J.A. Happ Added to Active Roster, LaFromboise Returned to Indianapolis

The Pittsburgh Pirates have added J.A. Happ to the 25-man roster and lefty reliever Bobby LaFromboise has been optioned back to Indianapolis. Happ was acquired from the Seattle Mariners yesterday in exchange for Adrian Sampson. He will be in the rotation, taking the spot of A.J. Burnett, who was placed on the disabled list. He will make his Pirates debut on August 4th against the Cubs.

LaFromboise was added to the active roster yesterday, but did not get into last night’s game. He pitched an inning of relief back in May against the Phillies, his only appearance for the Pirates this year.



  • Have to settle for a split with the reds (I hope) making them a wooping 4-9 against them this year. All I can say is they better sweep the cubs at pnc and pound them down the standings, not much they can do with the giants other than winning when they lose. The main focus should be the cards. Although it’s kinda hard to gain ground when they lose the pirates lose, when they win the pirates win. Somethings gotta give, I just hope it’s in the pirates favor.

  • What are rules to add? Since not needed till 4th why not keep reliever
    Just asking

  • When will morse be added?

  • On the Raspberry photo, is that just a bad camera angle or is his elbow extraordinarily high, as in, “he should have 5 TJs with that arm angle”?