Pirates Cut 12 Players From Major League Camp

The Pittsburgh Pirates made a big round of cuts today, sending the following players to the minors.

Jose Tabata

Steve Lombardozzi

Charlie Leesman

Josh Wall

Bobby LaFromboise

Deolis Guerra

Brad Lincoln

Gorkys Hernandez

Brent Morel

Gustavo Nunez

Sebastian Valle

Deibinson Romero

LaFromboise was optioned to Indianapolis, while everyone else was reassigned to minor league camp. There were no surprises, as all of these cuts were sending out guys who had no shot at the big league roster. The one guy who might have had a shot was Tabata, but even in his case it seemed very unlikely that he would win the final roster spot.

There are now 35 active players in camp, which includes three non-roster invitees. The number does not include Brandon Cumpton, who will start on the 60-day DL. The Pirates only have three spots remaining, with two bullpen spots and the final bench position up for grabs.

  • Cut steamy Pileoshit

  • Lombardozzi has a -0.8 WAR in 800+ PA. Not good. Surprisingly he has a slightly minus DWAR too. They know what he is. Kang could hit .210 and post a higher WAR if he shows power and his defense is average…not to mention his 12 mil contract. That helps his chances too. If Kang plays as good of defense as Lombar why would you want Lombardozzi?

  • Does Kangs contract really include 3 options?

    Would be good for him, getting a least 100-200 AAA at-bats..

    • it would be good but they seem dead set on sitting him on the bench everyday. I seems obvious to me that the best way for Kang to adjust to American baseball is the minor leagues. getting 10 Ab’s a week is not going to help him

  • Lombardozzi should be on this roster. Everything I have heard out of Washington and Baltimore has been that he is a better player than people think. IMO he’s earned a spot and Kang should be in minor league camp. This goes against everything the Pirates and Neal Huntington believe in. A player gets what he earns. This has stink all over it for me and it will not go over well in the clubhouse if he makes the team struggling like he is. I realize there is an adjustment period but let him adjust in Indianapolis or Altoona not in Pittsburgh where it’s gonna hurt the most.

    • I’d probably agree with you if Lombardozzi had more experience at Shortstop. Right now, Kang, Florimon, Sellers and Rodriguez are the only experienced shortstops (besides Mercer), none of which are really doing great (I guess Rodriguez is okay). Lombardozzi is the top depth option for Walker probably and it might be better for Lombardozzi to play every day in Indy instead of getting limited time on the bench.

    • Joe Sweetnich
      March 27, 2015 9:50 am

      Check out Lombardozzi’s career line. The only thing he has going for him is his ability to play many positions. Hasn’t hit anywhere, obp < 300. He's not that good.

      • No his OBP isn’t great but he can play multiple positions and in 2012 and 2013 when he got most of his playing time he hit .273 and .259 in 382 and 290 AB’s That to me is a decent bench player and probably more than Kang is going to give you right now

        • Matthew Tutino
          March 27, 2015 10:21 am

          No, just no. Rodriguez is the multi-position superstar and one of them is enough. Kang can play 3b, ss, and 2b and should be just as good as Lomba now, but with the potential to be a great hitter.

        • He knows where to stand in multiple positions. His defense is adequate at best at all of them, and the one position where his bat might just barely be tolerable is shortstop, which he can’t play.

    • So far he’s failed to convince the Nationals, Tigers and Orioles that he’s a major league ballplayer. He might be better than people think, but he’s sure as heck no major league player, as his batting stats show.

    • WSH and BAL thought he was so good they let him walk. You are putting a ton into ST stats for Kang and assuming that Lombardozzi isnt merely an average defender at multiple spots that cant really get on base well. With Rodriguez on the team, that really wont be a decision. Kang at least offers the better chance of carrying a plus bat, and giving him only ST to adjust seems shortsighted.

  • Sean Epstein
    March 27, 2015 9:22 am

    What have been the reports on Lincoln? Any chance he can serve as bullpen depth or is he now simply AAA depth?

  • Does anyone know if Lombardozzi has one of the contracts where he needs to be on the MLB roster by a certain date or get released?

    • If I remember correctly, I think he still has an option left.

    • Lombardozzi is not on the 40 man roster but is under team control (I don’t remember how long though), so he will be in the Pirates organization at least this year with no ability to opt out of a contract.

      EDIT: Just looked it up, Lombardozzi is eligible for Minor League free agency after the 2015 season, so if the Pirates want to keep him, they’ll have to add him to the 40 man roster before he can elect free agency. If he is on the 40 man, he won’t be eligible for free agency until after the 2018 season.