Pirates Announce Ten Draft Signings

The Pittsburgh Pirates officially announced ten draft signings on Thursday afternoon, bringing the total to 19 draft picks signed. Earlier today, we reported that Logan Sendelbach, John Bormann, Scooter Hightower and Jordan George all agreed to deals and they were among the ten players officially announced today. Ty Moore was also announced here last night, and Nathan Trevillian agreed to a $250,000 over-slot deal a few days ago. Logan Ratledge also signed a couple days ago, but wasn’t announced until today.

The new names from the Pirates today are seventh round pick 3B Mitchell Tolman, 11th round pick catcher Christian Kelley and 25th round pick RF Logan Hill. No bonuses were announced. The draft pick tracker has been updated. You can find player pages for all ten players on the tracker. There are still multiple players that have reportedly agreed to deal, but not yet been made official. Among them is third round pick Casey Hughston, as well as 16th round pick Nick Hibbing, 26th rounder Shane Kemp and 28th round pick Albert Baur.

George, Bormann and Sendelbach will report to Bristol. Trevillian will start in the GCL and the rest will be with Morgantown.

In other draft news, 23rd round pick Jake McCarthy ha decided to attend college.




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The loss of McCarthy sucks, for sure.


McCarthy was a loss – he had obvious potential…if he is as good as his brother, he may be a first or second rounder in 2-3 years….

Patrick Kelly

John/Tim, any idea why Logan Hill didn’t get picked until the 25th round? Everything in his profile screams top 10 round pick.

Patrick Kelly

Ahh didn’t realize that he was 22. That would probably explain it.


Seems like they’re getting a lot of these guys signed pretty quickly. That’s good, and in time for the short-season leagues starting up, too.


Dark: The one to really watch is going to be Casey Hughston. He hit .332 overall for Alabama, but anyone who knows how these schedules are drawn up, knows to look just at the conference games because the SEC is strong top to bottom every year in future MLB pitchers. For 2015 the numbers I am seeing for him in the SEC have me scratching my head and wondering if I am seeing the right numbers.

120 AB’s, .208 batting average, 3 total extra base hits- all HR’s, 12 RBI’s, 13 Walks/35 K’s. Could he have a brother on the team and I am picking up the wrong numbers?


Hughston looks like a tools pick, a little less polished than a lot of college guys, but with pretty massive upside. They took a lot of guys with high floors and limited ceilings in this draft, and Hughston represents a pick on the other end of the spectrum.

But even with the poor SEC performance, he showed he has the ability to hit on the season overall, so it’s in there. The Pirates must feel confidence they can get it to come out consistently.


Probably our youngest college draftee; well put together and has LH power. Decided to go deeper and found that in 2014, as a Freshman, he was second on the Alabama team in SEC batting average at .309. Very little patience at the plate. Lets hope all of that added together means a lower than slot signing and, as you say, not such a high floor, but a high ceiling.

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