Gregory Polanco was removed from this afternoon’s game in Minnesota due to discomfort in his left knee. He was replaced in right field by Jaff Decker in the fourth inning.

In the top of the third, Polanco hit a ground ball to the first baseman and went to second on an error by Ervin Santana, who could not handle the ball covering first base. As he made his typical long strides towards first, he appeared to begin limping, and the limping only got worse as he rounded the base and going into second.

Clint Hurdle spoke to the media in Minnesota after the game.

“I think he actually might of aggravated it a little bit last night with the play he made to the wall,” Hurdle said, “not hitting the wall, but I think the route he had to take to get to the wall. He had trouble getting it loose today, so rather than him pushing, we got him out right away. We’ll re-evaluate again tomorrow.”

I spoke with Polanco this past Sunday after the Pirates home win against Washington. He had his knee heavily wrapped after the game, and I asked him how it was feeling then. At that time, he was limping some, but he said that his knee did not feel too bad.

“It’s a lot better,” Polanco said, “but I have to keep icing it, because if it’s getting better, I have to take care of it. There’s no swelling. It was a little bit sore, but I just have to take care of it.”

Obviously, Polanco has been dealing with knee pain for some time now, and all signs point to him re-aggravating an old injury. We will provide any new information as it becomes available.


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  1. Hopefully it’s not serious as polanco was just rounding into form. Kids got talent no doubt and once his hands figure out what his legs are doing it’s gonna be fun to watch.

  2. My wish list, and it’s not a huge one or impossible….Marlon Byrd, Mike Napoli, and Jim Johnson with Holdzkom also taking a pen spot two lefty masher and another 7/8/9th inning arm

    • We need another starter who will go 7 innings and give up 3 or less runs. That’ll automatically upgrade the bullpen and make the need for a reliever null and void. Let’s aim for the stars with our wish lists.

        • I think acquiring the three players I mentioned brings back more WAR than let’s just say David Price would and at the same price or less for 3 players instead of 1

          • Honestly Jared this is a pretty good “Wish List” IMO. Love Napoli, still hits lefties, and will be cheap. Johnson, an exteme ground ball relief pitcher with a good ERA and FIP. Byrd is league average, should be an upgrade, and should be cheap. Except he won’t accept a trade unless his $8mil vesting option for next season is guaranteed. No thanx.

            I think it’s actually debatable if these 3 guys could equal Price, but they sure would be cheaper, and address some real needs.

            • The reason I say “more valuable” is because I figure that the way these guys would play: Johnson replacing Caminero/Bastardo in leverage situations…Byrd vs Polanco vs lefties, and Napoli versus Ishikawa, Rodriguez, and Pedro versus lefties and pinch-hits/defensive replacement…in total I think in those situations the WAR from these players would skyrocket compared to what our WAR would have been alternatively….maybe more even than David Price replacing Charlie Morton

              • You make good points Jared. Obvious holes being filled by league average or better would be a nice upgrade for the whole team.

            • Can Byrd actually veto a trade on this basis? With his injury he has nowhere near the qualifying at bats to vest the option. Does he have a stand alone no trade clause? Byrd, Napoli and the best late inning arm available plus a healthy Holtzkom would be great. It looks like more pitchers are being offered than there are buyers right now. Bucs may find an opportunity for a good starter on Friday afternoon, at a reasonable price.

        • Haha… touche… let me rephrase. I’d prefer someone better than Charlie Morton pitching every 5 days down the stretch. I currently have more faith in Locke than Morton. Ideally, it would be someone better than AJ and at least as good as Frank The Tank.

          • Ideally we all would, but that’s not realistic. In the last of realistic returns for our investment- we have about the best mix we are going to have this year

          • If you are expecting that every start – yes that level of performance and consistency is. Those stats are the ones you get from #1 starters for about the last 15-20 years.

  3. I’ll take Josh H.. Need him to get back healthy. I think Bastardo/Guerra experiment has played itself out. Liz looks like a better option. Scahill/Holdzkom as the other replacemnt

    • How the hell could Scahill and Holdzkom replace those two right now ? Scahill is in Florida attempting to pitch in live games and Holdzkom just got back to the Indian’s roster.

    • I think Liz shouldn’t be used in relief. His control issues seem more palatable when he is starting and has room to work with, and he seems to respond better to a fixed schedule which is how he got back on track in Korea and he admits to not liking to pitch in relief. Don’t try and force a square peg into a round hole so to speak.

  4. Let’s go get Marlon Byrd, and Napoli and put Holdzkom in the pen again and acquire one late innning arm and make a run at this thing

  5. Ramirez, Sampson, Tarpley, & Moroff for Cespedes and Price. That’s my armchair GM proposal if Polanco is DL bound.

      • Depends on the market. If it stays strong sure, but there are a lot of good starting pitchers available and not as many buyers at the moment. May seriously depress prices tomorrow.

    • I’m not sure you’re too far off TBH. Remember, there are prospect lists out there like Keith Law that have Harold Ramirez as a legitimate TOP 50 prospect. So you get a Top 50 prospect, two legitimate rotation guys and a middle infielder for 2 two month rentals?? If that’s light, its not by that much.

  6. Apparently, there isn’t a rhetorical, ironic, or sarcasm font. I’m well aware Matt Stairs is retired and announcing for the Phils. I live out here. I watch Phillies games. I brought up Stairs cause the dude was a bench bat for hire that was always clutch.

  7. Per Wikipedia: In January 2012, Stairs accepted a job with the NESN sports news station to work as a Boston Red Sox studio analyst. On February 11, 2014, the Phillies announced that Stairs and fellow former-Phillie Jamie Moyer would join the team’s television broadcasting crew as color analysts, following the dismissal of Gary Matthews and Chris Wheeler. They join play-by-play commentator Tom McCarthy and in-game reporter Gregg Murphy.

    He is married to Lisa Astle of Fredericton with whom he has three daughters, Nicole, Alicia and Chandler. He lives in Fredericton and was named the coach of the High School ice hockey team in 2012, a job he had often referred to as his dream.

    Stairs was inducted into the New Brunswick Sports Hall of Fame in Fredericton in June 2012.

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