David Todd Podcast: Recapping the Pirates’ 2015 Draft

Yesterday I had my weekly radio segment with David Todd on ESPN 970, and as you could expect, we spent almost the entire segment going over the 2015 draft results. It started with me briefly discussing how I don’t like the new system (something I might elaborate on this weekend) and explaining why the Pirates took the approach they did. We then discussed some of the individual players, along with some guys who could be over-slot targets in the late rounds (I probably butchered some names in the process). We finished off with a brief mention of how John Holdzkom has performed, along with me pointing out how well Barrett Barnes has hit this year now that he’s remained healthy. You can listen to the entire segment below.

  • Thanks tim, really good point on why there is a cap on one (draft) and not the other (mlb) sadly I don’t see this being changed, at least not in favor of small market teams, with rm as the commish. Hopefully I’m wrong.