Francisco Cervelli Leaves Game With Discomfort in Right Wrist

Francisco Cervelli left tonight’s game in the bottom of the seventh inning after favoring his right hand. The Pirates announced that Cervelli left the game with discomfort in his right wrist.

This isn’t good news, all previous injuries aside. It seems like this is becoming a nightly occurrence where a player leaves the game early. It happened to Francisco Liriano on Saturday, Jordy Mercer on Sunday, and Cervelli tonight. In this case, Cervelli has been huge for the Pirates this year, and losing him would be a big loss.

No word yet on whether the Pirates will actually lose him, since he is currently being treated and evaluated. Chris Stewart has been having a good year as the backup, but that’s still a downgrade from Cervelli. If the Pirates do have to make a DL move here, then it would be interesting to see who they’d pick between Elias Diaz and Tony Sanchez for the guy to come up from Triple-A. But that’s getting ahead of the situation.

More updates will be provided as soon as we receive them.

  • If they plan to bring up a catcher to primarily sit and maybe catch once a week, then I would say Sanchez. If they Bring Diaz up, they have to play him 2-3 times a week to see what he can do.

  • The organization has been crowing about the minor league system for awhile…guess it’s time to see what we’ve got…

    and, if the Morel call-up was any indication, I suppose it’ll be Sanchez who gets the nod over Diaz.

    • And there’s nothing wrong with that IMO. Tony has proven he’s not overmatched by MLB pitching and he at least has some familiarity with the staff. If we were talking about a backup for a full season, then sure, Diaz is in that conversation. But for a 15 day DL stint, IMO, Tony is better suited to step in and contribute, errors and all.

      • I pretty much agree with all of this. Long term, I’m a big Diaz fan and think he’ll have his day but there’s no rush. In the meantime hopefully this is all a moot point and Cervelli is back in on Wed.

  • It is always discomfort of some sort. Stewart is better defensively, Cervelli is a starter because of his offense. If it something longer term improve the offense in other areas, notably 1B.

    • And even that offense is mostly a BABIP illusion.

      • I don’t know if I would say his defense has been poor though, especially consider his pitch framing.

      • Which is irrelevant, IMO, until there’s a discussion of a contract extension. Besides, Cervelli has had a BABIP between .315 – .408 in every year where he’s had 100+ ABs. He’s at .351 right now with a career .335. Based on his history I would not assume a significant regression.

        Stewie might be one of the better situational hitters on the team. For a guy with zero power and not noted for offense, he has surprisingly few unproductive ABs with runners on.

        If Bucs do have to call someone up, it should be Tony. I can live with the fielding for a week or two. I simply think he’s better suited to step in and contribute on an as needed basis.

        • Irrelevant?

          Through May 31st, Cervelli was hitting .326/.395/.409 with 8%BB and 20%K.

          From June 2nd until now Cervelli has hit .239/.315/.339 with 8%BB and 19%K.

          The difference? A .412 BABIP during the former and a .281 BABIP during the latter.

          Never, ever should be confident in a guy being an extreme BABIP performer unless you’re talking about a huge sample. Cervelli isn’t anywhere close.

          • We’ll see. If Cervelli was at any other position besides C – and one who seems to be a magnet for getting nicked – I’d more readily buy into your point. If he continues to trend downward for the rest of the year, I’ll cede your point.

          • Doubling down on the Pirates misread the off season catching market, eh?

            I was just looking at what Cervelli would do rest of season, league average or slightly above offensively seems reasonable, which is much better than Stewart would be expected to do. I wouldn’t call .351 BABIP from a career .335 BABIP hitter an illusion but that is just semantics.

            Overall point Pirates can survive the recent injuries if some offensive improvements, internal or external in other areas.

      • The illusion would be him trying to maintain it long term. His results are facts. He has been succesful overall making contact and in clutch situations, period.

    • Stewart is better defensively overall, but when Stewart makes a mistake, its rushing a SB attempt and it ends up in center field 9 times out of 10. Stewart has WAY too many throwing errors for a backup catcher with his amount of playing time

      • Chris Stewart is one of the better catchers in the game at controlling runners as rated by Defensive Runs Saved. I think you are overvaluing one portion of catcher defense.

        • I’m overvaluing the detriment of 2 base errors to winning a baseball game? ok….

        • Not sure how its possible that i’m over valuing that portion when i begin my statement by saying stewart is better defensively overall.

          • Because despite these memorable throwing errors, he rates well when the entirety of his contributions to throwing out runners and preventing them from attempting steals in the first place is considered.

            • Every throwing error he’s made except 1 this year, came on plays where he had zero chance of throwing out the runner. That is not acceptable and has nothing to do with the other good things he does. It isn’t like he needs to make those errors in order to throw out the other runners. As I stated twice- he is a better overall defensive catcher, but that does not excuse those plays, you CAN’T have that in a playoff game, or against the Cardinals or Cubs in the pennant race, you just can’t

  • Wow I’m devastated that Corey Hart is transformed to 60 day DL. Just when he started to look good in his rehab. This is all Travis Sawchicks fault. I wonder if Raul Mondesi is available?

  • Let’s just see what the injury is before all heck breaks loose, from what little could be seen of cervelli in the dugout it looked more precautionary than anything else.

  • I blame Travis Sawchick for writing the article complimenting Pirates on staying healthy. Can you say JINX!

  • And the hits just keep on coming…maybe we should talk more about how great our training staff is and how we don’t have injuries! (Anyone believe in the jinx?).

    Stewart would be the catcher tomorrow for Cole anyways…but that means an even SHORTER bench and no backup catcher. Maybe you send Boscan down and bring up Diaz or Sanchez as a precaution.

  • The plot thickens

  • Oh no…. Not now.