitching prospects.


  • I wonder if Bell and Meadows will make the top 10 outfielders. Guess we’ll find out. I think the MLB top 50 will be on tomorrow night at 9:00PM EST on MLB network.

  • Anyone else notice they have 2012 14th rounder Walker Buehler listed as the #4 prospect for this coming draft. In the old draft system, NH could have cut him a big check, but if we recall 2012 we had no real pool to work with since we couldn’t sign Appel. Would have been nice.

    • I noticed Buehler on the top 50 draft prospect list too. Rail thin, Height: 6’1″, Weight: 160
      There was still no real guarantee he would have signed with the Pirates under the old system too. Good for him. Now he will probably sign for 6+ million.

    • I doubt Buehler would’ve been around that long in the old system, but that still doesn’t mean the Pirates couldn’t have been the one to take him earlier.

  • Hey move him up to 6th, because they have Schwarber on that list and he certainly wont be a C.

    • The last report I saw mentioned that Schwarber, though an excellent hitter, looked even worse in the outfield than he did as a catcher. Alfaro is another guy who is on shaky ground as a catching prospect.

  • He’s makin’ a list checkin’ it twice gonna find out which bucs will hit it just nice, pirates propects is comin’ to town!

    • Lets hope, other than Alvarez and Mercer, Neal does not have any draft picks of his own that have made it as starting position players or backups on this team, his drafts have not been good for position players to this point, could be because of the heavy concentration on pitchers.