Tyler Glasnow Named One of MLB.com’s Top Ten Right-Handed Pitching Prospects

On MLB.com on Tuesday, MLB Pipeline began their lists of the top ten prospects at each position, starting with right-handed pitchers. Led by Jonathan Mayo and Jim Callis, they ranked Tyler Glasnow as the third best RHP prospect in the minors, trailing Lucas Giolito of the Nationals and Noah Syndergaard of the Mets. Glasnow was the only Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher to make the list. Jameson Taillon was left off, likely due to his missed season from Tommy John surgery. Taillon threw his first bullpen today down in Bradenton.

As for the scouting report on Glasnow, they ranked his fastball as a 75 on the 20-80 scouting scale. His curve came in at a 60 and his change-up got a 50, making it an average pitch. His control got a 45, putting it slightly below average. Glasnow’s overall rating on the scouting scale is a 60, which was the same overall rating that everyone else behind him in the top ten got. Both Syndergaard and Giolito were rated 65 overall. They predict that he will excel with the jump to AA and he has the stuff to eventually develop into a frontline starter in the Majors.

  • I cant remember but wasn’t Taillon on the list last year?

  • Obviously better to have a good one than not, but I think Glasnow could get by as a #2 without a quality change.

    For the most part, RHP need the change in order to be effective against LHB. However, Glasnow’s fastball rains down from the heavens on such a steep plane that it wouldn’t surprise me if LHB had trouble doing much damage to the pitch.

    Key to everything, though, is command.

  • Kinda nice not having any of the other top prospects for the bucs on the list. I smell an ambush!

  • Lee Foo Young
    January 20, 2015 6:03 pm

    Let’s hope he lives up to the hype!

    • That isn’t hype, it is judgment based on scouting reports. Hype is created by publicity agencies and their reps.

  • I followed Syndergaard all last year because I stupidly picked him last as depth in my NL only fantasy league hoping he would get called up sooner. He had an injury and is a way more polished and finished product with better control than Glasnow…but based on Glasnow’s upside I would rather have him than Syndergaard by a longshot.