Pirates Promote Gorkys Hernandez, DFA Jose Tabata

With the concern with Andrew McCutchen from yesterday and the need for another outfielder, the Pittsburgh Pirates will call up outfielder Gorkys Hernandez from Indianapolis. Information on the transaction came via various sources on Twitter and was confirmed this morning.

In his second stint with the Pirates organization, Hernandez has found the stroke at the plate to go with his strong defensive prowess.

While there was some speculation that Jaff Decker would be the outfielder who got the promotion, it appears that Hernandez was the selection instead.

With Indianapolis this season, Hernandez hit .275 with a .775 OPS. This included 12 doubles, three triples and five home runs.

Hernandez spent some time in 2012 with the Pirates, but was only able to hit .083 before being included in the Gaby Sanchez deal to the Marlins. While he hit .212 there, he was not able to stick.

I spoke with Hernandez earlier in the season, who discussed his new swing and approach. This has been a key to his progression and ultimately his call up.

After having a career year with Indianapolis, Hernandez will get another shot with the Pirates. The speed and defense has been there all along and is still present this year at a big league level. The only question is whether the offense has progressed enough for him to stay.

The corresponding roster and 40 man move is unclear at this point.

UPDATE 11:14 AM: Jose Tabata has been designated for assignment, so there is the corresponding move for the active and 40-man roster. Tabata will certainly go unclaimed, and will be outrighted to Indianapolis. It also appears that there will be another move, since Chris Volstad was clearing out his locker. – Tim

UPDATE 12:05 PM: Steve Lombardozzi will be the other guy coming up for the corresponding move for Volstad. The set of moves means that the Pirates no longer have an extra bullpen arm. Also, as I noted on Twitter earlier, today marks the first time that Gorkys Hernandez, Jeff Locke, and Charlie Morton have all been on the Pirates together. All three were acquired in 2009 in the Nate McLouth trade. It’s fitting that this comes against the Braves, with Locke pitching. – Tim

UPDATE 12:49 PM: The Pirates have officially announced the moves. – Tim

  • Should be interesting to see what our batting line-up looks like vs Detroit.
    Does Pedro DH? Does Hernandez DH ad bat 9th? My guess is that
    McCutcheon DH’s again one day to rest his body and Hernandez starts

  • It may be a minor thing (no pun intended) but Tabata could be very useful in Cards series. For whatever reason, Marte sucks vs Cards (except Lynn), while Tabata does seem to get on base vs Wacha & Martinez (SSS noted).

    Polanco has also done well vs. Cards, so maybe that series will be the breakout we’ve been waiting for.

  • I am going to order my world series tickets now that Gorky Park was promoted to the parent club. From the FWIW department, the Pirates will get to face Verlander in the opener in Detroit.

  • Just saw today’s lineup, and it’s a major indictment of Walker that they opted to start Gorkys with Cutch out. With the abundance of infielders, I would rather see Harrison out there in RF, get Kang in at 3B, and Walker back in at 2B hoping he works out of his funk. This boils down to Gorkys over Walker. Albeit, Walker has been horrendous against against LHP’s this year is a small sample size.

  • I’ve always thought Gorkys looked the part, good size, good tools, but obviously the results haven’t been there. If he can provide the bat, he could be a really good 4th outfielder.

    I feel bad for Tabata, but at least he’s getting paid!

  • Must be Steve Lombardozzi

  • Wilbur Miller
    June 28, 2015 11:19 am

    Looks like Tabata is dfa’d and Volstad is heading out, too. Somebody else must be coming up. Holdzkom?

  • Time to go to gorky park and watch the swings.

  • The interesting part to me is in Gorkys’ career in a small sample he has not graded out as a good cf…but we know he is fast at least. For 3-4 days I guess it doesn’t matter much.

  • I’d rather have Decker and put him in RF, lead him off and see what we have.

    Gorkys is Felix Pie all over again.

  • I am a little surprised that he got the call rather than Decker, but Hernandez might have been the best defensive outfielder I have seen come through AA from the Pirates’ organization. Marte, Polanco and Garcia were the closest at that level. Chris Duffy could really go get the ball but didn’t have an arm like those mentioned.

    • Was Polanco really that good defensively? Watching him at the big leaguer level is torture. Is it the transition to RF?

      • He hasn’t looked good anywhere…at the plate, on the base paths or LF/CF/RF.

        • I think it is just hype that prospects get. He has the arm, the range, and speed to be a great OF…the reads and angles have not been there yet. Prospects often get talked up as great fielders just because of raw tools…in reality, it takes a lot of work to be a consistent guy at the MLB level. I think Polanco can get better but I’m not sure he will ever be an elite guy out there.

          • Somewhat off topic but I do think Jordy Mercer hitting will help the top of the lineup. (Harrison and Polanco) With Mercer struggling so badly all year I think you have a situation with both the 8 & 9 spot being a black hole…Now you have a guy getting on base and a guy for pitchers to bunt over and put a little stress on the guy on the mound…and more importantly maybe the guys at the top will get a few more pitches to hit in a few more situations. Polanco is one nice 10 day stretch from getting his season untracked…I keep waiting for it to come. I really think it will but he definitely is just doing ok and getting by so far. He is just barely good enough to keep his job right now.

          • Brain must engage before feet.(or hands or for that matter anything else)

          • It looks to me that he still hasn’t grown into those long legs and know what to do with them. We’ll see if he ever does.

        • Polanco is batting .161 career vs lefties with a .417 OPS…starting to look like Pedro Jr. He’s only 23 but it is troublesome. With Pedro’s defense and Polanco’s all-around mediocre play I am happy their record is as good as it is. I feel like a decent trade for a hitter will really improve the lineup. Travis Snider isn’t setting the world on fire but he is better defensively and offensively than Polanco…and he hangs in vs lefties. I’m not trashing the fo for the Snider deal…but damnit I knew he would be needed as the #4 out there. Especially for a team that you know will comptete…Snider is a tough, winning ballplayer and great guy to have in the clubhouse.

      • Polanco was rushed to the Pirates and was in over his head. Polanco’s mistake was not accepting the contract that the Pirates offered. He won’t get a second one as he appears to be trade bait.