Deolis Guerra Added to Roster, Scahill to DL

With the overwork of the bullpen in recent Pirates’ series, Deolis Guerra has been promoted from Indianapolis to Pittsburgh, according to several reports out of Latin America on Twitter, and online.

Guerra has been strong out of the Indianapolis bullpen this season, allowing only six runs all season, with four coming in one appearance early in the season. This includes 11 straight scoreless appearances. He also has a 37 to 8 strikeout to walk ratio.

Guerra points to the success this year as having new found command to his off speed pitches. Mixing this with working with several different speeds, He has been able to keep hitters off-balance and avoid solid contact most of the season.

The move has not been announced by the Pirates and a corresponding roster move has yet to be announced.

Update 5:10 PM: The Pirates have made it official. Rob Scahill was placed on the disabled list with right forearm tightness and Guerra takes his place on the active roster. To make room on the 40-man roster, Andrew Lambo was moved moved to the 60-day DL. That won’t have any effect on Lambo, who has already missed close to 60 days and isn’t about to come back.

Scahill has a 2.08 ERA in 26 innings over 24 appearances, but he has allowed 27 hits and 12 walks, so the ERA doesn’t match the performance. Batters have a .929 OPS against Scahill when he faces them with runners in scoring position.

UPDATE 6:09 PM, by Nate Barnes:

Deolis Guerra arrived in Pittsburgh and went through some pre-game work. He’s available tonight if he’s so needed.

Guerra said he found out about his promotion early this morning as the Indians returned from a road trip.

“I was surprised,” Guerra said. “I wasn’t expecting it and I’m just happy to be here.”

Guerra is in his 10th season playing professional baseball, but Friday’s call-up marked the first time he joined a major-league team.

“It’s such a great feeling just to know that when you work and never put your head down, there’s always a chance and there’s always something to work for,” Guerra said. “At the end it pays off.”

  • Scahill never should have come north with the team, that was Holdzkom’s spot. Rash move hurt JH’s development.

  • So SB is discussing Pedro… I have the following options as the parent club is supposedly looking at pitching… I’d rather they go #Freddy Freeman shopping. Anyway the following internal choices are:::
    1. Move Neil to first, Hanson to second, sit Pedro
    2. Move Kang to first, Harrison to third, sit Pedro
    3. Kang to third, Harrison to second, Neil to first, sit Pedro

    The more I think about this being the year of the rookie and the potential add to the disruptive speed aspect of the game – I like the idea of #1.
    Hanson bats first causing havoc
    Harrison bats second, and plays RF
    Kang at 3rd
    Walker at 1b

    Polanco will get plenty of time as the fourth OF, you can switch the middle lineup around – but Hanson may be the key to getting Walker over to 1b. Although, as I’ve said I’d prefer an all out attempt to get Freeman.

    • So your goal is to make the offense worse? Ok.

      • Well, it also depends on moving a player who hasnt played 1B ever to that spot mid year. Crazy abounds. His favorite idea requires a player to 1B without practice for the first time mid year, a rookie to not struggle at all in his first ML experience, and ends it with yearning to acquire a player that wont be traded and would cost an official buttload.

        • Hey, with the way the Pirates have been playing for the last week I’ll forgive a little futile wackiness. 😉

      • Tonight’s hit aside Pedro sitting does not make the offense worse and anyone can match his defense if you haven’t noticed.
        A few rookies this year are making more than a passing contribution, is Hanson capable? I think he may be. Get off your high horse and look around a bit, things are a changing around MLB.

        • Teams are moving a random player to 1B without any practice at it mid season? NEAT. Name 2-3.

          Teams are benching a player for a rookie mid season and the rookie is succeeding at a 50% or better rate? NEAT. Name 2-3.

    • How about just acquire Adam Lind and leave everything else as it is? This team needs someone to hit from the left side, because Polanco, Pedro and Walker haven’t provided much of anything.

      • Pedro’s OPS is right where wed expect it to be, it’s Polanco and Walker whom as struggling

    • cause so many prospects end up causing havoc anywhere when they are called up….especially not MLB top 50 prospects

  • I hear Scahill could end up going to the DL?

  • The reason you bring a guy like this up is because its easy to send him down. Nobody is going to claim him. If they wanted to bring the best pitcher up they would have chosen an assortment of other pitchers.

  • Let the roster move season begin! It’s that time of year when teams start deciding which pieces to keep and which pieces to sweep.

    • That has nothing to do with what is going on here…

      • Do you watch baseball? That’s exactly what’s going on here.

        • Do you? This is mostly because they knew something wasnt totally right with Scahill and had to use more arms than ideal multiple times.

          They have no need to bring up Volstad unless they use so many arms so often in a short time, and no need to bring up another option if Volstad isnt used as he was. This isnt about shuffling guys to see who stays and who goes, its about keeping fresh arms in the pen. They arent trading Guerra if he sucks.

          • This time of year draft picks and international signings are being integrated into the system as well as the trade deadline creeping up, so guys get moved up, moved down or moved out with the intent of seeing what an organization has. Some guys get a push, some guys get a shot,some guys get traded or let go. Happens every year for every team. So in a sense your right this is a minor move, it’s not any different from other moves that have happened before and will happen again. Difference here is you think this is an isolated incident when in reality it’s the cogs slowly turning on a large organization.

            • So you think every year in July a ton of guys get cut? Thats just not true. Trades rarely happen in early July, few guys are let go for nothing, and young guys being integrated is expected because teams arent shocked they signed draft picks. AAA arms arent traded, released or demoted a ton in July every year like its nothing. A ball guys maybe, but teams dont just go rando with the minor leagues.

  • Trying to find Injury updates for the roster move. Sellers is already on the 60DL. Has Cumpton already been transferred from 15DL to 60DL? Is Lambo eligible for 60DL? Or, are we dropping someone off the 40-man entirely?

  • BuccosFanStuckinMD
    June 26, 2015 1:11 pm

    Send Volstad back or Worley? Or someone else?

    • Worley is a risk to be claimed. Not to mention, he’s been pitching well the last month, and is the only guy in the pen who can reliably soak up multiple innings.

      • BuccosFanStuckinMD
        June 26, 2015 3:43 pm

        I don’t disagree, but who else then – Volstad or Bastardo or someone else? Bastardo is a lefty, so that makes him more valuable than what his performance would suggest. Since we only have Watson as a LH reliever, I think we’re stuck with Bastardo for the balance of 2015.

      • Worley isn’t and shouldn’t be going anywhere. He’s our first, and really almost only, decent depth option at this point if a starter goes down!

  • This should signal the end of the Rob Scahill experiment.

    Give Guerra a chance to stick when Volstad goes back down in a few days and Decker is recalled. If he doesn’t, maybe it’s time to see if Holdzkom’s new-found control plays.

    • Scahill has been pretty damn solid this season. He’s had a couple bad outings, but nothing indicates that he needs to be sent back down at this point. More likely Volstad is going back down.

      • Can they do that? I thought a guy had to spend at least 10 days on the active roster after being recalled. Maybe that’s 10 days in the minors before being recalled. Something like that.

        If Volstad can be dropped right now, then yeah, that’s definitely the move to make.

        • It’s the latter. Volstad can be sent down, he just cannot be re-recalled inside of 10 days, unless there is an injury in Pittsburgh that forces someone to the DL.

          Scahill is definitely amidst a rough patch – his last two appearances, just about everything has been hit in the air except for Votto’s attempted bunt. He’s not getting the ball down effectively – Phillips’ dinger on a belt-high inside 93 MPH fastball a perfect example.

          I’m interested to get a look at Guerra against major league hitters. If he’s effective, and if Holdzkom continues improving, it’s going to be hard to make the case for Scahill to stay with the parent club.

        • I can’t see them dropping another position player to add to the pen, so it’s got to be Scahill or Volstad. And yes, you’re thinking of 10 days in the minors before you can be recalled. Guys are brought up for a day or two (e.g. spot starts) all the time, then returned to AAA. But you knew that, just had a brain cramp I’m guessing 🙂

          • volstad is just a placeholder he isn’t expected to stay- he will go down first……then i would guess scahill or deolis after that when/if scahill comes off the DL, supposing no other injuries

        • Thanks for the clarification, gents!

    • Scahill has done good for us, I think you need to pay attention to stats more.

      • Oh yeah, the stats. LOL.

        Is it that FIP around 4 or the double digit walk rate I’m supposed to be drooling over?

        • In all fairness, most relievers have an xFIP and FIP much higher than their ERA. But, yes, Scahill could be sent down and us not really lose much because the peripheral stats are not very good/promising.

        • No its the below 2.10 ERA he has.
          Caminero, Bastardo, Hughes, and Worley all have ERA’s higher than that.

          • Please keep using ERA as the center of your argument. It’ll be fun to watch the discussion as you use ERA as the basis of judging pitchers quality.

            • Smh, ERA is a valuable stat for a reliever. Sure it is not the best but it can still help prove who is the better pitcher and who deserves to be sent down. But since you don’t like ERA lets look at the right handed hitters average against our relievers (excluding Bastardo and Watson). Scahill has a .236 Caminero has a .211 Hughes has a .247 and Melancon has a .276 which is the highest. If you want to include our starters (excluding Liriano and Locke) Burnett has a .292 Cole has a .237 and Morton has a .244. I excluded the lefties because they have a harder time getting right handed hitters out. Back to my point here, Caminero is the only right handed pitcher that has a lower batting average against right handed hitters than Scahill.

              • ERA is a worse stats to use for a reliever than it is a SP. Im not arguing with anything else you said because thats stupid. ERA is most useless for a guy who throws less than 100 innings. Use FIP, xFIP, SIERA, or ANYTHING but ERA to judge relievers. One inning can drastically alter the ERA of a reliever.

      • 12 walks, 22 strikeouts, a slider that doesn’t generate many whiffs and opposing hitters crush when put in play.

        He had 7 meltdowns and 4 shutdowns. He was an interesting option but eminently replaceable.

        • Check his ERA, its not bad. A lot better than Locke, what is Locke’s shutdowns to meltdowns? Probably 1 shutdown and like 12 meltdowns.
          He has done better than most of our relievers

          • ERA isn’t a good measure of success for a reliever, that’s all we are saying. Its more or less considered modern fact at this point. That being said, I use ERA and combine it with inherited runner % to get a better idea because i still do see value in ERA. At the end of the day, I believe in a pitchers ability to get out of jams as a skill, rather than luck. GIven so, I could care less if he gives up a hit and a walk every time he is out there if he finds a way to not give up a run and/or the game. Unfortunately, Scahill has given up more than his share of close games in his short stay in pittsburgh so far

            • Scahill has the second lowest OBA against right handed hitters for all of our right handed pitchers. Caminero has the lowest at .211 and Scahill has a .236

    • eh, idk about that, but we’ll see

  • Side note this guy has been through a lot, going back to being a part of the Johan Santana trade. Congratulation Deolis! Another cool baseball success story.

  • A sick 12/6 curve strikeout of Eric Fryer video out there. Drops off the chandelier.

  • piraterican21
    June 26, 2015 12:52 pm

    This type of reliever, the off speed heavy pitcher might be the perfect compliment to this fastball heavy pen, I think he might stay longer than a few days

    • Yes, a little diversity wouldn’t be a bad thing and, honestly, I think it would have played well against the Reds…but that’s over and done with for now (thank god!)

      • i actually had just commented this exact same thing yesterday in regards to putting a fastball pitcher like caminero in when frazier was coming up.