Updates from Huntington on Kingham and Glasnow

Nick Kingham was removed from his start Wednesday with elbow discomfort in the sixth inning and placed on the 7-day disabled list later in the week. General manager Neal Huntington said Sunday the right-hander is seeking a second opinion on his injury before any decisions will be made.

Huntington said Kingham can’t immediately see the doctor he wants to and likely won’t be able to get a second opinion until later in the week.

“We’re working through to see if we can get him in as quickly as possible,” Huntington said. “Until then we’ll just leave it at he’s going to get a second opinion.”

Huntington clarified Kingham is not going to see Dr. James Andrews, to whom a visit usually portends Tommy John surgery.

As for Tyler Glasnow, Huntington said activity is “tolerated” and he is day-to-day.

“We want to be extremely careful but he’s feeling good and no significant concerns at this point,” Huntington said.

UPDATE: Thoughts from Tim Williams…

Looking at recent history, both Brandon Cumpton and Jameson Taillon went for second opinions before receiving Tommy John surgery. Then again, Jason Grilli also went for a second opinion with Dr. James Andrews, and it was determined that he didn’t need surgery.

The hope for Kingham is that he doesn’t need surgery, although based on history that seems like a low probability. The absence of Andrews doesn’t necessarily rule out surgery. Cumpton and Grilli both went to see Andrews. However, Taillon went to Dr. Neal ElAttrache for his surgery.

If Kingham does need surgery, this would probably put him out of the MLB picture until late-2016, and maybe even 2017. The Pirates are taking a conservative approach bringing guys back from Tommy John, and aren’t going with the now-common 12 month approach. Taillon had his surgery in early April, and probably won’t return to Indianapolis until the middle of the season.

A similar timeline could have Kingham back by August of 2016 if he has surgery, which is a big reason why the hope would be that he doesn’t end up needing the procedure.

  • BuccosFanStuckinMD
    May 10, 2015 9:00 pm

    He needs a second opinion? That says that he did not like the first one, which cannot be a good sign. I may be reading too much between the lines, but this does not sound good at all. Tim is right, if he needs TJS, say good bye to this year and all of 2016 – he will be lucky if he is back pitching in real games by September 2016. That would be a huge loss, as Burnett will be gone next year – leaving only Liriano and Cole as solid starters. If the Pirates are smart, they would give Sadler and Sampson shots this year in the rotation – they cannot be worse than Worley and Locke.

    • Yes they Can- They really can. Have you taken a long look at the 4th and 5th starters on the teams in the rest of the major leagues, hell even the cardinals whom have the best team in baseball right now? Do you really think that Tyler Lyons is better than Worley or Locke, because if so you are smokin some good stuff

    • I know Burnett was signed with both parties expecting that he’ll retire at the end of the season. But AJ has been exceeding expectations by a wide margin for the first month of the season, and he’s been doing so by seemingly relying less on “stuff” and more on guile. Though he’s likely to see some regression, if he is able to pitch like this why not go another year -“year by year”? Not many guys can walk away when they are uninjured and can still pitch. And if he is pitching in September like he pitched in April why would the Pirates want him to? Maybe it’s not automatic that he’ll be gone after this season.

    • Sometimes it isn’t clear- when its not clear, you get a second opinion, and if it differs, then you get a third one. If Kingham would realistically miss all of this season and pretty much all of next, he wouldn’t lose much by trying to rest and rehab for 3-4 months before getting surgery and still be at full strength for spring training in 2017

    • Next year can be worried about after this year. Kingham was projected as a mid-season call up or at the very least depth option in the event of injury. If he goes under the knife, it will hurt Pirates in 2015.

      As for having only Cole and Liriano as solid starters next season, may I introduce to you Tyler Glasnow, who will be pitching in Pittsburgh next season. He with the high 90’s fastball and the knee-buckling low 70’s curve ball.

  • Surgery last option I’m sure…..but isn’t it a ticking time bomb not to do it?