Injury Updates: Mercer’s Rehab moved up to Tuesday; Scahill to Altoona

During Clint Hurdle’s pre-game meeting with the media before the Pirates Sunday night game with the Dodgers, he gave some updates on a few key injured players.

**Jordy Mercer (knee): Mercer’s rehab assignment has been moved up to Tuesday, a few days earlier than their original goal of Thursday or Friday. He will fly out to Indianapolis tomorrow to join the club for their Tuesday game. Clint Hurdle said that Mercer “is in a better position than we might have anticipated him being at this time” so they chose to bump up his assignment.

Mercer shared his thoughts after going through a workout on Sunday at PNC Park.

“It’s progressed really well, and I’ve basically hit every step there is on the field,” Mercer said. “I feel great. A lot of people that see me work out have said that I’m ready. If they say that, and I feel good, we just decided I might as well go ahead and go, get some reps, get my feet wet, and start getting back in game shape.”

Mercer said that he has yet to have any setbacks with the knee injury. He does experience some stiffness after working out, but he isn’t worried about that since it is common with the injury. He will wear a brace for a few games to see how it feels.

“I’ve done everything that I wanted to accomplish myself before I left here,” Mercer said. “Then again, I know it’s going to take some time when I get there. The knee is a little bit different than a hand or something, but it’s going to be good getting back out there.”

A few weeks ago, I asked Mercer about his personal timeframe for getting back into games, and he said that he expected to be ready at least two weeks earlier than the original six-week timetable. He shared that he feels like he has recovered quicker than even he expected, though.

“I’ve reached it a little before I thought I would’ve, to be honest with you,” Mercer shared. “I didn’t think it would respond the way it has responded to some of the stuff we’ve been doing. I knew laterally would be the toughest part, and we’ve taken baby steps up until the last couple of days. We’ve extended it and really pushed it, and it’s responded really well.”

**Josh Harrison (thumb)Harrison left for Indianapolis already and will begin his rehab assignment with the club on Tuesday.

**A.J. Burnett (flexor strain in right elbow): Burnett played catch yesterday and today for the first time since his PRP injection (Monday). This timeframe seems quick, given that the typical shutdown time for a player receiving a PRP injection is three weeks.

**Rob Scahill (right forearm): Scahill pitched a two inning/25 pitch outing in the Gulf Coast League, and everything went well, according to Clint Hurdle. He will report to Pittsburgh tomorrow in hopes of going to Altoona for a rehab assignment on Tuesday. The Pirates hope for Scahill to go three innings or 50 pitches on Tuesday for the Curve.

  • When mercer comes back he will be a nice upgrade for the bench making florimon expendable.

  • Lots of good news with the DL. Let’s get these next 6 games at ..500 and the pieces will fall into place.

  • Shields cleared waivers, think he’s a possible upgrade?

    • Maybe if we all CHIP in and pay his salary. You know 5 million Pirate fans that can CHIP in $10 to $15 each?

      • Being an “upgrade” for right now and being an intelligent acquisition are two very different things. He is owed something like $60 mill through 2018. He’d likely be worth no more than 7 WAR over that time, and probably less than that as he approaches age 38 with a ton of innings on that arm.

  • And against a righty with Walker on 3B and 1 out in a 2 run game…why the hell is Hurdle sending out Rodriguez to strike out on 3 pitches?! What a complete JOKE! Hurdle is so terrible at in-game decision-making. AWFUL.

    You mean to tell me that Pedro or Ishikawa couldnt hit against the power righty?! Really Clint?! The worst hitter on the team is who you send out there?

  • BuccosFanStuckinMD
    August 9, 2015 9:45 pm

    Tonight shows again why we need an upgrade for Charlie Morton…he is just painful to watch. Give Liz a shot…

    • Watching Morton is painful and the ESPN crew did get one thing in their random thoughts correct…in the regular season you need 5 starters to really have a shot…and we really have maybe 3.

      • BuccosFanStuckinMD
        August 9, 2015 10:00 pm

        Right now we have 2….which is why we need Glasnow, if he can pitch well in his next couple of starts in Indy…we may need Liz as well…We will not go far with Morton, Happ, and Locke in the rotation.

        • Glasnow isn’t happening…but we should have acquired a better SP option at the deadline. I would not have minded us actually giving up some prospects to acquire someone from the Padres…but starting pitching prices were high. I would definitely 100% give Liz a shot…he’s not just dominating AAA but he’s throwing deep into games. Even if he can continually give us 5 innings of anything close to what he’s doing in AAA then I am game. The Cubs are only 3 games (2.5 if we lose this game) behind the Pirates and IF we have to play in the WC game I would DEFINITELY rather it be at HOME then on the road.

          • BuccosFanStuckinMD
            August 9, 2015 10:33 pm

            In regards to Glasnow, unfortunately I don’t disagree with you, given the Pirates’ propensity for ignoring their own prospects and being very slow in promoting them to Pittsburgh. But, really why not? He has to better than Morton, Happ, and Locke.

            • He is, right now, better than two of the three. I think Locke is probably what you would get from Glasnow right now but with more strikeouts. Glasnow’s control isn’t there and he doesn’t have a changeup good enough. He is, in my opinion, certainly a better pitcher with better stuff and would out-perform both Morton and Happ down the stretch.

              I have a huge issue with Glasnow’s ability to control the running game…we already lead the majors in steals allowed. With his poor control I do think he would have nights that he gives up 5 runs because of the walks and steals he would give up. But, yes, likely better than both Morton and Happ.

              • BuccosFanStuckinMD
                August 9, 2015 10:52 pm

                I know control can be an issue for Glasnow, but overall I think he’s improved in that area. BTW, Morton gave up three steals in 5 innings tonight.

                • And that led to almost every single run did it not? OH! And NOW we bring in Pedro and he singles…that would have scored a run in the 6th. Thanks Clint!

                  • So would you really have went to Pedro in a situation where you absolutely cant have a K? Is he your go to guy in a man on 3B 1 out situation?

                    Results shouldnt impact the decision, id have gone to Ishikawa. But you cant go to Pedro if you gotta avoid a K at all costs.

                    • nor can you go to rodriguez whom has struck out damn near every time there has been a runner on third base and less than two outs in the past 2 months

                    • Well, i agree dont go to S Rod but SSS aside you know Pedro is a high K guy. S Rod not a good option either, but you just dont want Pedro hitting there.

                    • I was fine with Pedro or Ishikawa…I was mortified that he went with the worst option, Rodriguez.

                    • I just fundamentally disagree that S Rod was clearly the worst option. Pedro Ks more than anyone on the team, so he’s the one guy you dont bring in in that spot. S Rod hitting poorly in July, but had decent at bats recently and isnt likely to K as much as Pedro. Results were what they were, but odds have Pedro K-ing far too much to trust there.

            • ….last time I checked we don’t have the Toledo Mudhens or the Tidewater Tides in our schedule for the stretch run. Might want to have him figure out how to get AAA hitters out first

              • BuccosFanStuckinMD
                August 10, 2015 9:49 am

                He has a 1.80 ERA in AAA after his first 2 starts – walks were the issue in the second start – he has not been hit much.

          • Cole vs. Lester i would imagine

          • Doesn’t matter what prospects you were willing to give up; the Padres weren’t selling.

        • just quit talking about stuff we know aren’t going to happen. forget glasnow, have you seen how many batters he just walked in AAA in his last start? He ISN’T READY

      • well we are one of the top 5 teams in the league with only 3 then, which would make them wrong because we obviously have a chance