Jameson Taillon Out With a Lower Ab Strain

Jameson Taillon was originally expected to start today in the Gulf Coast League, getting his first game in a box score since returning from Tommy John surgery. Instead, Clay Holmes got the start, with Taillon scratched. I reached out to Taillon, who said he is currently dealing with a lower ab strain, thus explaining why he isn’t starting today.

Taillon went five innings in extended Spring Training last week, and his five-day schedule would have lined him up to pitch today in the GCL. He told me last week that he expected to pitch in the GCL today, then move up to Bradenton for a few rehab starts, beginning on Sunday. No word yet on the timeline going forward or how long he will be out with this setback. I’ll update this article as I receive more information.

UPDATE 2:42 PM: The Pirates released the following statement.

“Jameson Taillon experienced lower abdominal discomfort after his last outing.  He will be held out of game activity until further notice.  We are in the evaluation process and will provide additional information as it becomes available.”

UPDATE 5:23 PM, by Nate Barnes: Caught up with Neal Huntington on the field during batting practice this afternoon.

“After his last outing he felt discomfort,” Huntington said. “We’re working through exactly how long and what the severity is. We’re working through the evaluation process.”

Huntington confirmed Taillon was scheduled for another outing, but not whether that outing was supposed to be with the GCL Pirates.

The Pirates sent out a release following Taillon’s last rehab outing Thursday saying he threw 74 pitches over five innings without issue. Huntington said today Taillon felt discomfort the next day and the soreness continued.


  • Brink reporting Volstad is with the Pirates, not added to the roster yet but with the team. Other reports seem to point toward the possible issue being something (no details at all) health related for Scahill. Brink quoting Hurdle as saying “brought in precautionary”.

  • Shudda taken Machado!


  • I expect this has a good chance to keep him out of Pittsburgh this year. No hernias or tears needed here.

  • BuccosFanStuckinMD
    June 23, 2015 2:17 pm

    And the beat goes on….remember when we thought we had a seemingly endless number of starting pitching options? Now, that’s changed pretty dramatically with injuries to Taillon, Kingham, Holmes, Cumpton. If Morton and/or Locke go South, who’s next man up – Sampson?

    • Worley I would think. As a 5th starter it’s not the end of the world.

    • PirateBall11
      June 23, 2015 3:06 pm

      It really underscores how laughable the “gut the farm for a lone veteran” cries are. The Pirates have some imminent holes that need filled and the system isn’t as deep, particularly in the upper levels, as the Pittsburgh media and casual fans seem to believe. They still need prospect volume due to natural attrition.

      • I was with you until the allusion that we arent super deep in the upper minors.

        Few teams roster a AAA team stacked with depth at all spot, but we have been able to withstand our 3 best SP depth options go down and not think “holy crap nothing is left”, and have options we could use at 3B/1B, a few OFers who could be okay role players, and a 2Bmen and C that are just plain good.

        AA is a long list of players that are good/top prospects at various spots. Certainly a few spots lacking in quality depth, but the upper levels dont lack of decent options at a ton of spots.

        • PirateBall11
          June 23, 2015 3:45 pm

          Yeah I should have clarified better, it’s probably not all that deep in terms of higher-ceiling players. I wouldn’t want to rely on Sampson and/or Sadler to replace Burnett and eventually Liriano, for instance. They’re great back-of-the-rotation depth but not really more than that.

          Same goes for players replacing Walker (even if it’s just as a really good super utility starter) and Alvarez — I don’t think there are many guys who could do that aside from Hanson and Bell who are close to the majors.

          I’ve seen Polanco mentioned as a trade candidate — I only see Willy Garcia as able to replace him and he carries a huge risk profile.

          So, while I think they could part with guys like Sampson or Ramirez or maybe even Meadows, there’s no way I’m considering trading Hanson or Glasnow or Taillon.

          A veteran will bring added payroll, which I’m not opposed to, but we are going to lose some pretty good players in the not-too-distant future so I wouldn’t want to start selling off some of the only potential, affordable replacement pieces.

          • It’s interesting to talk Polanco as a trade candidate. A year ago I would say hell no but right now to get the offense to another level, I would consider it.

            • I think trading a guy with Polanco potential for a “upgrade now” is the antithesis of what PIT wants to do. Agree or not, i’d just basically guarantee PIT doesnt move Polanco mid year this year.

  • Uhhh…Baseball players. If this was football he’d be out there…but I get it…they have 6.5 mil invested and he is immensely immportant to their future. It is what it is. An NFL running back would go out there with the same injury and run for 200 yards but different situation, different sport.

    • Thats generalizing pretty hardcore without knowing how serious the injury is. NFL arent without their share of “hamstring tightness” not playing weeks. That, and the fact that most healthy RBs dont rush for 200 yds.

      Gotta give hockey players credit, they play through stupid levels of hurt. Goalies with a groin pull, players with broken hands, etc.

    • John Dreker
      June 23, 2015 2:57 pm

      I’m pretty sure football players can get a little “help” that isn’t allowed under the strict baseball drug policy rules…make that a lot of help. Unless you believe the world is full of 250-300lb monsters that can run like track stars and bounce off each other all day, then carry on

      • Look at John with a little Outside The Lines commentary!!

        • John Dreker
          June 23, 2015 4:54 pm

          I’ve just seen the minor league drug list of what is illegal. A couple people told me, and I confirmed it with a GNC worker, that between 60-75% of what GNC sells over the counter, is on the banned list. The players bring the lists in with them and check it against products. It’s ridiculous. I don’t even know if one item at GNC is off limits for an NFL player but I’m going to guess the answer is no

      • In all fairness, John, there was PLENTY of steroid/hgh use in both the majors and minors previous to the drug testing. Also, the use was very common in college locker rooms as well…helped a lot of pitchers be able to recover quicker.

        • John Dreker
          June 23, 2015 4:51 pm

          Of course, but I’m talking today, not in the past. People talk about the players like Mays, Mantle and Aaron being clean and they were far from it, but if you think the NFL is anywhere as strict as MLB/MiLB, you haven’t seen the list of items that are illegal for baseball. It makes a mockery of the NFL list, probably NBA and NHL too since you almost never hear about PED suspensions. Just saying baseball crushes the other sports, but that also means the players should get some leeway when talking about playing injured

      • Yes. Strict. Thank god the MLB is a clean sport.

        • John Dreker
          June 23, 2015 8:08 pm

          I wouldn’t say it’s clean right now, I’m sure some players get around it. I’m just comparing it to other sports, where they obviously don’t do much and they are nowhere near as strict. I don’t follow any other sport close, but I know the suspensions for drugs/PED’s are ridiculously low. I also know the media doesn’t have a witch hunt for the other sports like baseball does and I think that is partially because no one cares if football players are juiced up. The all-time records are meaningless to most people, they just want the team they bet on to win at any cost. If they cracked down on drug use, it would kill the game. You would either have 90% of them suspended or all of a sudden, everyone would shrink 20-30 pounds and you would lose some speed/excitement and some of that toughness

      • I’m not trashing one sport over the other. I understand what they do in
        baseball compared to football…but football has a different
        culture…peds or not. It might be smarter for baseball players to heal
        up completely before they get back to work…but drugs or not football
        players play injured and a ridiculously higher rate. MLB players’ time
        lost due to pains and strains is comical compared to football. Of course
        50 years ago in the NFL they would test concussion game-readiness by
        making you do one on one blocking drills…so they have had a long way
        to come with the rockheads that play and especially coach the game.

        • John Dreker
          June 23, 2015 8:01 pm

          They do say baseball is a thinking man’s sport and not playing injured sounds smart. I think the strength of the baseball union might have something to do with that because baseball players back in the day were a lot tougher. You can’t find one player now that could handle a week of 1880 conditions. They might do good for a game or two, but after a week they would wave the white flag. Back then, you couldn’t play, you better be a star, otherwise you go home with no pay.

          If football had the same union as baseball then you would probably see some players sitting out here and there. There is also the fact that a football player can sit out for 13 days and miss one game, while that is basically a DL trip for a baseball player, so it looks worse. I also think football players are full of painkillers when they play, or just roid rage, who knows, maybe both. Either way, it helps not playing everyday and it helps having “advantages”. Those baseball players from the 60’s were getting up(pers) for the game in the dressing room all the time, so it’s hard to compare players now to then.

          • Brian Finamore
            June 23, 2015 9:49 pm

            It’s also important to remember that you’re talking about two completely different types of physical activity. Baseball may not have violent physical contact, but baseball players are sitting down and tightening up 9 times a game, they stand around for minutes at a time in the field, and then have to instantaneously make fast-twitch reactions or spring out of a batter’s box. And, they have to warm up and cool down their bodies daily as opposed to once a week, which may also have an effect on injury-proneness (not sure). As a result, I do think it’s more likely that a baseball player gets a pulled-muscle style of injury than a football player. That being said, there are also plenty of baseball players who are just wimps.

          • Whether one agrees with it or not and having played football and having some friends who played both football and baseball at relatively high levels I think starting as early as the high school level(or earlier) there is a culture in football that you play through pain if at all possible. And that is independent of any drugs/steroid use. It simply is part of the culture and instilled in most guys at a young age and I don’t necessarily agree with it all the time but I think that’s just the way it is. I am not advocating Taillon pitching through this or saying that would be a wise thing to do. But I think there’s more to football players playing dinged up than simply taking PEDs or steroids.

        • Football players also have laughable short careers at most positions. Certainly have guys playing 10 years, but that aint the norm…particularly for spots where you take the biggest hits.

  • Bad news, very bad news. They are going to need help for the rotation and as unlikely as Taillon may have been he was excellent emergency option to have. I really think we will be in trouble if we have to give more than one start to Sadler or Sampson

    • Really? That’s seems a little melodramatic. Taillon really couldn’t be counted on to contribute from day one this year…this is just a minor setback. Sadler pitched fine in one start and Sampson looks like a similar option. Plus they have Richards. Worley is still in the pen…they are hardly in a bad situation. More worisome to me is their situational hitting and lack of a cleanup hitter.

      • —–Sadler pitched fine in one start and Sampson looks like a similar
        option. Plus they have Richards. Worley is still in the pen…they are
        hardly in a bad situation.—–

        Ugh. All bad options for a stretch run. Need a trade.

        • You arent gonna get ideal options 8 men into your depth, but i think some combo of those names can be a serviceable 5th SP for teams. Unless a TOR arm goes down, our depth isnt ugly after already losing 2-3 of the better options to injury.

          • I think if anyone goes down for an extended period of time besides Locke it could be real dicey

            • Depends on when (for me). If we put distance between ourselves and SF/CHC for the wildcard and then Morton goes down, i think we can survive. There could be a situation where we arent gaining a ton on STL, but have a decent enough cushion for the WC where “needing” a trade for a SP doesnt actually net us value in terms of the division.

              Because in the playoffs, you use the 4th guy once per series at most. The need becomes much less profound.

  • If this could linger, this might make the chances that we see him in Pittsburgh even smaller.

  • Anyone ever have a lower ab strain and can comment?

    • Darkstone42
      June 23, 2015 1:17 pm

      Given how involved the core is in pitching, this might be an injury they want to rest a bit extra to be sure it doesn’t cause problems moving forward. I’ve never had this specific injury, but I can’t imagine it getting better while he’s throwing.

      • So the equivalent of an oblique strain for a hitter?

        • I think oblique tends to carry a slightly more “oh crap” connotation with it, but if a player tries to play through either they can get shelved for a month.

          Depending on severity of the ab strain, he might just be missing a week. From what i gather, one issue is that playing with a lower ab strain easily can cause a tear of muscle that makes it a longer recovery.

        • depends on how bad the strain is, it’s unbelievably painful, like a cramp that gets worse with every pitch. 2-3 weeks with no throwing, then probably another 2 weeks to get back where he is now…..

          • So literally we could be waiting a month to see him throw a pitch in the GCL? As an estimate?

          • Not a doctor, but i’ve seen players who had this that didnt feel the tightness/cramping until after the games (when it becomes very painful) and one guy who had minor discomfort that was out a total of 1.5 weeks.

            Per usual, without knowing more us fans are throwing darts in the dark.

            • Minor discomfort is usually reported as such, not a strain. Especially in the minors, but with Taillon’s high profile stature, i guess its possible

            • yep, exactly- as i said, depends on how bad the strain is.

    • Better question, does anyone here have abs capable of being strained?

      *doesn’t raise hand*

    • One time I entered this 2.5 pound burrito challenge…