Jameson Taillon took another step forward in his recovery from Tommy John surgery with another outing in extended spring training Monday in Bradenton. Clint Hurdle offered a positive update this afternoon.

“[Taillon] threw 47 pitches in four innings without problem, without incident,” Hurdle said. “So everything went well.”

The No. 2 overall pick of the 2010 Draft, Taillon underwent Tommy John surgery in April 2014 and is in the midst of a 12- to 18-month recovery period. The Pirates have not said how long Taillon will continue his rehabilitation stint in extended spring training, but Neal Huntington says the organization has a plan for the right-hander that will remain private to the club.

Taillon was ranked as baseball’s No. 28 prospect entering the 2015 season by MLB Pipeline and the Pirates’ second-best prospect behind Tyler Glasnow.

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  1. Hope Taillon can help us this year. I’ve never been sold on Morton, as I’ve let it be known. But I love his stuff when he’s having one of those games where’s he throws a couple behind the batter or holds onto it too long and throws it into the dugout. He’s just got a problem with adjusting when he doesn’t have his best stuff. I loved his first two starts. but his 3rd start is what he has been most of the time. I hope that was the off day and not his first two

  2. I hope that he gets an assignment to AAA shortly. He had 6 starts at Indy in 2013, and he could be a late season possibility in Pittsburgh (early to mid August) if he maintains velocity and command against stronger competition in AAA. If not, he will be a possibility for a September call-up

  3. Looks like Taillon will be a part of the rotation next year along with Glasnow. Maybe I will see the last of Morton and Locke.

    • “Maybe I will see the last of Morton and Locke.”

      I vote all in favor of that!!!

    • it’s still pretty early in his return from his most recent injury, but charlie morton may very well be the best #4 in all of baseball. I, for one, wouldn’t be so anxious to toss him on the trashpile

      • I would need to see a complete list of the #4’s in the league, but I have my doubts. Morton looks good for 2-3 starts, then he bombs out 1-2 starts, repeat. Too inconsistent, too injury prone, too fragile, too much of a nibbler for me.

        • Charlie doesn’t nibble, he just doesn’t have great control- Locke nibbles. You can tell because Locke generally misses by a relatively small amount and off the plate, charlie misses everywhere, and to differing degrees

      • While you may be right about morton being the best #4 in baseball, the problem is he has a long and storied track record both of being injured and of going off track, so before we anoint him as #1 among #4’s let’s see if he can stay on the field for more than 10 starts while being consistent.

        • I think the Mets consider Colon their #4. And when Matz comes up, Colon might go to #5. And let’s not forget Gio Gonzalez with Nats and whomever is currently considered the #4 for the Cards (it almost doesn’t matter, whomever it is is always pretty danged good).

          Chuck could get there. But we’ve already been waiting a long, long time.

          • Get where? To being a quality SP who 75% of teams would have in their rotation? Lord there is just no middle ground for those who hate Morton. Its either “fine he is great, super awesome ace are you happy now?” or “lets be honest, he never stays healthy and is garbage more often than he should be”.

            Charlie Morton is a quality back end rotation arm who has been that for multiple years while dealing with injury issues…but still throwing enough innings to be plenty useful.

        • Charlie Morton by year:
          2014: 26 starts
          2013:20 starts

          For the sake of brevity, imma stop there. So in the last 3 years he is highly likely to hit 20ish more years than not. That’d mean he stays mostly healthy the rest of the year into September after missing what he already has. So maybe we can realize that, while surely hurt, he isnt throwing only 10 starts a year. He will give you roughly 20 starts most years, and if he is the 4th option in your rotation its great.

            • 20 starts? Yeah, its a good chunk. Volquez pitched the entire season for us and finished at 32 i believe. AJ finished with 30 and 31 in his first two years as a Pirate. So Morton is missing roughly 10 starts a year. Not ideal, but certainly not the level that people, such as yourself, make it out to be. Morton is throwing the majority of most seasons.

              If Charlie Morton is gonna miss 10 starts a year, make the other 20, and throw as he has the last 3 years its a big win for the team and a massive win for his price tag. Particularly for a team with decent pitching depth that has options to cover short term fill in roles.

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