Tyler Glasnow Named Eastern League Pitcher of the Week

Tyler Glasnow had a dominating start on Thursday against Richmond and that earned him the Eastern League Pitcher of the Week award for last week. Glasnow threw seven shutout innings, allowing three hits, no walks and he struck out nine batters.

On the season at Altoona, he has a 2.12 ERA in 51 innings over ten starts. Glasnow has 60 strikeouts, 13 walks, an 0.88 WHIP and a .176 BAA. In his last two starts combined, he’s allowed four hits over 13 shutout innings, with no walks and 16 strikeouts. The walks are a strong improvement, as he has gone from 4.1 BB/9IP last year, down to 2.3 this season.

Glasnow won the Florida State League Pitcher of the Week award in back-to-back weeks last August while with Bradenton.

  • What a draft of Cole and Glasnow… definitely key to the future success of the team. It would be incredible to see some bats develop along side this pitching.

    • That draft was loaded. Don’t forget about Josh Bell, Creasy, Holmes………..oh and um, Trea Turner who is not currently with the Pirates but I’m told is playing well at a position of need as of 24 hours ago. Turner was drafted before the slot restrictions. How close was he to signing?

      • From what I remember, Turner only wanted $500k but the Pirates never really showed much interest.

        • Yeah I’m not going to be one of those hindsight guys but $500,000 doesn’t seem like much. But for a 20th rounder it probably is. I’ll just be happy with the obscure guy taken in the 5th round when he threw high 80’s, the guy taken first overall despite better stats from his teammate and the 2nd rounder who told everyone he was going to college and call the 2011 draft a win.

          • John Dreker
            July 20, 2015 3:27 pm

            Turner turned down $500,000 from the Pirates. They were definitely interested

            • Thanks, John…I trust your memory over mine. Knew there was something of that sort going on.

              • John Dreker
                July 20, 2015 3:29 pm

                I only heard about it well afterwards in an interview he gave about going to school over signing and what a tough choice it was

                • So unless they shattered the record for a 20th rounder he was going to college?

                  • John Dreker
                    July 20, 2015 3:38 pm

                    Turner was better than 20th round talent. He dropped due to bonus demands, but the Pirates knew that was the year to break the bank with the new draft rules coming, so they went all out, and were willing to go further.

                    • So more of a Justin Hooper/Donny Everett situation?

                    • John Dreker
                      July 20, 2015 3:47 pm

                      Yes. Not top of the class, but definitely not 20th round talent. I actually didn’t think much of him out of high school. Had zero power and didn’t look like he ever would. He was real quick though and could play shortstop, plus always put the ball in play, so he had tools, just looked too small to me

                    • I saw him a couple of times with Binghamton John, and he still isn’t very big. But he has some real pop in his bat !

  • I wonder can he play first base?

  • Great to see the decrease on the walks. When he gets to AAA and the majors batters are much less likely to chase pitches out of the zone as the hitters are more disciplined. So it sounds like his control has improved. Now he needs to improve his command? Am I using the clichés correctly here?