The Pittsburgh Pirates have officially announced the roster move that we knew was coming with the announcement yesterday that Chris Stewart completed his rehab assignment. Stewart has been reinstated from the disabled list for tonight’s game and Tony Sanchez has been optioned to AAA Indianapolis. Our First Pitch article this morning dealt with this move and how it affects the catching in the Majors and at AAA.

Stewart caught two games for Altoona, then three games at Indianapolis, including back-to-back days on Tuesday and Wednesday. Sanchez went 3-for-8 at the plate in three games, collecting three singles. He was 1-for-3 throwing out base runners.

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  1. We all know why the pirates did this so let’s look at the likely outcome. Someone will get hurt or struggle and remove himself from the equation someone will step up and then you rinse repeat and shuffle again. You could pretty much say it’s the litany of baseball.

  2. I don’t understand why this team ever drafted Sanchez – especially in the first round (which we all know was a terrible pick when it occurred, although the team vehemently defended it), when they repeatedly give more respect to an aging, light-hitting, career backup like Stewart. If Stewart is indeed the better catcher at this point, the Pirates pick of Sanchez is even worse now than when it was originally made.

    Sanchez should ask to be traded or released. He deserves a chance elsewhere.

    • I think this is more about having the best 40 man roster VS the best 25 man. Next year I expect Sanchez to be the back-up with Diaz being the 3rd catcher going between minors and majors filling in.

    • The problem was Tony’s had gotten complacent. He’s aware that he was a valued player. If his defense had kept up to his bat he’d have been our starting catcher after Russ left. Since his defense didn’t improve so we traded for Chris Stewart.

    • Even at his current level in baseball, Tony has accomplished more than the guy drafted directly ahead of him and right after him. His career is far from over, so let it play out.

    • It’s a move that the Pirates have to make to retain catching depth behind Cervelli. With his injury history and Diaz not being ready for the bigs, it would be a terrible move to let go of Stewart right now to keep Sanchez on the 25 man roster. Let him go down for a month or so, see how he is doing, then re-evaluate.

      • This is the business side of baseball as well as depth. Not sure all the option situations but, Tony certainly made a statement for himself. Yes, his work behind the plate as well as offensively is still a “work in progress” but, if he can maintain a consistency both offensively and defensively he’ll have a good career at the big league level. It is not easy behind the plate- staying healthy etc. He worked his tail off this “off season” in the areas that needed to be improved to be in the “hunt”- keep pushin forward!

    • “which we all know was a terrible pick when it occurred” except that isnt true at all at the time. He was going to be a top 10 pick, and the team needed a C. Its a rare instance of PIT drafted for need, but it was not a terrible pick at the time. That draft was just real poor, as proven by each team before and after us being unhappy with how their guy turned out as well. Sanchez is actually surviving the legacy of that poor draft ok.

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