Minor Moves: Pirates Trade For John Bowker

The Pittsburgh Pirates have acquired outfielder John Bowker in a minor trade with the San Francisco Giants. He will join the Indianapolis Indians. You may remember Bowker as one of the guys acquired from the Giants a few years ago, along with Joe Martinez, in exchange for left-hander Javier Lopez.

Bowker has 622 plate appearances in the majors, with a .232/.283/.382 line. He had a .685 OPS with the Pirates in 96 plate appearances between 2010 and 2011. This year he had a .263/.304/.372 line in 148 plate appearances.

No word yet on the return in the deal or any corresponding moves, but Ryan Palencer reports that Bowker is currently taking batting practice with the Indians.

Update 6:52 PM: First baseman Hunter Morris has been placed on the disabled list to make room for Bowker.

  • The pirates organization needs another outfielder? Ok, i give up, my wtf meter just blew up and ruined my best shirt.

  • I bit off topic and i’m sorry but did anyone hear what some of the Brewers were saying about Morton? 1 said that Morton had the best stuff he’s seen all year. another said his sinker is far and away the best in baseball. It’s dropping a foot they said. I’ve been a Morton basher for a couple years now. Knew he had the electric stuff just never though he could put it all together. Let’s see if he can make it last. If he emerges as a TOR starter the Cardinals are going to be caught if everyone stays healthy

  • BuccosFanStuckinMD
    June 11, 2015 9:00 pm

    Would have preferred to see Bell called up to play first base, instead of trading for a retread with no future value. Morris was hitting below the Mendoza line, so I would hope when Lambo comes back, he and Bowker will both be let go.

    • I think it’s reasonable to assume Bowker is only renting 1B month to month.

    • Bell needs to get 500 AB’s at AA Altoona and follow the paths of McCutchen and Walker. Polanco was moved too quickly and imo it hurt him. Let the power develop. promote him late in the year. Take your time with him next year as well/ He’s also learning first base.

  • Henry Schulman from San Fran reported it as the dreaded ptbnl or cash considerations.

  • Keith Kupferschmid
    June 11, 2015 5:39 pm

    With Barrios added and an already crowded outfield at AAA I wonder if a trade is on the horizon. Don’t the Indians now have two extra players on the roster?

    • 3, counting Liz, who hasn’t reported yet. Prediction: Hunter Morris goes away, Balester is re-assigned and someone in the bullpen develops a lower body injury.

  • FWIW, Bowker has played almost exclusively at 1B this year for the Giants’ AAA affiliate, and spent 3 years in Japan playing a mix of corner OF and 1B. At first glance, he looks like the replacement for Hunter Morris’ desiccated remains.

    • That is what I was wondering

      • Wouldn’t surprise me at all if one Tabata, Broxton or Rojas gets traded

        • My guess, Hernandez. He may have
          more value to the Giants..

          By the way, I know Lambo is on the DL.
          How long does a bad foot take.
          If he was healthy and ready to go this
          trade would probably not be necessary.

          • The Giants’ AAA roster is full (just got a guy back from the DL). I don’t think anyone is going back in this trade, and certainly not one of the above mentioned, who you would think could return better than a 31 year-old AAA backup 1B in return. Really, the Pirates did the Giants a favor by taking Bowker off their hands.

          • I have had Plantar Fascitis it is NOT an easy ailment to get over. Zimmerman for Wash now has it.

            Google it sometime…it is a pain in the…………foot!

        • I hope Broxton doesn’t get moved. I like that kid.

  • Why? Kind of an older version of Andrew Lambo. I guess since Nate Schierholtz is playing in Japan, John Bowker would be the alternative 31-year old, Left-handed, Outfielder and former Giants farmhand.

  • does he have a 1st base glove?

    • Michael Sanders
      June 11, 2015 6:46 pm

      I heard Bell does.

      • But . . . . but . . . . We cannot expect the Pirates to move a kid who batted .335 in over 300 AB’s at Hi A and now .314 in over 300 AB’s at AA, and who is currently leading the team in RBI’s and has a W/K Ratio of 27/23. Who can make any sense of that? He is in his age 23 season and so far we have had re-treads like Morris, Morel, and now Bowker playing 1B at AAA. Hard to measure stupidity like that.

        • Really? They’ve chosen to take a conservative approach to developing players, and it seems to be paying off. I can’t believe anyone would be calling this organization stupid right now.

          • b: The conservative approach is fine when there is not a need at a position, such as an outfielder or a middle infielder right now. But, at 1B we have a very short comfort period, and this kid has obviously put the numbers up to deserve a promotion to AAA. We should have somebody at AAA getting prepared for the next level, and we have nothing-cubed at AAA at 1B.

            • I’m sure they plan on him being in the majors next June, so I expect them to promote accordingly.

        • The fact that your average high school kid playing quad A ball is better defensively than Bell at first base is obviously no concern to you