The Pittsburgh Pirates have signed five more draft picks, according to a team press release. They signed outfielder Casey Hughston (3rd round); right-handed pitchers Jacob Taylor (4), Chris Plitt (14), Nick Hibbing (16); and first baseman Albert Baur (28). Hughston, Hibbing, and Baur will go to Morgantown, while Taylor and Plitt will pitch in the GCL.

The Pirates now have all of their top ten round picks signed, with the exception of fifth round left-handed pitcher Brandon Waddell, who is currently pitching for UVA in the College World Series. My guess is that he will sign right after his season is over, and I’m also guessing the Pirates have a good idea of his price tag. No word yet on bonuses for the other guys.

The big guys here are Hughston and Taylor, since they are top five round picks. Taylor is one of the most interesting arms in the draft, and I’m looking forward to seeing him a lot in the GCL this year. Both he and Plitt were signed out of the JuCo ranks. For information on all of the players, check out the Draft Pick Signing Tracker, which features links to their player profiles. The Pirates have now signed or agreed to deals with 25 players that we know about, and that includes 16 of their first 17 picks.

UPDATE 8:57 PM: Jim Callis reports that the Pirates signed Jacob Taylor for over-slot.

The Pirates now have $105,900 remaining for over-slot deals, assuming the deals for Hughston, Tolman, Sendelbach, and the eventual deal for Waddell are all at slot. They could still create more money with those signings.

UPDATE 9:05 PM: Callis says that Hughston signed for $700,000, which is also above slot.

That puts the running tally at negative $1,200, and still leaves three deals unannounced. Two of those players have signed, so we will see if there is more money on the way.

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  1. Keith Law had mentioned that Taylor had signability questions. That’s not near as bad as I thought it would be.

  2. They seem to have had a good read on who they could sign. Now we will find out if they had an equally good read on who could develop.

    I think that they got some potentially good starting pitchers in Taylor, Waddell, Economos, and Irwin, and McGarry looks like a candidate to join the pen in a year or two.

    I am very excited about Kevin Newman; I think he could end up being a very solid 2B, and there’s still a chance he could stick at SS. You also have to see the scouting video on Kevin Kramer from LH hitting infielders are always valuable, and he looks like he might find a way to the majors somehow. It will also be interesting to see what becomes of OF’s Casey Hughsston and Logan Hill.

  3. Glad to see Hughston and Taylor in the fold – they both appear to have a lot of raw athletic ability and potential and could end up being really good prospects.

  4. It’s still way too early, but I’m excited about this draft! I see some future PTBNL’s in this draft class.

    • You are such an optimist. I hope you don’t give yourself a concussion on your ceiling while you are jumping for joy.

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