Phillies Place Rule 5 Pick Andy Oliver on Waivers

The Philadelphia Phillies have placed left-handed reliever Andy Oliver on waivers, according to Jim Salisbury of CSN Philly. Oliver was selected by the Phillies as a Rule 5 pick from the Pirates, but failed to make the team as their second lefty (a spot that opened up after the Phillies traded Antonio Bastardo to the Pirates).

Oliver can be claimed by another team, but that team would have to place him on their active roster. If he clears waivers, he has to be offered back to the Pirates for half of the Rule 5 selection cost ($25,000). The Pirates and Phillies could also work out a trade to allow Philadelphia to keep Oliver. This happened a few years ago when the Pirates got Robby Rowland from Arizona, letting the Diamondbacks keep Brett Lorin.

Oliver will be a minor league free agent at the end of the 2015 season, so it’s unlikely he will fetch much in return. It’s also possible that the Pirates might not want him back, since their Triple-A bullpen is crowded enough as it is, and he’s already shown that he can’t be an option in the majors in a small role on one of the worst teams in baseball.

  • Tim or anyone. Are we surprised by this development?

    If they offer him back, find a place for him. From what
    I understand the Pirates don’t just give away talent.
    I believe he shown some promise in the past.

  • 2.25 ERA and 21 strikeouts in 12 innings in spring training. And pitched well in AAA last year. Its just those walks. Hes still only 27, he could find the strikezone someday and be a great late inning reliever.

    • Even with 10 walks in 12 innings, he only allowed 5 hits. And 21 K’s are huge for a reliever. I wonder if there are other issues.

      • There’s definitely some ability there, it’s just so raw still, and it’s starting to get late for the kid.

        The Phillies, though, are in a position to actually give a guy like that a shot and see if he can put it together, but if he’s less interesting than other options, he’s also not too valuable to just lose.

        I do think he’ll get a shot somewhere.

  • Not being able to make the Phillies staff is not a ringing endorsement.