Pirates Make Moves in Indianapolis Involving Hart and Tabata

The Pirates have made the following moves in Indianapolis, per an Indians press release.

**Corey Hart has completed the Indianapolis portion of his MLB rehab assignment.

**Hunter Morris was placed on the disabled list, retroactive July 14th, with a right ankle sprain.

**Jose Tabata was placed on the temporary inactive list, for an undisclosed reason. Elias Diaz was reinstated from the same list now that he’s done with the Futures Game.

The move with Hart leaves questions about his immediate future with the team. The Pirates optioned Steve Lombardozzi last weekend to get an additional pitcher, then optioned Wilfredo Boscan right before the break, putting their roster at 24. They will call up a hitter before tomorrow’s game, and right now it would appear Hart will be that guy, especially with Lombardozzi ineligible, and Tabata on the inactive list.

  • I read an article that that the Pirates were interested in Jeff Francoeur and Tabata’s name was mentioned as part of the deal. Go figure, the Pirates are after Francoeur and the Cards are after Prince Fielder.

  • I’m really not getting this corey hart love affair, I think the lightning blew up the bottle. There are 29 other teams out there, surely one of them has a player who is better than hart for a minor bench role.

  • It is going to be Hart until they make a trade for a OF like Jeff Francour. Hernandez will be sent back down to AAA once Lombardozzi is eligible again and a new OF joins us.

  • As an in house “bench package”–without discussing trades–I think Lambo and Tabata provide more than Ishikawa and Hernandez.

  • piraterican21
    July 16, 2015 7:30 pm

    Where is Lambo? That poor guy, gets a shot last year in ST and blows it, and this year he not only get handed a bench spot, but is still the best choice out of this 40 men roster and get taken out by foot problems!!!

  • BuccosFanStuckinMD
    July 16, 2015 6:23 pm

    What a joke…reward Hart for hitting .200 in Indy and even worse in Pittsburgh, by bringing him up again…why? Is the Pirates FO that stubborn?

    • Should they call first for your blessing before they make a move?

      • BuccosFanStuckinMD
        July 16, 2015 9:43 pm

        Yeah, I am the only one on this site who ever questions the Pirates decisions.

        So, you think keeping Hart on the MLB roster is a good move?

        • I love people like you who think they know more than a FO who has managed to move their team into a spot as one of the top 3 or 4 teams in all of baseball. Leave it to the professionals….which none of us are.

        • There’s a difference between questioning and downright bashing. To hear you tell it, this front office can do no right. If they do activate Hart, it’s not the end of the world, they’ll simply be trying one last time to get value from this signing. That’s no different than what the other 29 teams do in this situation.

    • They havent actually brought him up to this point. Seems likely, but outrage seems best reserved for when we actually know whats happening.

  • taylor26554
    July 16, 2015 5:35 pm

    Decker would make more sense than Hart the way the roster is set up now.

  • Tabata on the inactive list? Possibly a trade ? Another team wanting him shut down to preserve health? 🙂 if only we could get that lucky. If we’re paying him though wouldn’t it make sense to put him on the Bench since he’s hitting .298 with a .341 OBP? He gives you professional AB’s and finds a way on base

    • I caught a Bob Pompiani (sp?) claim about Tabata. He speculated that Tabata does something which the Pirates (or someone powerful within the organization) dislikes. This is meant to explain Tabata’s demotion when his performance does not warrant it.

      Now Tabata has been made inactive….

      • I get that people look at his BA and think he is a good enough hitter, and i agree that he’s an upgrade offensively over guys like Gorkys…but his performance didnt warrant a demotion? He was a mid 80s wRC+ hitter with a negative WAR. Thats a well below average overall offensive hitter with not close to enough defense or baserunning value to make up for it.

        PGH using poor options on the bench doesnt make Tabata’s poor value but not Gorkys value worth it. Jose Tabata isnt useless, but he’s a less than optimal option as a hit first bench player.

        2 walks in 40 at bats, so his entire value comes in hitting singles.

        • Um, if Tabata’s performance warranted demotion but others perform beneath Tabata’s level and they remain, then the Pirates are irrational for demoting Tabata and keeping the inferior players.

          • Well, i dont see that as an all or nothing situation. Tabata wasnt useful (or was useful enough to be what he was, mid 80s wRC+) in his role (4th OFer) and they went with an option in AAA they thought might improve that situation.

            While i didnt think Gorkys would be a plus hitter, he was doing things in AAA that made him interesting on offense along with bringing plus speed and defense. They gave Gorkys 1-2 weeks to suck (he did) and now one hopes they figure something else out.

            I have no issue with trying out different 4th OFers when no one takes claim to the role, but i still dont get why Decker isnt the 1st option. Decent bat, walks enough, and better defense than Tabata.

            • The matter Pompiani addressed was the Pirates demoted a player who can hit a bit while keeping players who are lesser hitters.

            • Trying out 4th OF in 2 weeks stints is an absurdly dumb plan.

              Yes Tabata isn’t the most palpable option, but he is the only option that is projected to hit near league average. We are discussing bench options so flaws are a given.

              You have to get on base to provide value with speed and the Pirates don’t really need defensive replacements for the OF.

    • The thing with Tabata is his major league service time. If they keep him up past a certain time frame & try to send him down he can refuse & they still have to pay him. He is getting close to achieving the free paychecks.

      • Tht’s essentially what their doing now. if they are paying him 4.5 million we should be using him if he is an upgrade , and he definitely is. All I know is he got on base, he gave you professional A’s. I really don’t care much about these advanced statistics when it comes to this mall of a sample size. Putting runners on base in front of run producers is how you score runs. Scoring runs is how you win games. Winning games is how you get to the playoffs or win a division. Winning a division gives you a chance to go to the World series

        • I didn’t say I agree with them in how their handling him. With that said I think there is more to it. I think he’s a better option then Hernandez & Lombardozzi

  • Tim- you’d know better than me, but isn’t this Hart declaration just in line with the fact that we just shut him down because of knee pain. No reason to keep him on the roster there if they are shutting him down for an extended period of time.