Starling Marte Returns to the Pirates Lineup

Starling Marte has returned to the starting lineup for the Pirates game against the Cardinals tonight. He will hit cleanup and play left field, returning to the lineup for the first time since he was pulled from his at-bat in the 4th inning during Sunday’s game against the Indians.

Marte went 0-for-8 in the Indians series, but he was hot during the Pirates series against the Tigers last week, going 7-for-15 with a double and home run.

Manager Clint Hurdle was asked if Marte passed all tests today to be able to play.

“Obviously,” Hurdle responded about Marte passing tests to play. “He’s hitting cleanup. We gave him rest. He worked hard in recovery, and if you’re going to play him, put him in a spot that says he’s ready to go.”

Hurdle went on to say that Marte may have some things to deal with for the rest of the season, but he is healthy enough to get back on the field. Hurdle encouraged Marte to show them that he was ready by hitting, running, and throwing, and he was able to perform all aspects of the game.

“I think their mindset is that they want to let their teammates know that they’ll do whatever they can to go out there no matter what kind of shape they are in. That is admirable, but we have good players here that can back up, play, and cover some ground until they can get back to a competitive place. So I encouraged him [Marte] to get to a competitive place and show us, and that’s what has happened.”

The Pirates will face John Lackey and the Cardinals at 7:15pm tonight at PNC Park.

  • Walton Cook
    July 12, 2015 2:50 pm

    I agree with Jared. FOX announcers were awful. The FOX announcers started picking on Kwang after the Cards pitcher got two quick strikes for 0-2. FOX announcers questioned his batting stance lifting his front leg etc. The next pitch he hit for a triple, standing on third base with no outs. FOX announcers were silent…… Kwang eventually scored the tying run, keeping the game alive……

  • What’s this crap Fox announcers are talking about with Bucs interested in Jeff Francouer? Please no.

  • Mlb has got to do something about the lousy umpiring going on across baseball. I know folks have been complaing about umps since a ball was first pitched. This is different, the current crop of umpires a just awful. Used to be you knew what guy called strikes two inches off the plate and which ones had a high strikezone and so on. The guys they have now call whatever they want whenever they want with no two games being the same. I thought instant replay would make umpires better, instead it has made them worse.

    • This is spot on. And they need to make review a real weapon for the betterment and product of the game. Now two separate times a call has been made that makes NO sense and both on swinging strikes that the umpire COULD ask for help on. I do not know why the umpires do not huddle and conference more, even for a quick discussion…because calls like what happened tonight to AJ really are terrible for the game. When we spend the length of time we spend on some replays trying to determine whether a player pulled his foot or hand off the base for a SPLIT second, but we cannot look at a strike three call on a swing/foul-ball call? It is nonsense and really a tragedy for the game. (By the way, we can review hit by pitches, but we cannot review whether a foul tip really was tipped? That is one of the quickest reviews possible!).

    • AND HE DOES IT AGAIN! It really, really looked both at first glance and on replay that the home plate umpire just cost the Pirates AGAIN with a terrible foul-tip call. Holy cow!

  • I hope we get to see him drill a Lackey pitch into the left field stands tonight.