Nick Kingham Leaves Game With Elbow Discomfort

After working into the sixth inning on Tuesday, Nick Kingham experienced some pain in his right elbow, causing him to leave the game with a trainer.

“[Kingham] was removed from his start today due to discomfort in his right elbow,” Indianapolis released in a statement. “He is being evaluated and we will provide more information when it becomes available.”

Kingham struck out Aaron Hicks for the first out in the sixth inning, and it appeared that catcher Tony Sanchez noticed something. After throwing two more pitches to the following hitter, Sanchez visited the mound again, followed by the trainer and Kingham left the game.

Prior to the injury, Kingham was cruising, tossing only 60 pitches through 5.1 innings pitched. He struck out three and allowed only three hits and a solo home run.

While he had been done in by big innings most of the season, Kingham came into the game having allowed 31 hits and 15 runs in 26 innings. While there have been some slight command issues, he had only walked seven hitters, while striking out 29 hitters.

Indianapolis coaches were not made available for post game comments regarding the injury.

After losing Jameson Taillon to Tommy John surgery before last season, and Brandon Cumpton to the same injury this spring, any elbow injury will come as a scare to a top pitching prospect. We will provide any further updates when we receive them.

  • Anything new on Kingham?

  • Any word on extent yet?

  • Speaking of the Indy game, Romero had another great game with 2 doubles…with a struggling off season and his success and power numbers, any reason not to give him a chance in the majors?

    • Jared: As a 3B? No doubt Romero is doing very well, but we have JHAY, in his age 28 season (younger than Romero), and we just signed him for 4 years/$27.3 mil. No way he goes to the bench and we bring up a guy from AAA. Jung Ho Kang would be the first option.

      In the Pirate scheme of things, fielding GB’s is a major consideration. At 3B last year in the majors, JHAY had a fielding %age of .984 in 72 games; Romero at AAA for the Twins had a fielding %age of .907 in 98 games at 3B, but he had much better fielding numbers in earlier years, so I do not know where to go with that.

      • emjay:
        I wouldn’t begin to think that Romero would end up replacing Harrison full-time. However, JayHay has been awful so far this season and can, honestly, barely bat in the 7th hole with how he’s currently playing. Giving him a couple of extra days off with Romero at the hot corner was more what I was proposing. I am not quite sure, besides versatility, what Lombardozzi brings. I was more wondering if Romero wouldn’t have been the better short-term fill-in.

  • Sigh…another one, potentially, bites the dust. How sad and disheartening…really was looking forward to seeing him develop further and make the jump this year. This sucks…and those saying/asking how far behind Glasgow is, seriously?! Don’t even suggest such a thing…these are still young men who have to face surgery and long and difficult recoveries.

  • Glasnow just went down in Altoona…no word yet on what it was.

  • This is disheartening to say the least.

  • Sigh…

  • Another one bites the dust. Not sure how pitchers can train to avoid TJ surgery…

    • Have them on a strict 10 pitch per outing limit, throwing once a week……..yeah, that’s the trend right? Maybe we should find ways to strengthen the ligament scientifically versus trying to baby pitchers to death, it is not doing them any justice

  • Chris Thomas
    May 6, 2015 5:16 pm

    How sad…any wagers on glasnow getting it next year.

  • How rich do you think Dr. James Andrews is?