First Pitch: A Free Look at the Prospect Reports From the First Week of the New Site

This weekend we released a new feature that will run weekly on the site. The feature might get a better name, but for now it’s called Pirates Prospects Reports, and it’s just that — reports on the prospects in the Pirates’ system. The first one is free, covering a lot of the top guys in the system.

The article is made up of the live reports our writers gather during their game coverage each week. After every game, each writer sends in at least three player reports, featuring information gathered by watching the games, and talking with players, coaches, and scouts. It’s a feature that makes all the sense in the world for this site, and something that I would have liked to have all the time.

I was discussing this with John Dreker after the first article came out, and it got me thinking about how this feature would have worked before the site became a subscription site. We did have prospect reports then, which were featured in the weekly Top 10 articles last year. But to get an article with the amount of reports we had in this first one would have taken several weeks. We would have only been able to make that a monthly article to get the same quality. Now we can produce that amount of coverage in a week.

When I talked about the benefits of the site changing over, this is a big part of what I was talking about. There is no other place where you will find this much information on the Pirates’ farm system. Not only do we have this report, but we have reports in the nightly Prospect Watch, expanding beyond the usual recap of the box scores. We also have plenty of player features, and soon we will be upgrading the player pages so that every report and featured article our writers file on a player will be archived on their respective pages.

This was the first week that the site changed over, and the amount of information we’ve been able to gather has been fantastic and a massive upgrade over what we could previously get. I’m excited about the direction that the site is headed in. For those of you who have already subscribed, I hope you have enjoyed the coverage so far. For those who haven’t subscribed, you can do so on the subscription page. Plans are $2.99 per month, $2.50 per month for an Annual plan, or less than $2.25 per month for three years on our Top Prospect plan. Or you can participate in our DraftKings promotion and receive a free one-year subscription by signing up for a new DraftKings account and depositing at least $5. Details can be found on the subscription page.

**I’ll be heading back to Bradenton tomorrow after completing my week-long trip of seeing the Pirates for three games and Altoona for four games. I’ll have plenty of Altoona reports throughout the week. I’m looking forward to getting back to seeing the Marauders on Tuesday and Wednesday, especially with the way their offense has been performing to start the year. I’m also hoping to have a few extended Spring Training reports.

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