Matt Gajtka Podcast: Prospect Interest, Pirates Development, Minor League Pay

Last night I was on Matt Gajtka’s weekly radio show, Gike’s Got Game, discussing several topics related to the farm system. Matt and I both covered the series in Miami, with Matt being named the beat writer at DK on Pittsburgh Sports yesterday. We started off the show talking about the Marlins Park, and then got into topics about the farm system. Here is a rundown of those topics:

**I discussed the site briefly, and how we’ve been able to cover things at a greater rate this year.

**This is the seventh year I’ve been covering the farm system, and I documented the change in the interest in prospects over the years.

**I broke down what type of prospects the Pirates have gone for. The pitching has remained the same, but the hitting focus has shifted in recent years to more athletic players who might be able to play premium defensive positions, while hitting well and showing plate patience, but lacking anything more than gap power.

**I evaluated the Pirates’ ability to develop players, pointing out several success stories they have in the majors right now.

**We finally got into the subject of what minor leaguers are paid. My feeling is that they should be paid more just because what they make now is not enough for anyone to live on. But also, I think the team that pays their prospects more might find an edge by giving prospects more money for healthier food during the season, and more time in the off-season to work on their game (rather than getting an off-season job to supplement their income).

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