Pirates Call Up Jose Tabata, Transfer Justin Sellers to the 60-day DL

The Pittsburgh Pirates have called up Jose Tabata, purchasing his contract from Indianapolis. To make room on the 40-man roster, they have transferred Justin Sellers to the 60-day disabled list. Earlier today we learned that they had optioned Wilfredo Boscan to Indianapolis, which was an expected move, since they were playing short a man on their bench.

The available bench options were limited. Steve Lombardozzi was just sent down, and isn’t eligible to return to the majors yet. Andrew Lambo is currently on the disabled list. Jaff Decker is currently rehabbing at Pirate City in extended Spring Training. Tony Sanchez would have been the only other option, although he wouldn’t have been able to help in the outfield.

I’d expect Tabata to be up until Lambo is ready to return. He was hitting well in Indianapolis before his call up, and could secure a spot in the majors if he carries that offense over to the majors. Tabata had a .455/.520/.500 line in 44 at-bats during the month of May.

  • This sure can’t hurt.

  • BuccosFanStuckinMD
    May 19, 2015 10:02 pm

    I would love to see Tabata turn it around and stay up for good….given Polanco’s continued struggles in the field and at the plate, a platoon in RF may be a good move for the foreseeable future.

    Why is Hart still on this team?

    Right now, this team doesn’t have a real #1 starting pitcher. Cole should be that guy and I think he will be eventually, but he needs to be more consistent and needs to go deeper into games. Burnett is actually out pitching Cole, which is not good because Burnett is the one retiring after this year.

    Liriano is so erratic – dominant stuff, but walks way too many batters and seems off this year. I expect him to bounce back, not too worried about him yet.

    Worley and Locke both need to be Indy now, replaced by Morton and Sampson/Sadler. I’m not a big Morton fan, but our options are limited with Taillon and Kingham down. He pitched pretty well tonight – although not good enough to win. Only gave up 4 hits, but had 4 walks in 6 innings. He’s an excruciating and frustrating pitcher to watch.

  • And Tabby PHs in 2nd inning and gets a ribby (albeit off his usual push groundball between 1st and 2nd that’s normally an out).

    Liriano was pitiful. Liz now throwing batting practice. I was expecting Worley to do the long relief…

  • I’d prefer Decker got a shot instead of Lambo. Decker gets on base and seems more gritty than Lambo.

    • I agree. His career GOBA (Grittiness + On-Base Average) is .650. Lambo’s only .525.

  • If I recall correctly, Tabata was a pretty good pinch hitter in the majors last year. The team could use some help there.

    • Needs to be said: Not as good as Snider.

      Both hit .250 as a PH, difference being Tabata’s .588 OPS (ouch!) vs. Snider’s .744 (5 RBI vs 8 RBI, 0 HR vs 2 HR)

  • Gorky’s is their best defender. Why not call him up to replace Polanco in RF in late innings? Also why even mention Lambo? We DFA’d better then this guy..

    • Because the idea should be to continue playing Polanco so he actually gets better. It’s hard to learn or gain experience when you’re busy not learning or gaining experience. This isn’t 5 years of Pedro Alvarez being disappointing.

    • Polanco really doesnt need a defensive replacement. His defense looks awkward at times, but at least some of that is thanks to his unusual frame that makes it look like he doesnt cover a ton of ground when he does. His range is good and his arm is good (though he sets himself up worse than Marte does). He’s certainly made some clunker plays, but his defense isnt costing the team a ton.

      • The more I see of every part of Polanco’s game – the great parts and the miscues at the plate, in the OF and on the bases – the more I see Strawberry. Just as frustrating. Hopefully just as rewarding in the long term (w/o the coke).

  • Good thing i put off reading the ” Jose Tabata Has a Very Unlikely Road Back to the Majors” article.

    • The stars aligned George. Let’s hope he can get that elusive PH single with runs on 2nd and 3rd. So glad I missed that Cubs game on Saturday.

    • It was very unlikely. Lombardozzi went down so that they could call up an emergency reliever after burning through their bullpen. This came at a time when two of their other options who are ahead of Tabata (Lambo, Decker) were on the DL.

      I don’t expect Tabata to stay for long, unless he surprises everyone and hits well.