Jordy Mercer Leaves Sunday’s Game With Left Leg Injury

Jordy Mercer had to be carted off the field on Sunday after a collision in the base paths with Milwaukee’s Carlos Gomez. Mercer had to be carted off the field and couldn’t put any weight on his left leg. Sean Rodriguez entered the game at third base and Jung-Ho Kang moved from third base to shortstop. We will post an update as soon as one is available.


Update 6:54 PM: The Pirates announced that Mercer is on his way to Pittsburgh to be evaluated by team doctors. Sounds like there won’t be an immediate update.

Update 7:37 PM: If you’re wondering about a possible replacement, Brent Morel was scratched from the Indianapolis lineup right before first pitch. He has a .900 OPS in his last 47 games, dating back to May 25th. So it sounds like if the evaluation of Mercer doesn’t go well, Morel will be added to the roster and Kang will start at shortstop.

  • Sorry, but it was a ” baseball play ” folks, so forget about it. If he wouldn’t have extended his leg, no injury. If Gomez would have run through that leg rather than slide, Mercer would be looking at a new knee. If Mercer would have flipped to Walker, it would have been double play and no injury. When Hurdle, Walker, Locke, Wehner and Walk say it was a baseball play, they are telling you something.

  • BuccosFanStuckinMD
    July 20, 2015 9:54 am

    Predictably, the Pirates bypass their own prospects and call up Morel. Really? I would have called up Gift, and slid Kang to third base – so at least the defense would remain strong and try to win with pitching and defense. Instead, we bring up a AAAA player who offers neither defense or hitting.

    • Wrong again. Morel is a good defensive player who can’t hit. You need to check your sources before inserting your foot….for the umpteenth time.

  • No, no, no! Not Morel, bring up the Gift.

  • I see per the Pirates website that Morel is currently not on the 40 man roster. Any idea who would get bumped assuming Jordy doesn’t have to go on the 60 day DL?

  • I can’t stand Gomez, but Jordy has to protect himself better. He’s got to realize Gomez is going to try and take him out there. Tough play, but the right play was flip it Kang and hope he turns it for DP.

    Pirates definitely should’ve hit Gomez his next time up right in the knee/lower leg area. Protect your players above all else.

  • Why not Lombardozzi??

  • Robert Leventry
    July 20, 2015 2:08 am

    Walker to 3rd. Hanson to 2B.

  • Here’s a name to put in your pocket and pull out in about a week, juan uribe, experienced, reasonably good and best of all cheap and available.

  • The Cardinals have I injuries and get solid production from call ups…and we get Morel back. Joy.

  • What a joke…a contending team with Morel at 3B again. What a joke.

  • To weigh in on the (extremely) negative side, what I gather is this:

    Aside from 1B, 3B, SS, RF, #4 SP, #5 SP…

    …the Bucs are all set for the playoffs.

    • 3B is fine with Kang..or SS…but 1B needs upgraded, we’re in trouble at SS/3B…and could use a depth starter. RF should be fine if Polanco continues.

    • Total crap post. Of all positions you listed, only 1B is concern for playoffs. Even if Mercer is out for season, Pirates will have Kang and Harrison. Polanco is not an issue. Morton and Locke are fully capable back end SP’s.

  • I guess it’s still too early for Moroff or Frazier?

    • Actually…Moroff is interesting. Hadn’t considered going that deep, but promotion from AA isn’t unheard of. He’s definitely hot. Actually, feel more comfortable with him than anyone at AAA for the left side of the infield.

      • Pirates don’t think like that…we don’t try to do things like that. I don’t think there is a big enough gap between AA and AAA that Moroff would struggle any more being promoted from AA as he would being promoted from AAA.

  • Morel scratched from tonights game.

    Not again….

    • I just can’t see that as an option. Ever.

      I’d rather kick the tires on Mike Olt.

    • Not my choice either, but since June 23, Morel is .354/.385/.671/1.056. Maybe he stays hot for a few more games.

      • Maybe…and maybe we suffer through his horrid play yet again during a division chase. Joke.

  • From that video, I’m seeing a blown-out knee. Whether it’s a knee or leg, I’m guessing 8-12 weeks. Season over 🙁

    Looks like we’re going to need someone on the left side. Gift?

  • The options look to be: Gift, Hanson, or Florimon. Knowing Hurdle he’ll run SROD out there every game Mercer is out at 3B regardless of not having a bat at all. Would be better to bring up a SS and let Kang be at 3B. Do we give Hanson a shot again at SS?

  • That looks like a broken leg (which might heal faster than a knee). I wonder if (at the risk of impacting his confidence and dealing with his mental lapses) we would consider switching Hanson back to SS to take his place. He is the only realistic hope we have of off/def help in minors. All other options are glove only…

  • Floriman up, Boscan down

  • Gomez is a reckless player, always has been, not a lot that a team can do about it, life isn’t fair.

    • I get the feeling Hurdle would love to see his own guys play that way more often. Quote: “If he’s on your team, you call that ‘an aggressive slide'”. Also noted that Gomez’ play is what you’re taught to do to break up a DP.

      • More players playing like Carlos Gomez won’t end well, unless you liked the bench clearing brawls of the late 80s, early 90s.

  • Nl east 15-7, nl west 11-2, interleague 10-5, nl central 17-24. Why are the pirates not in first place? Because they stink against the central. If you can’t beat your division you can’t win your division. Everything else is a mote point.

    • BuccosFanStuckinMD
      July 19, 2015 6:03 pm

      All those losses to the Reds and Brewers have really hurt. This wasn’t as humiliating as the sweep in DC, but considering the opponent it’s almost as bad. A bad performance all around….this team needs a spark. We supposedly have a great farm system but we don’t use it….who from the system came up and made any kind of contribution this year?

      So many teams have brought up young players this year who have been huge contributors…to give this team a shot in the arm and see what we have, I would DFA Ishikawa, Worley, and Boscan….bring up Hanson, Bell, and Glasnow.

      • Woah….you want to bring up Hanson, that’s fine…he could play SS if he had to and also play 2B and leadoff and he’s had success in AAA. Bell is in AA and isn’t, defensively, ready (apparently) to even go to AAA…and Glasnow is definitely not, yet, ready to be the type of starter he is capable of being with more development. There is no reason at all to make those moves. Trade for a 1B, bring up Hanson if you want…but Bell and Glasnow have no business getting called up…YET.

      • I think this sweep is worse then the Washington sweep. They are a top tier team, Brewers are not.
        Read somewhere today that the Pirate’s might be mirroring what the Brewer’s did after the All Star break last year. Scary thought

      • Because they are not ready: ) nobody in the farm seems to ever be ready and when they are deemed ready by the brass they turn into tabata,alvarez,polanco, mercer ect. And we are left with the tagline, they have potential. seems to me the pirates spend a lot of time waiting for guys to click, instead of just installing a switch. So we have two clicks ( cutch and jhay) to go with a whole boatload of short circuits.

      • That’s why you aren’t working in MLB. Dumb moves.

  • I have no problem with Kang being in the starting lineup. He’s been awesome this year honestly…but not at SS. Keep him at 3B…or else we have to see Rodriguez or Morel there. Yikes!

    • Kang will also be awesome at SS. But now we have to find a 3B for 6 weeks. And Serpico is not the answer.

      • Shift Walker to 3B (he’s played there plenty in the minors lol) and put Hanson at 2B?

      • Honestly. SRod is playing at Morel/Martinez levels right now. Killed us today with RISP. I’d rather see Gift at the plate than Serpico right now.

        Not that Bucs would win anyway. They are playing like complete crap. Things have to tighten up and fast. This isn’t going to cut it playing in KC regardless who’s pitching.

        • Bucs weren’t ready to play after the break and played terrible. Did they all go to Vegas or South Beach? Kang was the guy playing with passion this series, everybody else looked sloppy.

  • what a piece of garbage to slide in like that 15 feet from the bag

  • And now that weiner wehner is making excuses for gomez, I’ve often wondered who the pirates announcers think they are getting paid by but this is ridiculous! Only guy calling games who is clearly a pirate guy is bob walk. The rest of em can walk the plank!

    • Steve Blass…

    • I hate listening to Wehner…

    • Just listening to post game on radio. Even though I disagree with him, Walk said he had no problem with the slide.

      • Just one question. Where was gomez sliding to? They were at least 20 feet from the bag, rule book says you have to be within arms reach of the bag when sliding. I don’t think dirtbag gomez’s arms are twenty feet long. If that was not intentional from a guy who has shown in the past that he plays dirty then I’m the pope.

        • I do not know where the rule book says anything about being within reach of the bag. Section 7 says nothing like that…

          • When sliding in to break up a double play you can’t slide far enough away not to be able to touch the bag.

          • 7.09(e)

            • 7.09(e):
              “(e) If, in the judgment of the umpire, a base runner willfully and deliberately interferes with a batted ball or a fielder in the act of fielding a batted ball with the obvious intent to break up a double play, the ball is dead. The umpire shall call the runner out for interference and also call out the batter-runner because of the action of his teammate. In no event may bases be run or runs scored because of such action by a runner.”


              That says nothing at all like what you’re saying.

              • And notice that section is referring to “in the act of fielding”. Mercer had already fielded the ball.

              • Yes jared it does, it’s the same circumstance as stated in the rule. What do you think it’s going to say, hey dirtbag thou shall not run over my player on your way to the bag, or something to that affect? Baseball rules are obscure for the cya protection when umps screw up.

    • What broadcasts are you listening to? They routinely deliver entirely “homer” broadcasts. In fact, Brown is so nauseating-ly homer in his calls that I actually wish they were more neutral.

  • No matter how bad the sewers are they have a way of making the pirates worse. And would somebody please drill gomez in the nuts I’m sick of that dirtbag!

    • William Hritz
      July 19, 2015 3:35 pm

      102 MPH from Camarino right at his wallet. It doesn’t need to be at his head. You don’t want to kill him, just think twice he wants to do something like that.

  • BuccosFanStuckinMD
    July 19, 2015 3:20 pm

    Say hello Gift….

  • Yung-Han Chang
    July 19, 2015 3:15 pm

    buck the frewers, that looks like a torn knee ligament

  • Wow can you say dirty???

  • joebaseball
    July 19, 2015 2:57 pm

    that play needs to draw a 6 figure fine and 90 day suspension if the ‘catcher blocking the plate’ thoughts are to have any merit.

    • I will be surprised if he is fined at all. There is no rule that prohibits this play, and while we as Pirate fans are “annoyed” to be kind, we are just going to have to deal with it at this point, much as we did when Cutch got drilled and there was never a fine for it.

      • Sure there is, Have to be able to contact the bag you are sliding into at the end of your slide. Runner didn’t do this, he was 10 feet from the bag. This is intentional and cannot be tolerated.

        • A visit to the MLB rule book does not state anything that says when sliding you must be able to contact the base. Perhaps I am missing it (section 7 covers the runners). The only other thing I see is at which states: Anytime a runner deliberately and maliciously crashes into a fielder he should be ejected for unsportsmanlike conduct. I have not been able to confirm that anywhere in the MLB rule book. While I agree with it, it doesn’t make it the rule 🙂

          • LJS: I agree, but what he did was probably not outside the rules. I did not see the play, but I imagine it happened as Mercer was attempting to tag and then throw to 1B for a DP? In the umpires opinion, if the runner was doing something to avoid or delay the tag, thereby trying to prevent a DP, it’s just hard-nosed baseball and well within the rules. When the play is at the second base bag, a sliding runner should be within reach of the bag if taking out a fielder preventing the throw to 1B, or interference could be called and the runner to 1B is automatically out.

            • BTW, try to pull up a video on Joey Belle of Cleveland, and Fernando Vina (KC?).