It Looks Like Charlie Morton is Replacing Vance Worley in the Rotation

Charlie Morton is expected to return soon, following his most recent rehab outing with Indianapolis this week. However, that return will be delayed, as Morton will make one more rehab start on Tuesday, according to Travis Sawchik.

Despite this delay, it looks like the Pirates have already made the switch in the rotation to clear a spot for Morton. Vance Worley seemed like the most likely candidate to be removed, as I outlined earlier this week. Bill Brink reports that the Pirates will skip Worley in the rotation this week, due to the off-days allowing a four man rotation.

The good news about this is that it should give the bullpen a much needed boost, and allow the Pirates to call up an extra bench guy. I think it’s obvious that Wilfredo Boscan will eventually go down when the Pirates add a bench guy. I wouldn’t be surprised if Rob Scahill is the other guy who goes down when Morton joins the team, since that would allow the Pirates to preserve all of their bullpen depth.

  • Scahill is pitching incredible—-no way they send that guy down

    • Not so much last time Scahill pitched. It was one appearance, but it was really a stinker. Hopefully it’s not the start of a trend as pretty much the whole pen sucks except for the big 3.

  • I understand the reasoning behind sending Scahill down instead of DFA’ing Liz or Bastardo, but I don’t have to like it.

    As for Morton to rotation and Worley to pen, that’s an easy call. Worley is getting hit hard. Locke needs to be put on notice, too. Richard or Sampson may be replacing him before too awful long if he keeps pitching as poorly as he has recently.

  • Who is going to replace Hurdle?

  • Locke and Worley both need their innings reduced. They should piggyback them as 5th starter, so they have 2 guys stretched out. Then they also use Locke as 1-time LOOGY between starts and DFA Bastardo instead of sending Scahill down.

    • that would be a horrible idea. But thanks for the comment. Neither of them typically do well early in their starts, both do better after the first inning or two, so instead of 2 bad innings, we get 4. great

    • zombie sluggo
      May 18, 2015 9:42 am

      I like the piggy back idea. Keeps them both stretched out, because you know Worley will have to start again this season.

  • I really hate this as I like worley and don’t like morton. That being said, worley has looked like the dogs dinner and needs to be replaced with morton being the obvious choice, I just hope morton brings ground chuck with him and not upchuck. In addition let’s hope worley does indeed shore up a pen that appears to have left a gate open.