Andrew McCutchen Named the NL Player of the Week

  • Well deserved, keep it going as bird plucking time gets closer.

    • It is going to be interesting to see how the Cardinals pitch to Cutch this series. Will they pitch around him, if possible, and challenge AR and Kang?
      Will the Cards throw inside to Marte, Kang, and Cutch? I think plate discipline by everyone and the performance of AR and Pedro will be a big part of this series.

      • Plate discipline is for sure the key. It’s definitley time for ramirez to start hitting like he should and anything at all from pedro will be a welcome bonus. As for cutch, marte and kang I think they will be just fine. It’s time for the cards to regress a bit, no doubt they are a good team,just not as good as they have been playing.

        • Another blown game in St. Louis. Three guys had a real bad night:
          Hurdle…..allows Locke to self-destruct and give up the lead with a fully rested bullpen. Why?
          Locke…..a terrible 5th inning
          Cutch……Player of the Week stranded a bunch and looked bad doing it.

  • Is Bryce Harper really that far statistically superior to Cutch that he’s a lock for MVP? The Bucs are 47-22 since Cutch broke out of his slump. That correlates big time.

    • If the nats fail to make the playoffs (which I think is a very good possibility)harper is not a lock for mvp.

    • Harper is having a historically great season. His ops is .200 higher than cutch. It could even out but I look at the nats lineup and it has been pretty bad. He is carrying that team on his back. Cutch has a lot of guys at least having decent seasons. Still, cutch still improving bad early season stats and harpers 1.100 ops hard to sustain.