Carlos Munoz Promoted to Morgantown

According to Tim Hayes, who covers the Bristol Pirates, first baseman Carlos Munoz will head to Morgantown to finish the rest of the season. Bristol only has four games left and a very small chance of making the playoffs, while the Black Bears hold the wild card lead in their division. They also have ten more games left on the schedule, so it will give Munoz some extra work, especially if they can make the playoffs.

Munoz was the best hitter in the Pirates’ system in July, with a 1.194 OPS. That got him the Appalachian Player of the Month award, plus a Player of the Week award and ultimately, the Player of the Year award for the league. His August however, has been one of the things holding him back in his career. He has never finished strong, and this year has been no different. After a 1-for-3 on Friday night, he is batting .228 this month.

His condition issues have always been a problem and it’s something he’s dealing with this year. That is the reason he is in his fifth season as a pro, but just now leaving rookie ball. He can use the extra playing time, which should lead right up to the Fall Instructional League, while players at the lower level will have some time off before reporting to Pirate City for the FIL.

  • BuccosFanStuckinMD
    August 29, 2015 10:07 pm

    He should have been promoted 2-3 weeks ago, if not sooner, but better late than never – well earned by Munoz.

  • Hard to say that conditioning alone is the cause of his fall off’s end of year – you could put similar statements on why Adam LaRoche never started off well every year but he never figured it out.

  • Tell him to give up the Big Mac and Whopper and start eating better and exercising more. It’s his career at steak (yum).