Five Marauders Named to FSL All-Star Team

The Bradenton Marauders announced on Monday morning that five players from the team made the All-Star team. Catchers Jin-De Jhang, Reese McGuire, outfielder Austin Meadows, shortstop JaCoby Jones and RF/1B Jose Osuna all were named to the team. Osuna was promoted to Altoona, so he will be replaced on the roster.

Jhang is third in the league in average and has a .315/.352/.370 slash line. Jones, Osuna and Meadows rank 9th, 10th and 12th in the league in OPS, with each being the leader in their division at their position. McGuire hasn’t hit well with a .601 OPS, but he has thrown out 31% of base runners attempting to steal.

I mentioned the other day that the Marauders could be well represented on the All-Star team, but there were a couple differences between my list and the actual one. I didn’t think Osuna would be on it since he moved up, but that’s just an acknowledgement of his strong season and he’s holding a temporary roster spot. I also didn’t think McGuire would make the team because there were a lot of catchers in the league doing well, including the man splitting the catching duties with him on Bradenton. I also didn’t expect two catchers from the same team to make the All-Star roster.

I had Erich Weiss making the team, which seemed like an easy choice based on his stats and other second baseman in the league. I also had Clario Perez, who is pitching terrific in long relief this year. There will obviously be fill-ins, and a lot of the time they replace a player(Osuna in this case) with a teammate, so don’t be surprised if either(or both) Weiss and Perez end up on the team before the game on June 20th.

  • The Pirates seem to be well stock in the minors at the AA level.

  • BuccosFanStuckinMD
    June 8, 2015 10:06 am

    If Barnes and Ramirez were not injured, both would have been strong candidates as well. Weiss is very deserving, although I don’t know who all play the same position in the FSL and what their stats are in comparison.

    Two catchers from the same team making the All Star team (at any level), is rather odd and unique – especially when both have played for the same team, as opposed to one being called up, promoted, or injured part of the season. One can argue that McGuire isn’t deserving based on his hitting stats, but I don’t know who the other catchers are in the league.