Glasnow and Meadows Rank High on Another Prospect List

Fangraph’s Kiley McDaniel recently posted his updated list of the top 26 prospects and two Pittsburgh Pirates made the cut. Tyler Glasnow is 11th overall and Austin Meadows is ranked 18th.

McDaniel uses the 20-80 scouting scale to give players a future value(FV) ranking. Glasnow and Meadows both have a 60 FV, which is just below the 65 FV ranking of the top six players on the list, so you could say they are both in the second tier of his prospect list.

The interesting part is that he had Meadows ranked #31 on last year’s list, where he had a 55 FV, so McDaniel has raised the ceiling for Meadows this year. That shouldn’t be a surprise because he is having a strong season as one of the youngest players in the FSL, which is known as a pitcher’s league. His .758 OPS ranks ninth in the league and coaches in the league recently said he had the best strike zone judgement.

Glasnow was a 60 FV and ranked 13th last year, so he has basically maintained his prospect status this season. He has 113 strikeouts this year in 89.1 innings, spread across three levels. Glasnow has a 2.22 ERA, a 1.11 WHIP and a .199 BAA.

Glasnow and Meadows were the Pirates’ top two prospects according to MLB and they both made the top 18 for Keith Law.

  • I haven’t seen Kuhl in person, but a starter sitting 95 with 97 and command and sink that isn’t in the top 100 is mindboggling. Is Kingham that much better than Kuhl?
    Personally I’m wondering what Uncle Ray would do with a guy like Kuhl? I’d say give the kid to him and lets see.

    • In 2015, starters that can sit in the mid-90s with good control aren’t terribly rare. Velocity just doesn’t get you what it used to. If Kuhl had even one above average secondary you’d really see him get some attention.

  • Based on how many prospects have graduated this year wouldn’t you have expected Glasnow to move up more than 2 spots?

    • No. Why would he ? Those listers see his SSS AAA numbers and hesitate.

      • Because if like half of the top ten gets promoted to the show it leaves a lot of spots to fill. Without having both lists I would have to assume that there were more than 2 people that were “graduated” and therefore Glasnow got jumped by a few people. That would surprise me based on the year he’s had.

  • I think when you give Glasnow a 65 future value it is a compromise on his control and changeup developing because on raw ability alone I see a right handed Randy Johnson…and Glasnow is developing a good third pitch and control sooner than Johnson did. Johnson was 27/28 before he really put it all together and he was still walking 140-150 a year then. I am biased but Glasnow seems well ahead of that pace. Johnson took a long time to develop and he was a way better major leaguer than a minor leaguer statistically. That is probably impossible for Glasnow. But I think it is conservative to think of Glasnow’s peak as #1 starter. I think his ceiling is one of the most elite pitchers in history. He is potentially an anomaly.

    • I agree with that freddy. The only pitcher I have seen dominate hitters nearly as well in AA was C.C. Sabathia.

      • I think of guys like Strasburg, Kerry wood, prior, lincecum, Sherzer…some guys like glasnow flame out but only injuries can stop them. Lincecum was a guy I wanted te pirates to take so badly. We all know how that went. He is just a guy now but he won two straight cy youngs. He was a beast, he is just small and his arm is t the same.

  • McDaniel has Glasnow with a #2 ceiling. This seems conservative. Glasnow would be a #1 starter if his control and command mature. If my memory is accurate, Callis defined a #1 starter as one with two plus pitches and plus command and control. Glasnow projects to have a plus fastball and curve. Perhaps he will develop plus command and control too.

    • McDaniel defines ceiling as a reasonable chance of happening, not simply a possibility of happening. There are dozens and dozens and dozens of minor leaguers with two plus pitches and shitty command; calling them all potential #1’s dilutes the legitimacy of that designation.

      • I define ceiling as feasibly possible. No one claims Glasnow has ‘shitty’ command. Glasnow can develop good command and control and may achieve plus command and control. He is, after all, growing into his body. We will see what he accomplishes over the next few seasons.

        • Glasnow *absolutely* has shitty command.

          He’s only displayed average or better *control* for about four months of his minor league career, and even that has left him since promotion. You haven’t seen Glasnow pitch if you think he can actually command his pitches.

          EDIT: In case this needs qualified, I absolutely love Tyler Glasnow and think he’ll be a flat-out stud. I simply think he’s still far more thrower than pitcher, and put the “ace” tag in very high regard.

        • And as for that definition, to each their own, but that’s awfully broad when talking prospects.

          • The definition depends on the criterion assigned to the term ‘feasible.’ There is nothing broad about it.

            I guess at least one person believes Glasnow has shitty command and control.

        • I’ll also disagree with you on just how much command he’s capable of developing. I don’t think the delivery will ever be repeatable enough to allow more than average command. So much torque and spine tilt makes it tough to replicate. Also what makes that fastball so damn electric coming over the top.

  • The Pirates will have 5 former or current top 100 prospects in AAA next year with Taillon, Glasnow, Hanson, and Bell being legit and Kingham being fringe. I think next year, the Bucs will have the best AAA depth they’ve ever had. Also, the Pirates will have some interesting trade scenarios once Meadows hits AAA if he keeps raking like he is.

    • I agree, and that doesn’t even account for guys like Garcia, Broxton, Gamache, Moroff, Frazier, and then Osuna and Stallings. Along with pitchers like Brault and Kuhl, and possibly Dodson, those are some very strong prospects, and I apologize to anyone I missed.

      • Yeah, that’s an embarrassment of upper level riches. You almost feel like the Pirates AAA squad next year could beat some ML teams.

        • I bet you believe those Kentucky teams can beat the Sixers too (I’m kidding). But seriously, besides the ability to pull from AAA for an injury replacement, the AAA prospect depth is great trade bait. I feel as though teams are going the way of the “close to major league ready” players rather than the high ceiling faraway type Low A players.

      • You missed Indy’s best outfield prospect by the second half of next year, Barrett Barnes.

        • One of the most important abilities is availability. I think you have to discount Barnes’ upside because of his injury history for several years until you can be sure he’ll have a good chance of lasting through a full season.

        • I think Garcia will be the best outfield prospect in AAA.

          • Garcia may put up bigger numbers, but as for being a better Major League prospect I don’t think it will be particularly close.

        • That very well could be true NMR but I think he will start out back in AA again. I was trying to keep it to guys who I am just about positive will be in Indianapolis to start out in ‘ 16.