Jaff Decker Placed on the Indianapolis DL

After Jaff Decker got injured on April 14, he tried to play through a bruise and a sprain to his right hand, but eventually succumbed to the ailment about a week and a half ago. Since then, Decker has remained in an inactive state on the roster, but not on the disabled list. That changed today when he was placed on the Indianapolis DL, retroactive April 27th.

Decker was sporting a protective covering over the hand during batting practice, but advised that the injury is progressing on Wednesday. However, he is still not able to get on the field, as the last game that he has played was on April 20. Even in that game, he appeared to be favoring that same hand after a diving attempt in left field.

Prior to the injury, Decker was hitting .259 with a double. Indianapolis manager Dean Treanor knows how important the Decker is to the lineup and ultimately thinks he has a future in Pittsburgh, possibly this year.

“We are thinking it is getting better and it doesn’t,” Treanor said. “He has been having setbacks and obviously we miss him in this lineup. He needs to get healthy. He is obviously an option in Pittsburgh, so the main thing is to get him healthy.”

Decker started the season on the DL in Pittsburgh. He started a rehab assignment with Indianapolis to begin the regular season after injuring his calf. He was eventually optioned after being a casualty of the numbers game in the Pirates outfield.

Treanor said that they have been expecting the injury to improve and it just hasn’t. He said that prior to the game, the DL would be an option if it did not improve. About an hour later, he was placed on the DL, retroactive to April 27th.

“If it carries on, [the DL] is the next thing to happen,” Treanor said. “It is only seven days, and that is the biggest difference from up there. Being 15 days, you will stay with a guy that you think can come back in a week. We thought that it would be a matter of days. It is just not responding like he and we want it to.”

With the move, Wilkin Castillo was assigned to Indianapolis.

  • Ok,
    Here is their chance. Roster spot for OF in Indy is available. Send Lambo to Indy to see if he can remember how to hit a baseball and bring up Sanchez to a designated PH off the bench for a week or so.

  • Very bad timing with Lambo not hitting at all for the Bucs.