Huntington: Pirates Don’t Plan to Add a Starting Pitcher Via Trade

Pittsburgh Pirates General Manager Neal Huntington addressed the media via conference call about the Joakim Soria trade. We’ll have some notes on Soria in that article shortly. During the call, Huntington noted that the Pirates don’t plan on adding a starting pitcher via trade at the deadline.

“We don’t see the ability to acquire somebody that drops into the rotation ahead of our current starters at this time,” Huntington said. “As we sit here right now, obviously, things can change. Given the acquisition costs of starter out there, we went with the move we went with.”

The Pirates don’t have a big need for starting pitching this year. They have a great trio in Gerrit Cole, Francisco Liriano, and A.J. Burnett. Charlie Morton and Jeff Locke haven’t been consistent, but have led to this group being one of the best rotations in baseball. They currently rank 4th in baseball in ERA (3.27) and xFIP (3.40).

There could be a chance that the Pirates add someone if the right deal comes along, especially with the whole “things can change” part. But it doesn’t appear the Pirates are stressing adding a starter right now.

News and Notes

  • They’re aren’t starters that fit ahead of Charlie Locke? This is big boy business! Look I hear that players like Bell and Tailion are u touchabl why? If you’re putting a pitcher coming off of Tommy John surgery on Youre will not trade list then you shouldn’t be a GM. As far as Bell goes he’s 23 plays OF/1B and doesn’t hit homers. Do the names Sean Burroghs (who the Padres refused to trade to the Pirates and forced them to take Bay instead, wonder if they wish they had that one back) or the Pirates very own Trey Beamon. Latos who would’ve been at least they’re 4 starter bought without any real prospects. They trade fora left handed outfielder after the Snider trade? Before you go on about Tarpley remember hes 23 and has never been on a full season team roster he’ll be a reliever at most. This trade would’ve made sense 10 years ago if it was Craig Wikson but the Pirates are good now. Anyhow the Tigers want to sell why I don’t know the Pirates need to buy. The tigers sign him to a long term deal and trade Dombrowski straight up for Huntington.

  • So stupid. How can you not want to add a starting pitcher? Sure you don’t want to get all crazy and give up Glasnow,Bell and Polanco but this tea clearly needs a starter. Burnett is fading fast. real fast.

  • or what about Carlos Carrasco or Danny Salazar from the Indians???

    As per MLB trade rumors…Since rejoining the Indians’ rotation on August 10th of last year, Carrasco has been a new man, with a 3.07 ERA, 10.0 K/9, 1.7 BB/9, and 0.64 HR/9 in 196 1/3 innings.

  • So I’m guessing no one would be interested in James Shields?? He’d probably cost less than the other two. I wonder if San Diego added cash to the deal if they’d be interested in a package revolving around Jordy Mercer?? They desperately need a MLB quality SS and it seems as if we have an extra one.

  • As bad as aj was in this one (fatigue is my thought) guerra was even worse and given more time bastardo could have passed them both. Who else thinks this was guerra’s last audition? I’d like to include bastardo but given his salary and the clubs willingness to stick with pitchers that extra mile even though they’ve blown a tire I don’t see him going away this year.

  • Tyson Ross would be a great buy if we could pull that off, especially with some questions about our depth…and he is controllable. Ross and Napoli would be nice additions.

  • Listening to post-game, AJ doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with AJ… except that, “I’m 38. I have what I have.”

    • We currently have Melancon-Watson-Soria-Hughes. Idk how that isnt already good enough to make a decent amount of games 6 inning games. Soria-Watson-Melancon go 7-8-9, Hughes fills in on off days for Soria, if Watson goes 2 in a row Soria can fill the 8 role if needed. Another arm isnt bad, but seems redundant with more pressing needs.

      Please let us end the Ishikawa times.

      • Because it’s not. There are those four plus Blanton. Everyone else out and out sucks. Liz is set up to start. At minimum Bucs need a lefty other than Bastardo, who failed miserably yet again.

        • Name me a team outside of KC with 5 plus relief arms. Not “okay” or “decent” but 5 true above average arms in the pen. Thats a myth that occurs in like 2-3 at most. Your last 2 options out of the pen arent good for 90% of teams.

    • Time for aj to skip a start and get some rest, much rather miss him for one game versus 8-9 more starts with an injury.

  • Hope he doesn’t do anything more, my blood pressure can’t take much more of his “deals”

  • Mike morse dfaed by dodgers, how much ya wanna bet neal jumps on him? I’d still prefer napoli I’m just sayin.

    • I hope there is no chance…don’t like Morse at all

      • Would you rather have pedro against lefties? Todays homer not withstanding he terrible against lefthanded pitching.

        • He’s actually been putting together good ab’s against lefties the last few weeks GIVEN the chance to actually face them

          • If wishes were fishes we would all cast nets.

            • If wishes were fishes….Morse still would suck and cost twice his actual value. He got traded because one team wanted to get good players and had to take his contract as a result. He literally is bad enough that a team traded for him just to get a deal done knowing they’d cut him.

              • So you want to stick with the ishikawa,rodriguez and pedro show. Instead of the morse and pedro show? Don’t seem like that dog gonna hunt pa.

  • BuccosFanStuckinMD
    July 30, 2015 10:22 pm

    Given Morton’s recent starts and Burnett’s recent fade, what is our Plan B if we don’t add a starter? Sampson has been up and down, Sadler is hurt….that leaves Glasnow.

  • Why does no one appreciate Jeff Locke?

    • I think because he spends so much time on AJ’s knee gazing up into his eyes. He forgets he has major league stuff but it has to be thrown in the strike zone. And Batman can’t do it for Robin.

  • Leake for gift?

  • Thinking a little outside the box… If we got a pitcher or wanted to experiment with Liz, we could rotate our pitchers with the fake 15-day disabled list to give Burnett (and even Cole/Liriano who haven’t pitched an entire season with the Bucs) a 2 to 3 start break.

  • We just won 3 out of 4 against the Nationals and swept the Twins in a little two gamer. RELAX!! AJ had a bad game and has had a few bad in a row. He had a few great starts in a row not long ago. Neither are guaranteed indicators of future success or failure.

  • Reds announcers are lovin this

    • I believe we should blame tonight’s debacle on the BLUE MOON. The rare second full moon in a month. How else to you explain AJ starting at 88 on the gun, screaming at everybody on his team, going up to 94, etc. We get beat by a meatball AAA guy that can’t break an egg. Guerra will be gone.

  • This game is painful.

    GO BUCS.

  • AJ is done. The guy looks so hitable. The wear and tear on his arm has finally caught up to him. When you start losing velocity there is something wrong.

  • I think there’s only 2 SPS brought in that we could see in our rotation that aren’t there currently….
    1) Liz- For the obvious reason that we give away nothing for him.
    2)Tyson Ross – If Neal gets a gut punch in the kind of prospects he’d be giving away for a SP, it’s going to be one he can slot in tomorrow for 2016…imo

    • Darkstone42
      July 30, 2015 9:41 pm

      Cashner fits the same mold as Ross. Could be another decent option, and would likely cost a little less.

      • True…I just wonder with it being so late if it wouldn’t just be worth the extra prospect or higher level one to get the better SP bc now Cashners price has probably only gone up as the deadline gets closer…but I agree 100% he’d be an option.

    • Cashner falls in behind ross if you ask me as well

  • I thought L.A. trade was awesome and they gave up nothing

  • I wonder if Neal is starting to sweat a little bit???? This is now 3 straight poor starts by AJ. Cashener, Ross and Shields are all available. Make a move Neal or you may not have to worry about the divisional playoff. You may not make the wildcard.

    • AJ’s wheels can fall off and we are still good enough to win the wildcard, no worries there. Of course when you DFA Worley, you are really taking a big leap of faith

    • michaelbro8
      July 31, 2015 1:28 am

      Cashier just got rocked as bad as AJ. Would love if they could get Ross (Joe; not Tyson); but that would cost way too much right now

  • Darkstone42
    July 30, 2015 9:00 pm

    The market still sucks right now (the Price deal is a pretty good indication of that), but that seems likely to change as the most desperate teams have started to fill their needs. I half expect the Pirates to swoop in at the last second and make an unexpected deal for a guy like Gallardo or Ross.

  • I feel its short sighted since its a matter of time until a SP goes down and all of our back up options are already on DL

  • I can see them bringing up Liz from AAA. Not the move everyone wanted but now that he’s stretched out he might actually be able to help if AJ/Locke /Morton struggle.

  • Kovyfalcon27
    July 30, 2015 8:55 pm

    1. Call Reds Gm
    2. Say send Byrd and Leake over to our dugout
    3. Give them marginal prospects
    4. Win World Series

    • Why would they take marginal prospects?

      • marginal is semantics. Bryd is only worth a marginal top 30th-ish prospect. I haven’t been following Leake, how much control does he have left….

  • I don’t think one has to have “lost all faith in Burnett” to want another SP. It is good to have insurance, and I feel a lot better calling Burnett 4 than 3 right now. I also feel a lot better when Morton and Locke (especially the latter) are not pitching.
    I think if Cashner is still available near 4pm tomorrow, it is worth a call. Upgrade cost might not be too bad, especially in comparison to Tyson Ross or Mike Leake.

    • Burnett needs a breather. They should skip his start in the rotation and let him catch his breath after that all-star break.

  • um, he done forever. he won’t catch drydale in k’s. 31hits in the last 3 starts

    countless stolen bases. Glasnow Saturday start may be in cinncy.

    • Lol. I want what you are smoking. If Glasnow starts in Cincinnati on Saturday, I will buy us both tickets and walk there from Atlanta to meet you there.

      • glasnow is the 3rd best pitcher the pirates have. Aj has had a great career but he has a lot of miles on his body and arm. He is done because he knows he done, he has that” I’M to old for this shit look on his face all the time”.also we need to improve our bench and maybe another don’t wear new walking shoes and meet me at the pete rose statue, I’ll be the one with the swami hat on.

      • I’ll fly in on the Snoopy 1, I like traveling in style

    • Maybe the worst post in the history of the internet.

      • michaelbro8
        July 31, 2015 1:25 am

        Almost… my 4 year old posted something once that was just slightly less intelligible

  • So, what, about 20 minutes before someone comments saying AJ offering the opinion that AJ is clearly tired and wont be effective the rest of the year? 15 minutes maybe?

    • Or like 2.

      • I think everybody wants to see AJ pitch for us right through the World Series. Tonight was something to see. He goes from aiming it at 88mph to blowing his cool and gunning guys out with 94 mph heaters. Meanwhile almost getting tossed. Loses it on Ray. That’s why I try to see him every home game. Theatre.

  • Kovyfalcon27
    July 30, 2015 8:38 pm

    I’d imagine this was said before AJ’s third terrible start in a row. We need more than 2 reliable starting options. Bring someone in!

    • Serious question. Have you really lost all faith in AJ being a decent to good 3rd pitcher after 3 bad starts?

      • Kovyfalcon27
        July 30, 2015 8:41 pm

        No but I have no faith in Morton or Locke. So if AJ continues this path which is entirely possible we will have only two reliable starting options which is what I said. Did I say take AJ out of the rotation? No I didn’t, get a reliable guy to push Morton or Locke out and then if AJ gets back on track we have four reliable guys.

        • 3 “terrible” starts.
          Yes it is to early to write him off.
          However, there is at least a decent chance he’s out of gas.

          • Agreed. And the trade deadline is in July and not October. Which means you have to make an educated guess on how your players are trending. And if I had to guess with a 38 yr old…

        • Locke rocking a sub 3 ERA in June and July, mid rotation like xFIP in July, and a 1.07 WHIP in July. No faith is odd since the guy has been solid for 2 straight months statistically. Its SSS, but so is 3 games from AJ.

    • I wonder if AJ is OK? He looks completely different than he did the first half.

    • FYI – Huntington was watching Burnett pitch while talking to the media. He was asked if there was something wrong with AJ and commented that he was watching the same thing that we were.