Five Pirates on Baseball America’s Top 100 Prospects List

Update 10:35 PM: BA’s top 100 list is online now. You’ll notice for now that everyone is off by one and that is because they included Cuban star Yoan Moncada on the tv show and not on the website. Once he signs(which could be as soon as Friday) he will be ahead of Glasnow, pushing everyone back one spot to where they are listed below. Nick Kingham was listed among 15 prospects that just missed the top 100.

Update 9:33 PM: The five rankings are in now. Tyler Glasnow ranks 17th, right where he ended up in the average rankings from the four BA writers.

Update 9:20 PM: Jameson Taillon ended up 30th, one spot off his average in the early rankings(see individual ranks below)

Update 9:10 PM: Austin Meadows ranked 42nd overall, meaning the Pirates will have three players in the top 50. Josh Bell rated 65th and Reese McGuire ranked 98th overall, so five Pirates will make the top 100. Jameson Taillon and Tyler Glasnow will be in the top 40 as shown in the early rankings below.

Baseball America unveils their top 100 prospects list tonight, with the top 50 announced live on MLB Network starting at 9 PM. We will post updates as the Pirates players are announced, but for now we have a preview of their list.

In the Baseball America Prospect Handbook, four contributors from the site gave their own top 50 lists, so you can get an idea of where a few of the Pirates players might wind up on the overall top 100 list.

Ben Badler ranked Tyler Glasnow 28th, Austin Meadows 36th and Jameson Taillon ranked 44th overall.

J.J. Cooper has Glasnow ranked 16th and Taillon 25th. Meadows didn’t make his top 50.

Matt Eddy has Glasnow 14th, Taillon 25th and Meadows didn’t make his list either.

John Manuel is the highest on Glasnow, placing him 11th. Taillon is 30th and Meadows is 50th.

If you average out those lists, Glasnow would be 17th and Taillon 31st, while Meadows would probably end up just outside the top 50, depending on how low Cooper and Eddy are on him. No other Pirates made individual top 50’s, so if any others make the top 100, expect them to be near the back-end.

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  • wow badler has Tyler Glasnow 28th and Jameson Taillon ranked 44th overall That seems really low did he explain this other then saying JTs Tommy john?

    • The prospect guide doesn’t have any explanations, just a list.

      • John: They did list ratings for each of the Top 100 on a 20-80 scale, but that did not explain much. IMO, surprisingly few pitchers in the Top 20. Kingham was in the “15 Just Missed it” category, and Alen Hanson also received “consideration”. Then a “catch-all” sentence that said the difference between # 95 and # 150 is very little.

        • The ratings are in the link above(last update from last night), as well as the link for Kingham being named in the top 15 just outside the top 100. Not sure if you’re commenting on my answer to Mike Perry, but he asked for Ben Badler specifically, which was from the prospect guide, where they didn’t give anything more than the list with no explanation.