Andrew McCutchen Hit Again: ‘I’m Not the Only One Ticked Off’

Andrew McCutchen wasn’t hit by a pitch for the first time Saturday. In fact, it was the 48th time in his career and eighth this season.

This time, it forced him out of the game in the first inning.

But whether the first or 48th time, getting hit isn’t an enjoyable experience.

Julio Teheran threw a fastball high and tight to McCutchen in the first inning. The 91 MPH two-seamer got away from him and connected with the back of McCutchen’s left elbow as he tried to turn away and absorb the blow.

He stayed on the field for a few moments before walking down into the dugout. After waiting to see if the pain would subside, McCutchen knew there was no point in trying to stay in the game.

“I try to give it a little bit of time and normally it wears off after a little bit but this one was a pretty persistent and didn’t go away,” McCutchen said. “I knew trying to grip a bat would be nearly impossible.”

The loss of the Pirates superstar did not only frustrate McCutchen, but the rest of the Pirates and also the 36,417 on hand Saturday afternoon.

“I’m not the only one ticked off,” McCutchen said. “We’re all ticked off. It’s not just me. It’s anyone that gets hit and comes out of the game. That’s something we don’t like.”

To their credit, the Pirates followed with five runs off Teheran in the first and went on to beat the Braves 8-4 Saturday. Starling Marte moved from left field to center and seemed to relish the opportunity to be the man in the middle.

“He’s a very gifted center fielder,” Hurdle said. “When he goes out there, I think there’s a feel good that’s attached to it that lets him step his game up from time to time.”

Marte finished 3-for-4 with a RBI and three runs scored.

But back to McCutchen, there was no issue of intent. Teheran hadn’t thrown his two-seam fastball yet and the pitch just got away from him.

“I was trying to get in there and I know you can make a mistake with a hitter like that,” Teheran said. “I didn’t know that my two-seamer was moving that much so it was the first one I threw in the game. I feel bad that I hit him.”

Pitchers are forced to pitch McCutchen inside. Anything else really isn’t an option if teams want to get McCutchen out when he steps in the batter’s  box.

When an average pitcher with average command tries to throw on the inner half of the plate, incidents like Saturday’s are bound to happen.

That doesn’t make it any more palatable for McCutchen, despite knowing the daunting task facing the men on the mound.

“I hate getting hit,” McCutchen said. “Worse than that I guess pitchers don’t like to get their ERA ran up with a fastball up over the middle of the plate and me be able to do damage with that either. I’m sure they’d rather hit me.”

McCutchen would much rather do damage, especially in the interest of his health.

X-rays on McCutchen’s elbow returned negative but he will be re-evaluated Sunday. He said he has a bruise right now.

“I don’t feel too comfortable with it,” McCutchen said. “I feel restricted.”

McCutchen understands his dilemma is a part of baseball. But also that nothing is likely to change, as nothing changed when he missed two weeks worth of games amidst a playoff race last season with an injury that cropped up shortly after he was hit in the same area by a pitch in retaliation.

“It takes someone having a broken leg or a bloody face for them to take steps,” McCutchen said. “I mean just because you’re not injured, it still hurts.”

And even if it still hurts, some still expect players to play.

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Thomas G

I’m really surprised that he was not wearing the protective shield on his elbow seeing how often he does get hit.


The Buc’s model for their pitches is to also pitch inside and own the inside corner of the plate. They also hit a lot of batters. As much as any of us don’t want to see Cutch hit, this is what happens when a pitcher with average control tries to own the inside part of the plate. I have a problem with the old school mentality of throwing at a batter for retribution. This is when guys get hurt and its senseless. I know a lot of purists would disagree but it’s not necessary.

Arik Florimonte

I’d suggest that if Morton were to come back and plunk Teheran, then maybe next time the opposing pitcher doesn’t want to pitch inside because he knows he has to bat later. And that means Cutch is more likely to get a fat one over the middle of the plate.

Of course it works both ways.


Difference in hitting batters and throwing at batters up and in

Luke S

Can we shut up with this tired narrative. Marte gets hit far more than Cutch, Walker often ends with more HBP than Cutch, and even last year Martin had more.

We freeaaak out when it happens to Cutch, but he isnt hit astronomically high….even for a star. He isnt a guy who stands far from the plate, you have to throw him in, so anything that misses in from where you want it hits him. Sure, a few times he has been thrown at. Its the exception, not the norm.


I’m sure somebody knows the answer to this question. Does cutch get hit when batman or even cole is on the mound? My guess is the answer is no, those two are tough as nails.

Luke S

So far this year it looks like one game where Cole started, one game where Locke started, and oddly enough the rest were Liriano starts (but i didnt look at inning in which he was hit, so it could be useless info if he is hit during bullpen innings).

Dave N

That’s a excellent point, if it is true. Also, why doesn’t Teheran go down? That’s what used to happen in the old days …


At least Morton did throw one way inside to Teheran later in the game.


Teheran should change got away from him to, got away with it.


Lloyd wishes that GroundChuck woulda hit Simmons in the middle of the back. If Cutch misses any time with an injury from this, the Buccos are gonna have to start doing more to protect him.

Scott K

Sorry, but when you stand near the plate to cover the outer half, as Cutch and Marte do, you will get hit more often. I’m surprised Cutch doesn’t wear an elbow pad.


People get hit. This didn’t seem like intent. They won, move on.

Marte really does like being “the guy” when Cutch isn’t around, doesn’t he?

At least Cards want to make this a two-team race, taking Cubs out again. Still amazing Bucs have played .706 ball from May 22 and lost a half game to Cards. It has to end sometime, doesn’t it?

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