Pirates are Closing in on a Decision with Marte

Starling Marte is out of the starting lineup for the fourth consecutive game on Thursday, and the Pirates are still uncertain of his status going forward. Marte went through a series of tests yesterday and saw minor improvements with his injured side, but nothing dramatic, according to Clint Hurdle.

Today the plan was for Marte to be put through another series of tests to see if he’s available in any capacity going forward this series. Hurdle said that the Pirates are closing in on a point when they need to make a decision on whether a stint on the disabled list is the best route for Marte going forward.

“Especially with the All-Star game and the break coming up, you have a four-day window to take advantage of as well,” Hurdle explained.

A decision should be made shortly, and we’ll update you on Marte’s condition as information becomes available.


  • I would get him on the dl of he isn’t playing this weekend and get another lefty like laframbois up. Cards 8-11 vs lefties and 47-19 vs righties. An extra lefty for matchups could help.

    • Freddy: Valiant effort on the attempt at his name – better than I could have done, but the facts presented make sense to bring up an additional LHRP. How could the Padres have two guys who struck out against Bastardo? Maybe it’s my TV, but none of his pitches seem to move very much.

      • Kris Mosley
        July 9, 2015 7:19 pm

        Considering he’s striking out a batter per inning I would say his pitches have some movement…
        Hurdle even alluded to Bast ardos stuff in his post game presser last nite.

      • Ha! Thanks emjay. I wanted to correct it but I was typing on an iPhone and between the phone and quirky things that happen with this site via the phone I just say hell with it and forget accuracy half the time now. e

      • LaFromboise. I think I have it now!

  • I’m going to this series against the Cardinals. I really want to see Marte play.

  • why put him on the dl, if he can play friday after the break thats 11 day if you dl him he can’t play until the following tuesday. Its not like we have a lot options down on the farm. some overage scrub is not going to make any difference.

    • Because you’d be playing this series – the most important of the year, to date – with a short bench. Right now I’d rather see Tabata and Decker up here than Gorkys and a Marte that can’t play.

      But, if Marte can bunt and run, he’d still be somewhat valuable.

      • Yeah I’m baffled as to why Tabata is not on this team and in this starting lineup. Unless it’s a character issue. rubbing off on Marte and Polanco. .298/.341 would look real nice in the lineup

        • Curious, is there a reason you omit all other stats and only use those two? It wouldnt be because he is below average in all other areas, is it?

          A starting LFer who only hits singles, plays at best average defense and has maybe average speed brings a net negative value with no power. To his credit, he does one thing well and thats hit singles.