Jordy Mercer Discusses Injury

Jordy Mercer met with members of the media today and discussed the MCL Sprain of his left knee, and said that he is relieved by the diagnosis.

“To be able to have the results that we did, where it came out as just a sprain was a big relief, knowing that it could’ve been a lot worse,” Mercer said. “Now I’m positive. I’m heading in the right direction and I’m ready to get back onto the field as quick as I can.”

Mercer is able to walk on his leg, but has not resumed any baseball activities as of yet.

“Haven’t done anything yet,” Mercer explained. “I’m sure I can throw. I’m sure I can do some things like that, but as far as running, cutting and things like that, it’ll probably take a little bit before I can do that.”

The original diagnosis will have him miss six weeks, which would tentatively slot him to return to the lineup towards the end of August. As far as the play that caused the injury – Carlos Gomez sliding well before the second base bag to break up a double play – Mercer doesn’t believe the play was dirty or that Gomez had any malicious intent.

“He was just making a baseball play, which is very expectable,” Mercer said. “Can’t knock a guy for making a baseball play. There are a bunch of different ways you can [break up a double play]. You can stop, you can go around or you can just slide. He chose to slide.”

Gomez actually reached out to Mercer the next day via phone to explain his thought process during the play and to wish him well, which Mercer greatly appreciated.

“He heard the news and felt sorry. [Gomez] felt sorry for my family and sends out prayers. It was a really nice phone call.”

  • Juice him up and get him on the field! Vince Lombardi

  • Nice touch of mutual respect from two hard-nosed players. We do not like to see our guys go down, but it was not a dirty play.