According to Cory Giger, the Pittsburgh Pirates have promoted outfielder Willy Garcia to Indianapolis.

Sean McCool had an update on Garcia yesterday, noting how well he has been hitting lately, while also reducing the strikeouts. Neal Huntington indicated in that article that a promotion for Garcia was close, and obviously it came much sooner than a lot of people anticipated.

The promotion for Garcia will add to a crowded outfield in Indianapolis. Keon Broxton was promoted a few weeks ago, and joined Jaff Decker, Gorkys Hernandez, and Mel Rojas Jr. It will be even more difficult for the Pirates to find time for all of these guys going forward, although I’m guessing Garcia will get the priority as a 40-man guy.

I’m not sure if there will be a corresponding move from Bradenton, although I’ll find out later today. Altoona also recently promoted Angel Sanchez to Indianapolis, so¬†multiple guys could be making their way up from Bradenton soon.

UPDATE: Mel Rojas has been demoted to Altoona as the corresponding move. Ryan Palencer looks at the struggles from Rojas.

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  1. I’m feeling NW on the move. NH made the popularity comment, Walker hasn’t played in 2 games with no reason and Huntington talking up Hanson. All fits.

  2. It’s a pat on the back for a job well done, and serves to build the confidence and self image of the ballplayer. Regardless of whether we do or do not need another OF at AAA, he has played well enough at AA to be promoted.

  3. Hart reminds me of a pitcher when he hits. It’s all arms, like a Little Leaguer. It is sad. I’m not sure if all of our AAAA outfielders in Indy are the solution either. Also, did anyone see Locke’s pained expression when he was sent to the bullpen yesterday. He was obviously not a happy camper. I found that interesting.

  4. Barrett Barnes would be the logical one to go to Altoona, while Escobar or Suiter could take his spot in Bradenton….

    Please DFA Hart now!

    • This would probably make the most sense unless I’m overlooking someone. No reason to rush Ramirez or Meadows.

      • Yeah if they still view Barnes as a prospect, he probably belongs in AA age-wise. Especially as a bat-first LF prospect — it’s not like JaCoby Jones where they’re trying to teach him to play SS.

    • Barnes make sense, he could replace Garcia in cf, I want to say Ramirez, he’s capable of playing cf and is barely getting challenge at the plate in Hi A, but that would be an ultra aggressive move

    • Although I would love to see Hart go I think they’re going to keep him to get him playing time against the lefties coming up. I’d like to see Decker or Hernandez take his place. I have almost no confidence in Hart despite his pinch hits. I don’t know how he does it. He looks lost up there.

      • Yeah, I think the next few days are basically his sink or swim time. If he doesn’t do anything with all these lefties coming up, he’ll be gone. He’s not hit enough to compensate for his complete lack of defensive ability and versatility, and he’s clearly fallen out of favor with Hurdle, no longer even finding himself as the first pinch-hitter lately.

        • Bank on it, he is already sunk. It’s a shame, I hated to see him coming up to bat 3-4 years ago.

          • Yeah, he was something for that few-year stretch for Milwaukee. But bad knees will bring a career in sports to a halt pretty quickly. They’re kind of important, after all.

      • I also think they might want another lefty on the bench. They replaced Lambo with Tabata, so now their bench is a lot more right-handed, I think, than they prefer. It’s been a bit of a problem late in games, too, not having a left-handed pinch hitting option.

        • Hart was ostensibly brought in to be the RH platoon 1B to avoid overexposing Toro to lefties, and otherwise to be a power RH PH bat off the bench. The ideal scenario, of course, would be to replace him with someone else who can at least fake those attributes, but alas no one at Indy really fits the bill. The “Tony Sanchez, backup 1B” experiment ended after a handful of games last year, and you would think with the spaghetti noodle bat Hunter Morris was wielding before his “ankle injury” and the jerry-rigged job share Indy is deploying with Sanchez and Elias Diaz, there would be motivation to at least see if that could work out. That it hasn’t been resurrected suggests it’s just a non-starter.

          I’m not against a LH PH as replacement, but that does pretty much force Sean Rodriguez into Hart’s role, which limits the value of Rodriguez’s positional flexibility. In which case maybe the answer is to bring up Lombardozzi, who has been playing all over the diamond for Indy, and is a contact-oriented hitter that can take an occasional walk, which is not the worst thing for a team that has a lot of swing and miss to it.

          What is clear is that AAA is bereft of 1B depth options, and with Lambo on the shelf I really don’t want to contemplate what happens if Pedro has to go on the DL.

          • I feel a lot of people are split on Pedro. You either hate him because he never turned out to be what he was supposed to be or you back him because you don’t like the bashing. I’m actually in the middle. He is what he is – our best option at first right now. Nothing against S Rod but if Pedro goes down at first for something longer than 15 days we have issues. Real issues. Rodriguez works well as the utility guy and defensive replacement but full time 1B would be rough. They’re pretty good everywhere else with regards to injuries. Really speaks to the depth.

      • New information has come to light. Hart is not in the lineup today against the lefty. That does not bode well for him, I think.

  5. Haven’t heard much on Rojas all season and his slash line doesn’t look great. Is he falling out of favor as a possible 4th outfielder in the majors? Have Broxton and even Garcia jumped ahead of him on the depth chart?

    • don’t think Rojas was ever seen by the BMTIBB as a #4 outfielder in Pittsburgh. The Pirate could use a better approach to Asset Management though – thought they screwed up with Lambo – and if Rojas was never seen as someone who could make the 25 man then he should have been moved two years ago – the ABs that he has used up in that period are valuable and could have been used to develop other possible contributors instead of wasting them on AAAA roster depth.

      My fave right now in light of what they seem to need is Osuna – why not give him a shot at 1st base for two weeks and see if he can continue to make great contact – can always send him back to Indy or Altoona if that doesn’t work out. Hart is toast and should be DFAd – yesterday.

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