Injury Updates: Starling Marte, Rob Scahill, Corey Hart, Francisco Cervelli

**Starling Marte is out of the starting lineup for the second consecutive day, after leaving the game on Sunday afternoon with soreness in his side. The severity of Marte’s injury is still uncertain, and he did not participate in batting practice on the field with the team. There is a possibility that he could be available in some capacity tonight according to Clint Hurdle.

For the second consecutive game, Sean Rodriguez will start in his place, signifying that he will be getting the majority of the playing time in left field until Marte is healthy enough to play again.

**Rob Scahill hasn’t pitched since June 25th because of right forearm pain. Hurdle says that the Pirates are currently mapping out the rehab process with Scahill, but he is not expected to return off the DL when eligible July 11th.

**Corey Hart has continued to progress in his rehab assignment at Triple-A Indianapolis, and will play back-to-back nights – yesterday and today – to see how his shoulder reacts. He is 4-for-15 with two home runs so far during his rehab assignment.

**Francisco Cervelli has been scratched for tonight’s game, with no word from the Pirates as to why. This may have to do with the foul ball he took off of his mask last night that left him dazed for a few moments. We’ll update you as more information becomes available. UPDATE: Cervelli was removed due to the “manager’s decision”. Hopefully there will be more after the game.

  • byrd is an old man now. We don’t need a guy who can only hit a homer or two every twenty games or so and then do little else. The fans keep on wanting to give away prospects for marginal help. That is not the way to continue winning. The bucs need to have quality replacements in the pipe line. Giving away those replacements for an 80 game window is foolhardy in my humble opinion. Make a trade when you can get a player for a year or more. This way you get present and future help from the trade.

  • Darkstone42
    July 7, 2015 7:42 pm

    “Manager’s decision” roughly translates to “I’m not telling you why.”

    • Cervelli, Harrison and Marte(“it hurts when I breathe”) adds up to one thing………….go get Marlon Byrd tomorrow. After the Cardinals the Bucs have a very tough road trip and we need the right handed bat with these guys on the shelf. We needed that bat before the injuries. Use the prospects below the top 4 and get him in here. With this staff and the team chemistry we can win it all this year.

  • Looks like we will be the “walking wounded” heading into the series with the Cards. Wrong time for this to happen 🙁

  • what is the point of bringing up gorkys if you dont put him out there?

  • No news is good news for marte, need his skill in left. Scahill when he gets healthy will be a nice fallback option. A guy with hart’s exp. hitting homers in 3a is not unexpected, question is can he still do it in the bigs?

    • if you happen to throw a fastball not greater than 93 in his direct swing plane then….. yes.

    • Based on the 40% K rate at Indy so far against nondescript pitchers (Dylan Axelrod is probably the best he’s faced so far), I would temper any enthusiasm. Could just be he’s selling out on the fastball and happened to run into a couple, and otherwise coming up empty.

      And FWIW, he also raked in AAA last year for the M’s and did absolutely nothing with the parent club.

      I fear the story on Corey may have been written.