The Pittsburgh Pirates have drafted high school third baseman Ke’Bryan Hayes with the 32nd pick in the 2015 draft. The pick was first reported by JJ Cooper of Baseball America.

The Pirates are thin on third base prospects in their system, and Hayes looks like a guy who could stick there. That wasn’t always the case, as he had to drop 20 pounds to be considered a third baseman. He’s got a plus arm, and a good glove, although he lacks range, and that could be an issue if he adds too much weight to fill out his frame. The Pirates will give him every opportunity to stick at third base, and he really has no competition in the lower levels to move him off the position, as he will be behind guys like Wyatt Mathisen and Jordan Luplow. The Pirates also stress athleticism in their system, so I think they will put a focus on keeping Hayes in shape to play third base, especially since he has done a good job of taking that initiative himself in high school.

Offensively, Hayes has good bat speed and is a line drive hitter who could add some power as he fills out. Keith Law was one of the highest on him, ranking him 24th overall, and saying he profiles as a glove-first third baseman who can provide value with the bat, calling him an everyday player.

This is the pick that they received as compensation for losing Russell Martin to free agency. Hayes is the son of former MLB third baseman Charlie Hayes, who played for the Pirates in 1996.

Ke’Bryan Hayes’ Player Page

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  1. I don’t get the resistance to picking signable guys. The Pirates will end up spending pretty much every dime the rules allow them to. They just believe it is better to spread the money around. I’ll bet you guys complaining about this were livid when they signed Marte and Polanco and ecstatic when they gave Heredia $1.6 million. Think about that.

  2. I guess I will be the dissenter here as I don’t like this pick either. Billed as probably the “easiest to sign” ( draft video) of the Texas draftees or some such. Do I need to say more?

        • so…. you don’t like the pick because this player won’t potentially cost the Pirates every penny to sign? OK then. Moving on

          • No, I don’t think he was the best player available at the time and gave the reason for why I thought they signed him. Frankly, I dislike the top 3 picks for a host of reasons to long to go into, and I disagree with Tim that the team drafted the best players available. Those are my thoughts and opinions, and we are entitled to them here.

            • Yes you are entitled to your opinion and you’ll never hear me fuss about it. I would suggest making more complete posts instead of just assuming we all agree with an unstated opinion about the Pirates draft

  3. Seems like 2 solid picks. So much for going pitcher, pitcher…just goes to show hard to predict who a team will draft.

  4. Ok, now Mike Matuella at 62…who gets comps to our very own Tyler Glasnow. If he can stay healthy that’s some lofty praise.

  5. I like this pick a lot!

    In fact, if Hayes was picked at #19, I would have been okay with it. He profiles at a position of need, offers some power potential, and if he becomes even close to the player his old man was, we will have a very solid 3B in 3-5 years.

  6. Love it! Filling needs! Good players, both of them. No more hoarding pitchers, outfielders, and catchers with the early rounds – Now we can turn to projectable righties if you wish…..

  7. I like this pick, too. Whole-body swing with good hands, great defender at third, could be a nice Major Leaguer in five or six years.

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