According to a source, the Pittsburgh Pirates are promoting pitcher Tyler Glasnow to Triple-A Indianapolis today. Glasnow is rated as our number one prospect in the organization, and he is listed as the 7th best prospect in the minors by Baseball America.

Glasnow has a 2.43 ERA in 63 innings this year at Double-A, with 82 strikeouts and only 19 walks, averaging a 2.7 BB/9. In his last four starts, Glasnow has a 1.80 ERA with 38 strikeouts and 6 walks. Opposing batters are hitting .149 against him in that span.

Neal Huntington expressed again on Sunday that Glasnow needed to refine mechanics and repeatability in his changeup.

“Once he accomplishes the things we feel like he needs to accomplish to get to the next level,” said Huntington, “we’ll move him to the next level.”

In his last start for Altoona on Sunday, Glasnow threw 10 changeups that sat between 88-90 MPH with action. Altoona Pitching Coach Justin Meccage was very impressed with the pitch.

“He threw three or four changeups to Nick Swisher, and Swisher swung through two of them,” Meccage said. “Any time you can get [a Major League hitter] out, it gives you confidence, and that’s something he hasn’t had a whole lot of in the changeup. The result of what he did against Swisher will help that confidence.”

Glasnow has accomplished everything he needed to accomplish at Double-A. He is walking about half as many batters as he did in 2013 and 2014. The fastball is explosive, as everyone knows, and he has been able to use the curveball both early and late in the count. The curveball is almost unhittable when he is hitting his spots and throwing it at the right times.

As I wrote last week about Glasnow, the last step for him at Double-A was that changeup, and every single person in the Pirates organization was not afraid to say that. From Justin Meccage to Larry Broadway to Neal Huntington, everyone wanted to see more from the changeup. After Sunday’s performance, the organization apparently felt that he has developed the pitch enough to merit a promotion.

UPDATE 10:14 AM: The Pirates have announced the move, saying that Glasnow is expected to make his debut in Indianapolis on Saturday. Neal Huntington had the following statement. 

“We are pleased with Tyler’s development and believe he is ready for the next set of challenges in his career,” said General Manager Neal Huntington.

UPDATE 10:34 AM: Talked to Larry Broadway last night in Altoona, and he had the following to say about Glasnow’s changeup.

“The changeup has come along tremendously over the last two months. It’s been really fun to see. He’s been locked in. His fastball command is locked in. Off-speed pitches for strikes have been locked in.”

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  1. Let’s say the bucs don’t get pitching help at the deadline and either the pen continues to struggle or worse a starter goes down, if either of those two things happen we’ll see how much refinement glasnow needs before he’s on the first plane to pittsburgh.

    • He’s probably better than Locke too but he’s still not a finished product and the Pirates won’t want to waste an extra year of control with the current CBA in place.

      • I am proud of Tyler as he is a Hart High graduate! As I am, and my cousin Bob Walk. I was on the 1st League championship at Hart which started a Winning Legacy. Todd Ziele, James Shields, Trevor Bauer.

    • If he does light it up the next 4 starts and everything looks good then I say do it also. I believe Glasnow could be a big boost to the rotation. If Glasnow has stats like this (27 innings 15 hits 30 strikeouts and 6 walks) then bring him up and it could be the differance maker for this team. Honestly looks as ready as Cole was but with better strikeouts.

  2. Glad to see. I am sure Glasnow will now work on something at AAA and that he will master what ever that something is magically in June of 2016 (unless he hurts his arm).

    • We know why players are kept down until then, but its not always purely out of financial reasons. Everyone was taking lighthearted shots at the FO for keeping Polanco down “to work on things” when that might not have actually been all that GM speak-ish. He’ll have 3-4 months of facing better hitters and refining his change up, along with being more and more consistent game to game. Those are good things to work on.

  3. Good stuff. I wonder how this is gonna work with him and Taillon next June. It’s a good problem to have. I still say give Taillon a chance to open the season with PBC and take our chances with super two especially since he’s not a Boras client. That’s the nice thing about Taillon and Glasnow. Neither are Boras clients.

    • Tallion will not have pitched a competitive game in two years. I would be surprised if he plays in Pittsburgh at all next year. My guess is he will have a severe innings limit (somewhere around 100 Innings) next year after two years off. If I had to make an educated guess i would think he could pitch for the Bucs in June of 2017.

      • Tim mentioned in an article that he was pitching a good bit in extended spring training. Typically, those innings limits are to prevent injury. He’ll be post-TJ. I’d be surprised if the Bucs put any innings restrictions on him. Hopefully, he’ll be back in September. I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets sent to AFL.

    • Not Boras clients, but if you ignore Super 2 and they dont re sign prior to FA it costs you millions of dollars, likely 10s of millions. If the kid ends up being the TOR arm you want him to be, its a big financial hit that was avoidable.

      • I guess my point in them not being Boras clients is that the Bucs have a better shot at signing them to pre-arb extensions making arbitration null and void.

    • I think Super 2 status and all of that are less important for Taillon since he would have been in Pittsburgh last year already if not for Tommy John surgery. Since he was throwing the ball well this year, he might have a chance to open in Pittsburgh. Innings might be the biggest deterrent to that.

      • I agree. There’s gotta be a point where you don’t worry about super 2. I think this might be it. Probably not, but…

      • Super 2 has everything to do with avoiding paying a prime player 10+ million more than you had to. Thats, if anything, more important for a potential TOR arm. Its all about money with Super 2. Even CHC held Bryant down.

          • Exactly. And I could see the Bucs doing that with Taillon. It’s only a matter of 2-3 weeks IIRC.

            Going back to the Cards’ new TV deal for 2018-33, Taillon’s extension years will be within the terms of their next TV deal, so there’s a very good chance any extension offered will be more generous than the ones offered to Marte and Cutch.

            • Be interesting to see how player salaries increase as teams strike these highly lucrative local TV deals. When does Pirates deal come up? 2020?

          • I guarantee PGH wont ignore Super 2 with a guy it thinks is a future ace. Maybe a Hanson type, but not a guy you think might command 20 million on the open market some day.

            Taillon wont start in PGH out of ST. For money, for lack of time spent against upper level pitching since the injury, and because PGH sees value in maximizing assets.

  4. I’m thinking it won’t be long before we see Bell moved up also. Osuna can then be moved back to first which I think is his natural position.
    I think Allie’s age is going to force them to move him up also.
    Depends on what they do at the trade deadline. The minor league roster will look different after Friday.

  5. Got to see TG at Toon-Town a couple starts back when he pitched the front end of the double header where the Toons were hitting the hell out of the ball.

    Glasnow told McCool after the game that he felt uncomfortable in his windup throughout the performance … and he still struck out 10.

    Also, the Altoona stadium radar gun needs a toon-up. I normally like to sit behind home plate and behind the scouts. There was usually a 2-3 mph difference between their guns (not too proud to peek over their shoulders) and the stadium gun. POINT IS (it is helpful to have a point) Glasnow was sitting 96 effortlessly and getting close to triple digits. Hell, his off-speed pitches are still major league fastballs.

    And this was when his delivery was “uncomfortable.” I’m tellin’ you, this guy is sweet as Carnation milk.

    Another guy who really caught my eye last time down was Osuna. He looks every bit the major leaguer. He made a fine throw that day to nail a guy at the plate and it wasn’t from short left either.

    Thrilled for Gift. He is a treat with the glove. I don’t think there’s a guy in the baseball world who I’m rooting harder for. If his bat continues to simmer, he’s going to the show.

    Ok. Carry on, soldiers.
    “The 5 o’clock whistle’s on the blink.
    And daddy’s not home so whaddya think?
    He’s still workin’ in the factory
    And don’t know what tiiiiiiiiiiimmmmmmmmmeeeeee it happens ta be!”


    • Those guys behind home plate are usually the pitchers on their off nights as well down in A ball.
      Next July should bring us two starting arms I’m thinking.

      • And not a moment too soon, although it won’t help this year. Back end of rotation + Worley are going to have to step up/eat innings in the next 35 days or the sorry middle relief will sink the ship.

    • Man I love those Bugs Bunny quotes. Hey Grandma!!! I got a rabbit for ya!! Ta have!!!!!!!!
      Of course Grandma’s working the swing shift at Lockheed

  6. Who called this last night??? Someone said this would happen in the promotion article…impressive. Good luck Tyler, excited for you.

    • Probably me Jared. The best pitching prospect I have seen come through here, in any organization, in 17 seasons. C.C. Sabathia was next best.

      • That’s high praise, for sure. Using Glasnow as a benchmark, how would you grade the other Altoona SP?

        • Of the starters, since Sanchez left, Brault has been really good, and last night I thought he was terrific. Chad Kuhl and Creasy I like both a lot also.In my own opinion, all three have a chance to help in MLB at some point. Dodson has been really inconsistent for some time now, but appears to me to have good stuff in different spots. Of the relievers, Medina and Perez impress me the most, though Kuchno does too when he he keeps his 2 seam down. Not to sleight the others, but I haven’t seen them all enough nor have enough expertise to say what they might or might not do. I m sure Sean McCool has his own and better overview on this staff. But Glasnown ? On a different level !

        • Brault and Kuhl have been the most impressive over the past month or so. Especially Brault, who, even when the box score hasn’t looked good for him in a couple starts, has pitched very efficiently. We will have an article post on Kuhl in the next day or two, as well.

    • There goes my Little Juniata fishing and Glasnow pitching trip. Stay healthy Tyler Glasnow……….see you in Pittsburgh next July.

    • Hey Turner Ward.

      Since you are going to miss out on one Altoona treasure, perhaps another would help salvage your trip.

      Tim’s American Cafe

      You have to call ahead and you can’t get seated without a reservation. The place is, like, in a house, so it doesn’t look like a conventional restaurant, but it is THE place to go, I’m told, by some trusted friends who’ve recently discovered it. But don’t go if you haven’t called ahead.

      Post back how it went. I have not been myself, but I’m hearing about Altoona’s best kept secret from several friends.
      “Everyday it’s the same thing! Nothing but variety! Bring me some hossenfeffer!”

        • For you folks headed towards Altoona, if you head East over the mountain towards Spruce Creek you will find some unbelievable scenery and fishing. Limestone cooled streams are good year round. Caves you can tour. State College not far. Overnight trips are the way to go.

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