Jordy Mercer and Josh Harrison Getting Closer to Returning

INDIANAPOLIS — The Indianapolis Indians will travel to Charlotte on Thursday to open a four game series. That series will include Jordy Mercer and Josh Harrison on the roster.

The rehabbing duo just completed their work in the most recent week-long home stand to mixed reviews. While both appear healthy, the results at the plate just have not come around yet.

Harrison is just 1-for-19 in the assignment, while Mercer is 3-for-17. It is encouraging, however, that both players are playing full nine-inning games. Playing back-to-back full games shows that they are not too far from returning to Pittsburgh.

“Everything is feeling good,” Harrison said. “The body is feeling good. It is good to play back-to-back nines, just to put my hand through something that it hasn’t been through in a while. I might be a little sore on certain swings, but nothing that keeps me from doing what I do.”

While the results are not there, Harrison does appear to be making more solid contact in batting practice and in the games. This is something that he is pleased with.

“It is nice to go out there and make solid contact, so you are getting closer to where you want to be,” Harrison said.

Mercer has been able to put more work on the knee, both in games and with his pregame work. He has been pleased with how everything has responded so far.

“[I feel] awesome,” Mercer said. “We even did some early stuff today, which puts a little more strain on [my knee], but overall, it feels really good. Even with the early work and the nine innings, it responded well.”

Mercer is geared up for the next step, which will come in the first two games in Charlotte, playing back-to-back games of his own.

“[Getting in back-to-back games] is obviously the last and next step,” Mercer said. “We will see how it responds and go from there. But so far so good, even the back-to-back sevens that I played the other day felt good too,”

Harrison will also be making the trip to Charlotte as well. However, he does not plan on coming back to Indianapolis on the team charter, rather choosing a different direction.

“I travel to Charlotte, but I don’t plan on being in Charlotte the whole time,” Harrison said. “That’s all that I can say.”

  • I am not advocating for this, but I am interested in seeing what everyone thinks: the last week (or last game) of the season if the Pirates are “locked” into that 1st Wild Card spot…to give some of your starters a rest would anyone think about promoting Glasnow for 1 start. It could, well, be a completely meaningless start…but expose him to major league hitters and see how he performs. Yes, you would start his service time…but how much would he really accrue? A day?

  • So it sounds like Jhay has been told he will be brought back after Charlotte? Hope the bat is ready. Would be nice for him to be able to hit the ground running.

  • piraterican21
    August 19, 2015 10:08 am

    After a bad start, A Ramirez is playing well, actually filling in a need (clean up) I don’t see JHay taking over 3rd right away, am I wrong?

    • I agree, you can’t sit Ramirez now. Heck I don’t think Mercer moves right into SS with how Kang is hitting. Does our bench just become that much better down the stretch with these additions?

      • Harrison will be used as the Super Sub for 3B, 2B, RF, SS, LF, maybe in that order but certainly to rotate everyone around. This is, of course if he’s hitting. Mercer will probably end up as a bench guy/late inning defensive replacement with the team citing not wanting to put too much strain on his knee. Ramirez and Kang will stick in their current roles but our bench will get much better with the addition of Harrison. Mercer will probably get recalled on Aug. 31st but his first day back would be Sept. 1st. It’s pretty much a way to keep as many of these guys as possible.

        • Ramirez and Kang will not stay in their current roles, i guarantee it

          • Kang deserves to be starting. He is a better hitter, right now, than Mercer or Harrison even project to be at their best.

            • at their best? hell no. Harrison in 2014 was way better than Kang has been at any point outside of the KBO, how quickly you forget. I’m not saying Harrison will ever do that again, but he certainly could

      • Kang isn’t hitting very well, only about a .220 average in august as of yesterday. he’s cooled down, we need the defense upgrade and Mercer will still need time off that knee isn’g going to be 100%

    • ARam’s defense has been atrocious, I am glad to see him hitting, but its time to get him on the bench

    • I think I’d advocate Kang 3B and Mercer SS. JHay can give an off day to any of the OF, MI, or 3B, so he can play 5-6 days a week. I’d just as soon see him rotating around to keep everyone fresh.

  • Andrew Rothstein
    August 19, 2015 9:25 am

    Extra arm would be Liz as he is rested and scheduled to start tmrw

  • Andrew Rothstein
    August 19, 2015 9:25 am

    I think they DFA Ishikawa today and bring up an extra arm in the bullpen for a couple of days … Then bring back JHAY on Friday night to play RF against Bummy … They def want to give Polanco a day off soon

  • Harrison comes back, I bet Ishi goes? I think Hurdle wants Florimon’s glove in there?

    • Gee that’s a good one you would think Florimon. If you look at who has been used and not used you might look at Morse. Hurdle just doesn’t seem to want him in the lineup. The more I see this play out the more I think they just wanted Tabata gone. Morse just doesn’t seem to be involved. He has taken on the Cory Hart role on the bench.

      • Why Florimon, Bill? We need him for late inning defense. JHay is NOT the answer.

        You may be right about Morse, but I think they like his RH bat?

        • I really can’t read who they will drop. The Worley decision I did not have a clue but they knew what course they wanted to take. I think it depends what condition Harrison comes back like. Obviously his hitting is taking awhile to develop and he is serviceable defender but if he is the super sub where does that leave Sean Rod?

      • Maybe I’m missing something, Bill, but what is it about Hurdle’s use of Morse that seems odd to you? He was acquired to be exactly what you say, Corey Hart’s replacement as the RH portion of the 1B platoon.

        Morse has gotten at least one AB in 11 of 13 games since being activated as a Pirate. His 17 PA as a Pirate are five more than Mike Napoli has received in the same role, traded around the same time, for the Rangers.

        For better or worse, Pedro Alvarez has been this clubs best hitter over the last month. Absolutely no reason for Morse to expand his role until that ends.

      • I think Morse has given good at bats-

    • I think Morse gets waived (assuming he has no options left). We need at least one LHB on the bench. Morse’s contract will ensure no one claims him and he can come up in September.