David Todd Podcast: Discussing Hanson, Bell, Broxton, Romero, Meadows

  • Tim, you do not seem to be on the Hason bandwagon. Is this due to Moroff’s breakout performance?

    • I said he’s a guy who can be a starter in the majors and a top of the order hitter. I’m not sure how that puts me off the bandwagon.

      • But, you also see him as a trade chip. Given Walker’s age and contract, the Pirates will need a second baseman. Kang and Moroff, on the other hand, were not considered trade chips.

        • Obviously Kang isn’t a trade chip because he’s in the majors helping the team. I mentioned Hanson as a trade chip because he’s the top prospect and they have a lot of options.

          I’ve got a limited time to answer those questions. This one is complex. I tried to go through the scenarios in as little time as I had. Maybe I’ll expand on the topic this weekend.

          For now, I said Hanson is a guy who could start, be a top of the order hitter, and would have value to other teams in a trade.