Pirates Reshuffle Their Rotation, Gerrit Cole Will Now Face the Cardinals

The Pirates are using tomorrow’s off-day to reshuffle their rotation in Milwaukee. Gerrit Cole will get the start in the first game, followed by Jeff Locke and Francisco Liriano. The original rotation would have been Jeff Locke, Gerrit Cole, and Francisco Liriano. However, the off-day tomorrow allowed them to move Cole up a day.

As a result of this change, Cole will get a start in the very important St. Louis series, going up against the Cardinals next Sunday night. That St. Louis series will also see J.A. Happ and Charlie Morton pitch. Those two have been two of the best starters for the Pirates this month by the numbers. Meanwhile, Locke will go on seven days rest, and Liriano will go on six days rest. The break is good for Liriano, as he has been struggling a bit this month.

UPDATE 12:04 PM: Updates from Pete Ellis at PNC Park…

** The Pirates have also announced that the August 3rd rainout game against the Cubs will be made-up by way of a day-night doubleheader on September 15th. The make-up game will begin at 1:35 and the originally scheduled game will take place at its usual 7:05 start time.

** The Pirates are faced with a unique situation next Sunday when they play in St. Louis at 8:00 pm on ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball, as they will play in Cincinnati at 1:05 the following day. This will provide an interesting challenge for the Pirates, who will be forced to travel overnight to Cincinnati AND they will lose an hour due to the time-zone change. As tough as it will be, Clint Hurdle says that the team is ready to face the challenge.

“It will be something different for us,” Hurdle said. “It’s the price you pay for success. It all goes back to the Hurdle family rule – you get what you get and you don’t throw a fit.”

As far as travel concerns for the Pirates, there are none.

“We’ve got this,” said Hurdle. “We just have to go out and play good baseball.”

  • I think the rotation should be fine tuned a little more and have Vanimal pitch on Thurs in Milwaukee (it is on Sept 3, after roster expansion) and in St Louis it could then be Lirano, Happ and Cole. Morton could use the skipped start after today’s second straight so-so outing.

    • Have Vanimal ready and give Charlie a real quick hook as his issues have been around the 5th inning lately.

  • Liriano hasn’t looked that good lately. My hope is the rest will give him some time to get his mind set and help down the stretch. Hopefully with rosters expanding, we can get more rest for the rotation. Cole has been consistent and Happ has looked like a god-send but Liriano is still the most important pitcher to me. You need that one two punch in the playoffs.

  • I think I can hear them cheering at ESPN headquarters.

  • Cole now avoids Cincinnati, 0-3 5.95 ERA v. Reds

  • Glad to see Liriano get a day off. With an injury history like his, I wonder if he’ll benefit more than an average pitcher would from an extra day off.

  • Cole going in StL is good news… I think. But I still wanted to see Frankie go in Busch.

    • I think they needed to do more…especially with the rosters expanding. Why is Frankie not in at StL? Morton needed replaced in StL.