Altoona Curve Announces 25-Man Roster

The Altoona Curve have announced their Opening Day 25-man roster, led by Tyler Glasnow and Josh Bell. The full roster is as follows.


Sebastian Valle

Jacob Stallings


Josh Bell

Dan Gamache

Gift Ngoepe

Max Moroff

Edward Salcedo

Eric Wood


Willy Garcia

Keon Broxton

Stetson Allie

Jonathan Schwind

Junior Sosa

Starting Pitchers

Tyler Glasnow

Jason Creasy

Chad Kuhl

Angel Sanchez

Zack Dodson


Matt Benedict

Tom Harlan

Tyler Sample

Yhonathan Barrios

John Kuchno

Jhondaniel Medina

Josh Smith


  • Tim, it looks like Angel Sanchez will be starting the opener. When will the rest of the rotation be set, and what goes into the decision to give Sanchez the Opening Day nod?

    • Dom DiDominic
      April 8, 2015 7:27 pm

      Usually minor league ‘openers’ are simply a continuation of the spring rotation. Not much of an ‘honor’ of being handed the ball on opening day.

  • Tim, I have been watching the Curve since 1999, and I don’t remember any opening Day roster with as many promising age appropriate players up and down the roster. Particularly the pitchers. Correct me if I am wrong, but I don’t think even the 2010 roster wasn’t this strong in April.

    • Was that during the Altoona 4 period?

      • If you mean the mid 2000s with Snell, Maholm, Duke etc., yes.

        • Bet he was referencing the more recent Owens/Locke/Wilson/Morris combination.

          You at all surprised to see Kuchno in the pen and Dodson in the rotation?

          • Yeah, I meant Owens/Locke/Wilson/Morris. I had lower expectations then and thought they were going to save the Pirates. Sad…………where is Owens by the way?

  • Dante Moreno
    April 6, 2015 2:01 pm

    interesting rotation to watch and OF